• Reaper:JACK HEY
  • Reaper:HEY JACK HEY
  • Reaper:JACK LOOK
  • Soldier76:gabe what
  • Reaper:*is seductively draped across some rubble*
  • Soldier76:goddammit gabe
  • Ana:you hurt gabe?
  • Reaper:NO I-
  • Ana:*shoots reaper*
  • Reaper:AAAHHH
  • Soldier76:at least that's over
  • Soldier:goddammit
Chapter 17
  • “Okay first, is that a wolf thing? Being super in tune with the sun’s alignment and all that? Second, I gotta say you and mama McCall being grocery buds is kind of awesome. Weird and totally unexpected, but awesome. Like those mugs that change color if you put hot or cold drinks in them— Ha! Hey, there’s a beetle on my shoe. Sup, beetle— like if you pour hot coffee into it and the mug turns orange—  weird and unexpected, but awesome. Actually jk, the beetle’s actually just some dirt. Is that mint? I need Adderall.”
  • Derek chokes a little on his orange.
  • “I’ll bring a giant Cthulhu pillow and we’ll see who wins in a fight to the death.”
  • “Draw me like one of your French bread girls,” Stiles begs as he tries poking Derek with a baguette.
  • Because shopping with Lydia is a mall-crawl filled with winks and coy smiles. And if Lydia winks at you more than once within an hour, you should either assume she is winking at someone far superior and good-looking behind you, or be very worried that something terrible is about to happen to you. Stiles tried to tell her that it’s no big deal, no it’s not a date, that he and Derek hang out all the time, they literally live together, and her response had been to cup his cheeks and pin him down with her green gaze and say, “Stiles Stilinksi, for someone so intelligent you can be so incredibly stupid.” —He gets that now. He’ll have to call and tell her the good news later.
  • OH! Oh, ohhhh, oh my friggin’ holy Millennium Falcon on a toasted BUN, Derek—!”
J’s favorite gifs: Sehun edition

At long last, we reach our sweet baby Sehun. Let’s get started!

Watch as some lucky bitch gets to do the job every single Sehun stan wants - that face is perfection.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Who says wet t-shirt contests are just for women? Sehun would win any day.

Flashback to tiny baby Sehun with his PinkuPinku. Before he was a sex symbol in a wet white shirt, he was this sweet little boy.

Normal dog owner behavior: try to train your dog to do a trick, dog ends up training you to do the tricks and give him the treats.

Seriously?! It’s like he’s a freaking painting!

I love a man who laughs with his whole body. If he and Kai were to laugh together, Jongin would get kicked and Sehun would get slapped in the name of mirth.

- Admin J