Avengers Infinity War cast:

Tom Hiddleston as Choki

Tom Holland as Peter Particle

Anthony Mackie as Sand Wilson

Chadwick Boseman as Black Powder

Chris Pratt as Stardust

Dave Bautista as Drax the Dustroyer

Zoe Saldana as GamorAAHHHHH

Vin Diesel as Sut

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill of Dust

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Wait a sec! Rocket doesn’t know he is the only one left among the guardians. He only knows Groot has dissapeared. For all we know he is sitting in Wakanda just waiting for Quill, Drax, Mantis and Gamora. He is smart, he knows they may not all have survived but what are the chances they are all gone?

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Crossover! Tell me what you think would happen if the guardians of the galaxy ran into the rebels? Do the help? Do they cause trouble? A little bit of both? You can choose the time line though I’d love to see either rouge one or the force awakens/last Jedi arc!

Okay, Rogue One Crew first

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  • I do think the Guardians would help, but with some persuasion
  • Cassian, Jyn, Baze, and K-2SO wouldn’t trust them as far as they can throw them
  • Chirrut would be more willing to give them a chance
  • Bodhi would be cautious, but ready for whatever help they can get
  • I think if they were to team up it would be an accidental team up
  • The Guardians are after some info to get paid while Rogue One is after some info to help the rebellion
  • A fight would ensue
  • I’m thinking…Cassian vs. Quill, Jyn vs. Gamora, Baze vs. Drax, K-2 vs. Rocket and Groot, Bodhi vs. Mantis, and Chirrut vs. Everyone
  • Obiviously everything is cleared up when the Empire shows up and they all have to get out of there on a stolen ship
  • Jyn explains what the information is and why they need it
  • Quill is like “cool story, but we’re kinda broke so…”
  • That’s when Gamora steps is and is like “no we’re going to help”
  • And Quill is like “we are?”  *cough cough* “yes we are”
  • They then team up to get the info to the rebellion while being persued by the empire
  • Cassian and Quill would not be able to stand each other
  • Quill thinks Cassian has a stick up is ass while Cassian cannot handle his childish behavior or his nonchalance attitude towards the rebellion
  • Cassian would have to talk to Gamora the entire time to keep his sanity
  • Jyn and Gamora I think would get along
  • Chirrut would be cool with just about everyone, but gets a huge kick out of talking with Drax and Quill
  • Baze and Drax would bond
  • I think Bodhi would get on best with Groot and Mantis
  • I need K-2SO and Rocket to talk so badly now that I’m thinking about it
  • The plot is up in the air, since plot is not my specialty, and I’m a little tipsy right now, but I need them all to just hang out and talk with each other so bad now

New Trilogy

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  • Again, I’m going to warn you advance, the plot is up in the air so I’m just gonna go with character interactions
  • Again, I do think the Guardians would help the Resistance, with some push, but they would help
  • Poe and Quill would become instant best friends
  • Stupid jokes, talking about flying, sass, all that jazz
  • That being said, they would fight over who is the better flyer…CONSTANTLY
  • Let’s not even talk about when Rocket throws his hate in the ring
  • Eventually they’d all get into an X-Wing to compete
  • I feel like Drax would take a liking to Finn weirdly enough, even though Finn would have no idea what is going on
  • Actually, can we just talk about how Finn would be just like WTF the entire time
  • Like for real, I can picture his face right now
  • Oh! On that same note Rocket and Finn getting on
  • They’ve both had some messed up stuff in their past, I can see them understanding each other
  • Same goes for Gamora
  • BB-8 and Groot together!
  • Oh! Chewie and Groot meeting!
  • Chewie, Groot and BB-8 all being able to understand each other!!!
  • I need it!!!
  • Rey and Gamora would get along, and with Mantis I think
  • Rey needs more lady friends anyway
  • If Quill were to meet Kylo Ren, he’d have no issues roasted the guy before trying to blast him in the face
  • It wouldn’t work, but still
  • Quill and Poe roasting Hux over the comm!
  • Rocket, Quill, and Poe roasting Hux over the comm!!!
  • Okay, I think that’s it

A little something bassed off my theory that Jane is actually half Celestial, and the idea from @queencfthestarsdrfoster of her growing up with Peter in space.

10 year old Peter: I’m gonna call you Star Lady.

9 year old Jane: What!? Why?

Peter: Cause I’m Star Lord, like Lord of the stars, so you’re Star Lady, like Lady of the Stars.

Jane, going back to her book: The Lord and Lady of a single place or thing are usually married. I’m your sister.

Peter: Oh. Ew.

The next day

Peter: Sun Lady, that’s technically different.

Jane: No that’s stupid!

Peter: Space Lady?

Jane: Yondu, Peter’s bothering me!!!!

Yondu: Boy! If you don’t leave you sister alone I’m gonna eat you!


13 year old Peter: How about North Star, cause its the one that sailor follows to get home when they’re lost. It helps them out, like you help me get out of trouble all the time.

12 year old Jane, very much invested in the perfect nickname, like the perfect nickname: The North Star is technically two star circling eachother, and anyway that’s just on Terra, and we’re probably never going back there, plus who knows what the different north stars mean on different planets.

Peter: Uhh… so no?

Jane: No.

15 year old Peter: Satan!! I’m calling you Literally Satan!!!

14 year old Jane: Fine by me Pin-Head!!!

*lots of door slamming, Yondu has a headache for two weeks*

17 year old Pater: Sun Girl.

Jane: I am 16. I am a woman.

Peter, triumphantly: Sun woman!

Jane, laughing: Noooo!

Peter: I’m Star Lord, the famous outlaw, and this is my sister, Super Nova.

Jane, more affronted by the nickname than being arrested: That is not my name.

Peter, on the way to space jail: Sunset? Sunsetter?

Jane: Are you even trying anymore?

Peter: I am getting desperate!

Peter, introducing them to the other GotG: And this is my sister, the Angel of Death.

Jane: That’s not even space themed.

Peter: The Angel of Space?

Jane: Well that’s just not scary enough. You upped the bar with Angel of Death.

Peter: Damnit!

Gamora: I’m gonna die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the Galaxy.

After meeting Ego

Peter: What about Archangel. Cause archangels were created by God, and we’re basically created by a god. We’re Celestials.

Jane: But you’re Star Lord, and it’s not really space themed.

Peter: I mean isn’t Lord another name for God? I’m Star God, God of the Stars and you’re the- the Arch Star! The top most, most powerful Star in the Galaxy.

Jane: Well now you’re just appealing to my vanity.

Peter: Take it or leave it. Archstar, final offer.

Jane: leaving it.

Peter: oh come on!!

After defeating Ego

Jane: Morning Star.

Peter: What?

Jane: Morning Star. It has Star in it, like Star Lord, and that makes its space themed. And its another name for Lucifer, Literally Satan. An Archangel, creation of a God, who lead a rebellion against his Godly Creator. And I used to think it was Northern Star too, when I was little, but my Step dad’s friends, he was a scientics, he explained it was actually a planet the whole time, sort of like us.

Peter: Yes!!! Finally!! I love it!!! No take backs!!! You can not change it!!!

if you think about it, drax is the most relatable character. all he does is laugh at things that shouldn’t be funny and has a crush on thor.