Photograph by Marton Perlaki

In Fashion | The Enigma of Haute Couture

These clothes couldn’t look any more modern - dramatic silhouettes, dark colors, floral appliqués - yet they are created in the most traditional manner. Is custom-made fashion a treasure or a relic?

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My favorite, dramatic coastline :) Since living on a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean you don´t have to go far to find one

This is from the Reykjanes  peninsula situated at the southwestern end of Iceland, near the capital of Reykjavík where you can amongst other things find The Keflavik International Airport and the Blue Lagoon. 

The peninsula is marked by active volcanism under its surface, and large lava fields, allowing little vegetation. There are numerous hot springs and sulphur springs in the southern half of the peninsula and beautiful and dramatic coastlines like this can be found there

Stone piles like this are very common all around Iceland. When people used to travel around the country on horseback or on foot this was their road map

In bad weather during the winter time when everything was covered in snow and it was snowing heavily as well and crazy wind blowing in all directions you could easily get lost. Then these piles of stone could be lifesavers. If you found one, another one wasn´t far away and so on. As well as if you were traveling somewhere unfamiliar you just followed this stone pile trail and it would lead you to a farm or a small town

This photo was taken yesterday when the sky was just clearing after a hail so as you can see spring has not yet arrived in Iceland, let alone summer but the days are getting longer so let´s hope it´s just around the corner