Dramatical Murder


Tbh that number has no specific meaning I just want to do give away once in a while

One winner will get ONE (1) of my DMMd book you can choose from those three, and a MinAo Bday postcard print I’ll make later.

If you already have three of them, I can send you postcard prints if you want.

How to join:

  • Only reblog counts. Like won’t give you more chance. One blog one reblog, though multi reblogs are okay, it won’t give you more chance.
  • One person reblog in more than one blog is okay. Giveaway blogs are okay. Side blogs are okay. It does gives you more chance to win.
  • You don’t need to follow me, though follow is appreciated.
  • I ship overseas, you don’t need to pay the shipping.
  • Deadline is 26 September, Minku’s Birthday, heheh. As long as I not yet announce the winner, you still can reblog this.

Any question regarding this giveaway, you can ask me.

Good luck!

I saw people submitting cosplay pics so I wanted to try… it’s my first cosplay and it’s not really good, but I like this pic I took before the con (it looks better than the actual cosplay look like but yeah…) so I thought maybe I could submit it here too >< So, kid Trip cosplay.