I don’t draw her too often, since I have a bit of a hard time with her, but I do still enjoy her design! So here she is!


Oh gosh. Forgive me, they’re in my art style ;w;
And I’m glad you added that info in because I really don’t know what stage gay is ‘w’)“

*screeeeeches @ myself*

WELL, idk what i’m doing buT

while I was at school I made another character but like- completely not Undertale related… maybe-

artless-commerce  asked:

X Treme Dinfoyle: the lyric "though we have sparred, wrestled, and raged, i can tell you i love him each day" from the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us! by sufjan stevens

okay this is really great and I am sorry about this because the only response to this great ask that I have is that “X Treme Dinfoyle” made me think of them on skateboards and I’m too lazy to draw them skateboarding so I drew this instead

but actually I have another X TREME DINFOYLE quote I saw in the trailer for Alien: Covenant today??? “The path to paradise begins in hell”