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Dev was walking through the fields, going to unknown places and such. He wasn't too sure of the place, but he seems fine with not knowing where everything is. Until he stumbled across you. "Oh uh... Hey."

“Gee, that intro was dramatic,” Locara rolled her eyes sarcastically.

“What do you want?”


#professionalmua LMFAO.

But for reals. I’m doing my best friend of 14 years’ makeup for prom (which is on friday for us). And look how beautiful she is!!! My lil bab. 😊.

She wanted “dramatic” eyes and deep nude lips. So we did a practice test today and this is what will be done on Friday!!

(Also she was the easiest person ever to work with bc she trusts me. And her skin is flawless??? Like what you see is just translucent powder. I only did concealer under her eyes and on the tip of her nose. Like wtf.)


Scarlet Slippers: Red Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Red on the eyes is always incredibly dramatic, but when you use a red glitter, it becomes surprisingly pretty as well. I am applying two matte shadows from the Lime Crime Chinadoll palette but you can use any reddish and black shadow you have if they’re strong enough to act as a base shade.

For the glitter, the finer cosmetic grade ones are better for the eye area, but if that’s not accessible for you and you want to use regular art store glitter, find the finest you can get, and make sure to be careful when removing from the lids. (Wipe upwards, away from your lash line, not down into your eyes.)

To get glitter to adhere really thick and even, one of my favorite bases is clear mascara. It’s not only cheap and easily accessible, but works extremely well without being sticky and hard to remove like clear gloss.

External image

Step 1: Because the shadow I’m using later is more of a brick-red than a crimson, I’m using a brown cream base to deepen up the color and intensify the shadows I’ll be applying on my lids.

External image

Step 2: Apply a strong matte black to either corner of the eyes and then connect them in an arc along the hollow of your socket bone. Then run along the lower lash line as well.

External image

Step 3: Pack (don’t rub) a matte red shadow in the space within the black shadow. 

External image

Step 4: Use a soft, fluffy blending brush dabbed very lightly into the black shadow again and then smoke out the edges of the color in windshield-wiper motions, until you diffuse it upwards and out into a soft wing at the outer corners.

External image

Step 5: Intensify the lash line by applying a jet black pencil along the waterline, and along the tightline as well. Then lightly run in short little strokes along the upper lash line without extending into a wing. I used Milani Liquif’ Eye pencil in black because it’s one of the most intense, amazing black pencils I’ve ever tried. PLUS, it actually stays put much better than most other pencils.

External image

Step 6: Use a flat brush to dab a thin layer of clear mascara over the lids, removing any excess globs. Then press your brush into red glitter and then gently place onto lids in sections. Don’t rub back and forth or you may “muddy up” the glitter. Just keep picking up and pressing on more red glitter until the red shadow looks completely covered. Then with the remaining bits on the brush, press outwards lightly onto the black shadow so the sparkle diffuses outwards.

Finishing touch: Just run the black pencil lightly along the upper lash line one more time, curl lashes, and apply black mascara to finish.

Teal Painted Eyes and Glorious Colored Lashes

I generally don’t love colored lashes because most look kinda tacky, if I may say. But this pair looks SO good worn with those crazy teal-painted lids! 

(Actually, I think the teal-painted lids look good all on their own with the strong black liner and subtle contouring at the inner and outer corners, so I might give this look a try one of these days!)

You’ll probably get the best effect foiling a strong aqua/teal green pigment or shadow and packing it over a white cream base.

[Photo source: http://www.lip-gloss-pictures.com]

Are you bold enough to rock the #ChaoticMascara trend that everyone’s talking about? Brush up and across for bold, chaotic lashes and add a pop of electric blue liner with Master Kajal in ‘Navy Night’.