Dramatical Murder

I like to think Clear would be the type who can learn practically anything from observation as opposed to reading, and after learning about YouTube he really takes advantage of that ability. 

This leads to whoever he’s with coming home more than occasionally to Clear practicing strange things like contact juggling or card tricks or hooping.


And finally, we have Sunday July 26th of Comic Con Honolulu. If I didn’t tag any of the series/characters shown here, please lmk and I’ll tag them.

Also, if you see yourself here, lmk and I’ll tag you

Yandere Simulator Girl: sonreirse

Hello everyone~

This is my first post here.


I’ve got backstroke for days?Just wanted to mention some meme and that came in my mind

Well, as the description says, this is an art blog. If you want to repost my art, that’s fine IF you give me the legitimate credits.

I also want to make some art friends. Let’s be weebs together

Done 7/28/15

Meme Nerd!! Lol. So I really felt like drawing Noiz. I’m not sure why, but I did XD Now for my personal critique like always. I REALLY liked the way it came out ^^ Without the color. I mean the colors are kind of alright, but I personally thought it looked better without the colors. Usagimodoki came out weird, but whatever. Hope you like it ^^

Noiz © Nitro+CHiRAL
Art © Sonadowfan306