Draught Dry Goods


Draught Dry Goods Diamond BillFold

Caesy, the creator of Draught Dry Goods, is keeping it real with his newest design: the Diamond Billfold. Such a simple design yet very unique, which to me– makes them desirable. With no lack of decent leather billfolds floating around out there, it’s nice to come across a different perspective on the old stand-by. Available in Olive Drab, (Yes please) Navy and Oak. Don’t sleep on these folks. -via FREE/MAN


Long term project.

Rogue Territory Dark Stanton JPS 

I can’t wait to beat these up. Its been about a month, no washes, I’ve gone as long as almost a year in some redline 501’s without washing (only raw denim fans would understand)

I can’t wait to see these over dyed indigo jeans fade.

Also seen here is a The Hill-Side pocket square and a Draught Dry Goods key carry.