Never. Trust. Doors. (30 Minute Challenge)

Can you really blame RD for being wary of this new fangled… what did Pinkie call it? An “automagic door”? Something like that.

When you’ve got a long, flowing tail made of pure awesome, you’ve got to let those doors know you aren’t going to put up with any funny business. ;)

My submission to last night’s My Little Art Challenge topic, “ponies confused by technology”.

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I think I’m finally tired of art. I don’t want to do it anymore- or anything at the moment. I might be burnt; as a response I’ll combat with observational “studies” and less creation. Additionally, because of the new financial eggshells I’m walking on, I’ve opted to not purchase anymore art items. The bright side is that I’m looking forward to utilizing leftovers from previous hauls that didn’t “feel” right and or were discarded. Fortunately I also bought a 60 count bic ballpoint set that’ll last like 10 years- aha

On a similar note: I’ve been wondering how I ever became this jokingly Buddha-like figure to my family and friends? The night before, a newly discovered aunt discussed her worrying problems for an hour. She said she was happy and amazed how perceptive I was; picking up on it. I felt sorry for her- I wanted to hug or hold or help her- so I blurted out something “spiritual,” - I guess- she latched onto it.

But then I felt empty. I always want to help but there’s so little one can truly do. The thing that hurts me is that there is an ancient saying that those on the “path,” should not worry about the karma of another. I’ve tried fighting against it; but it’s embedded truth never fails.

I often hear how I’ve changed;touched;helped;inspired someone. But how many actually changed, listened, benefitted? I leave feeling like I failed- they repeat their same patterns. The tools I gave, in a week she might forget. My father… I’ve never even scratched the surface.

When the flower is ready to bloom, it will; no amount of shouting will get it to spring faster- they say.

This year I’ve been accepting; teaching by action- without teaching- no matter how unsavory: observing the flower only; enriching it with my light, not my words.

Oh yeah, earlier I did the 8 minute draw challenge, where you draw a subject/object for 8 minutes, and once that 8 minutes stops, you start drawing the same thing (or in my case, same person, diff pose) but this time, you get 7 minutes to draw, and it decrease every time. I did Ford and I really shouldn’t have colored but…yeah…

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Colour palette 16, Geoff and death? For the painnn

Geoff never blindly went on a rampage, he was too concerned about unintentionally harming civilians despite running the biggest international crime organisation in the USA and Los Santos. When Ray died in an ambush by another gang, he took it the hardest.Never before had the streets of Los Santos seen such fury, buildings across the city erupting in flames and smoke at the hands of Geoff Ramsey and the rest of his surviving crew.

Nothing is more dangerous or deadly than a gang leader in mourning.

I actually finished this last night but sadly right as I was about to post it my dad told me to get in bed (it was 2.A.M), so have this thingy!

Padfoot Sirius Black

“He was my mum and dad’s best friend. He’s a convicted murderer, but he’s broken out of wizard prison and he’s on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though…keep up with my news…check if I’m happy….” 

HP Challenge. More here: [x]


Do you like Bananas in Pajamas, Bonobos and talking in your sleep?  THEN WATCH BOB’S DRAWING CHALLENGE!! 

12 Week of Ponies - Day 37 - Brewstar (my oc) adopted from Machati

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A tea master brewer. She sticks her tongue out at store-bought cheap tea and instead makes all of her own from scratch, lovingly made for each day, her mood, and if she’s selling it, to the individual client. She comes off as simple and maybe even the typical ‘hippie’ but really she’s a complex, calculated thinker. She’ll kick your butt at chess before her tea cools. 

She also collection tea accessories but especially tea cup that she like to find on flea market.

The name and most of the bio came with the adoptable and that also why I liked her so much :) And even if I failed at it, she’s chubbier than other ponies and that the second reason. Third her design <3


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