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But what if the dmmd boys all got drunk and put googly eyes on themselves? Mink tries to hide his snort, Koujaku falls over laughing, Mizuki falls on him, Clear is rolling around on the floor, Noiz pulls his hat over his face to hide his laughter, and Aoba has pissed himself and Ren is trying to help get him to the bathroom.

This will be a googly disaster of epic proportions! Like, the DMMD boys are all hanging out in Aoba’s room on a Sunday night after Mizuki closes the bar. Mizuki, being the amazing friend that he is, brings over all the almost empty bottles from work and is working his bartender magic. Everyone gets their first several rounds of alcohol, and Aoba is already horribly tipsy from finishing his 2nd drink, and he gets this great drunk idea. Aoba bolts up, as well as someone pretty tipsy CAN stand up quickly, and rummages through this giant pile of arts and crafts left in his room by Clear. 

Clear, being not able to get drunk, happily, and well coordinated, jumps from his seat next to Koujaku and helps out Aoba find out what he is looking for. Aoba just mumbles unhelpful phrases like “The funny googlies” or “I know they are here, I think.” But, finally, after like 5 minutes of ungraceful shuffling and making a bigger mess of his room, Aoba find what he is looking for: Life sized googly eyes. And this drunk boy does the first thing that comes to mind, he shoves them on the cutely confused robot boyfriend. Slightly panicking from being MOMENTARILY BLINDED, Clear stands up suddenly and “looks” around the room, googly eyes on his face shaking in every which direction like a spinning top. 

Everyone is a drunken disaster. Aoba bursts out in drunken laughter, falling and hitting himself on the edge of his bed. Koujaku loses it and flops his head onto the table and pounds it with his drunken fist, causing his drink to spill everywhere, including his lap. Mizuki does a double spit take and almost chokes on his own spit from laughing. Ren laughs so hard that he starts to cry and the tears will not stop pouring out. Mink actually CHUCKLES under his breath before taking a swig from his own personal bottle. Noiz, already pretty tipsy himself, just loses it so hard that his hat falls off. Noiz takes the googly eyes off of Clear to try it on himself. 

For the rest of the night, the boyfriends take turns putting the large life sized googly eyes on themselves, on random objects, on allmate Ren, and anything else that seems funny in their ever increasing drunken state. And Aoba wakes up with very dirty pants and wonders why there are several pairs of googly eyes in his room. (He even found googly eyes in the bathroom, the living room, and even the roof).


Plant of the Day

Tuesday 2 June 2015

The dramatic and eye catching red goblet-shaped flowers of Tulipa sprengeri (Sprenger tulip) in a garden in Suffolk, UK. This late spring or early summer flowering bulbous perennial from Turkey needs to be planted 10 to 15cm deep in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil. The free draining conditions are required to prevent excessively moisture around the bulb and in addition it ideally needs shelter from strong winds.

Jill Raggett


Scarlet Slippers: Red Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Red on the eyes is always incredibly dramatic, but when you use a red glitter, it becomes surprisingly pretty as well. I am applying two matte shadows from the Lime Crime Chinadoll palette but you can use any reddish and black shadow you have if they’re strong enough to act as a base shade.

For the glitter, the finer cosmetic grade ones are better for the eye area, but if that’s not accessible for you and you want to use regular art store glitter, find the finest you can get, and make sure to be careful when removing from the lids. (Wipe upwards, away from your lash line, not down into your eyes.)

To get glitter to adhere really thick and even, one of my favorite bases is clear mascara. It’s not only cheap and easily accessible, but works extremely well without being sticky and hard to remove like clear gloss.

Step 1: Because the shadow I’m using later is more of a brick-red than a crimson, I’m using a brown cream base to deepen up the color and intensify the shadows I’ll be applying on my lids.

Step 2: Apply a strong matte black to either corner of the eyes and then connect them in an arc along the hollow of your socket bone. Then run along the lower lash line as well.

Step 3: Pack (don’t rub) a matte red shadow in the space within the black shadow. 

Step 4: Use a soft, fluffy blending brush dabbed very lightly into the black shadow again and then smoke out the edges of the color in windshield-wiper motions, until you diffuse it upwards and out into a soft wing at the outer corners.

Step 5: Intensify the lash line by applying a jet black pencil along the waterline, and along the tightline as well. Then lightly run in short little strokes along the upper lash line without extending into a wing. I used Milani Liquif’ Eye pencil in black because it’s one of the most intense, amazing black pencils I’ve ever tried. PLUS, it actually stays put much better than most other pencils.

Step 6: Use a flat brush to dab a thin layer of clear mascara over the lids, removing any excess globs. Then press your brush into red glitter and then gently place onto lids in sections. Don’t rub back and forth or you may “muddy up” the glitter. Just keep picking up and pressing on more red glitter until the red shadow looks completely covered. Then with the remaining bits on the brush, press outwards lightly onto the black shadow so the sparkle diffuses outwards.

Finishing touch: Just run the black pencil lightly along the upper lash line one more time, curl lashes, and apply black mascara to finish.


Holographia: Dramatic Metal Ombre Lids with Yellow-Red-Pink Transfer Foil! (Click images above to see in larger size)

Transfer foils were created for arts and crafts. Then some genius decided to use it on nails. Not long after, some people thought it might be a good idea to attempt it on the lips.

(That didn’t go too well, because while it looked cool when it was done perfectly - a la Katy Perry - very few people ever managed to do it perfectly. Tons of women ended up with disappointing patchy, cracked-looking lips.)

Since I’ve got tons of foil (I buy mine from dollarnailart.com), I naturally wondered about using it for other things. It is BRILLIANT as a dramatic transfer tattoo, But what about the eyes?

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[Requested] Reinterpretation of a Sparkly Gold Smoky Lid

This is not an exact recreation because my eyes are shaped a little differently and I wanted to blend the edges out more, but I’ll run through the type of products you need tocreate this look.

I can’t be 100% sure with the yellow lighting and difference in skintones, but the item I find can create this type of sparkly effect is a loose golden-brown sparkle like MAC’s Reflects pigment in Antique Gold, used wet.

Reflects pigments are not glitter, and not regular shadows either. They are shiny mica particles larger than regular loose shadows so they sort of combine pigmentation with sparkle. Like glitters, they don’t “stick” to the skin well and will fall out all over your cheeks, so you might want to do your eye makeup first, then clean up and do your foundation and concealer after.

To get them to go on like dramatic foiled metal, you want to use either a good creamy base or apply them wet (do use eye drops or a liquid sealant instead of pure water as they will rub off easily once dry if there is no ingredient that provides some tackiness).

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The Brushed Metal Eye Tutorial: Ridiclously straightforward!

This look was done to coordinate with a nail look I did the other day, and there isn’t really much of a step-by-step to run through because it’s so simple.

It’s a basic smoky lid without any shadow on the lower lash line, amd you can do it even if you have mono-lids or hooded eyes, as long as you bring the color up to your socket line so that it’s visible when your eyes are open.

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