June 13: join us for a conversation with artist Sam Gilliam, whose work is on view now in From the Collection: 1960–1969. Gilliam is best known for abstract works on unstretched canvas that he drapes from the ceiling, slings over sawhorses, or, as is the case here, pins to the wall. Gilliam’s “drapes” were reportedly inspired by the artist’s observation of laundry hanging outside his window. 

[Sam Gilliam. 10/27/69. 1969. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]

The moonlight shined off your hair
It was like coal into diamonds
I wished you could see me
Through the fog
Behind the leaves

I wasn’t hiding but
I didn’t know how to say
Maybe if you smiled
And glanced at me

With that passion in your eyes
That quiet storm
I wanted more than anything
For you to look at me like that again
And again and again

Poem by @thedarkhazes
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