Let’s talk about one surprise introduction that did happen toward the end of the episode: Hot Dog! I know Hot Dog’s casting was a huge point of contention for you and Cole Sprouse.

Aguirre-Sacasa: Listen, that was all Cole. He really wanted Hot Dog. He really wanted a sheepdog to play Hot Dog. He was really passionate about that. It was very hard to find a sheepdog in Vancouver who could deliver all of the nuance that Hot Dog required. It all happened at the last second. Basically, when we got the dog, I said to Cole, “We’re going to try and make this work, but if this dog comes in and he can’t deliver as Hot Dog, we’re just going to do the scene without Hot Dog.” And he was like, “That dog better deliver.” And the dog did great! You’ll be seeing more of Hot Dog in Season 2 for sure.

Cole must be a real stickler when it comes to the Archie canon.

Aguirre-Sacasa: In a way, Cole is even more of a purist than I am, especially when it comes to Jughead and the Jughead mythology. For me, I was like, “I don’t know if the Serpents are going to have a sheepdog. He’s more like a junkyard dog. TV adaptations reinvent stuff all the time.” And Cole was like, “Fine. But you’re not reinventing Hot Dog.” He had a really good point. Cole is an artist. He’s very passionate, and I’m glad Hot Dog is a sheepdog and that he’s now in our universe.

Jughead kinda became a Southside Serpent in this episode. There’s this great moment when he’s putting on his Serpents jacket, and Betty is giving him this look like, “Who are you right now?” How is this going to affect their relationship in Season 2?

Aguirre-Sacasa: That moment in particular certainly provides a lot of fodder and tension for them. We really think of that moment as the end of The Godfather when Diane Keaton is looking at Al Pacino, Michael Corleone, being surrounded by the Mafia family and she’s on the outside looking at him. That’s what we think of when we look at them. That’s also a mythic moment in the Bughead mythology.

Betty spends a lot of this episode defending the Serpents, but in that moment you see that maybe she’s not as cool with Jughead’s affiliation with them as she thought she was.

Aguirre-Sacasa: Between Jughead going to a new high school, Jughead moving to a new part of town, and Jughead following in his father’s footsteps, I think any one of those things Betty could maybe shrug off. But all of them? And knowing that Jughead has always felt like an outsider in her circle? I’d be worried, too.

It couldn’t just end with them saying “I love you,” could it? There had to be drama.

Aguirre-Sacasa: This is Riverdale. There’s never a happy ending [laughs].

Finally, I’m curious about Jughead’s narration. He’s going to continue narrating Season 2, right?

Aguirre-Sacasa: Yes.

How far into the future is Jughead narrating this story?

Aguirre-Sacasa: It’s a little bit of dramatic license, sort of like the stage manager in Our Town. He’s our Rod Serling. He exists out of normal conventional time. He could be doing it from many different time periods. We tried to really be specific about that for the first couple episodes, and then it was like, “You know what, guys? Just go with it.”


Why Her? (Part 8)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama, (mention of addiction)

Word count: 836

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please@superwholocked527​ @myparadise1998

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Back in the big city with work, the camping trip was like a distant memory, but one you held dear to your heart. By some miracle, you were reassigned to Chris again, but kept the other two men as well, making your days much more busy. But it gave you a chance to strike up even more conversations with Chris. Every day you had each other in stitches over laughing so hard together, or you were agreeing about something in the news or media.

After two weeks of being back after the camping trip, you started to notice something strange. Chris was free every other night, and you two hung out every night he was free. The nights he wasn’t free, he was with Lexi. But what was odd was you two had never hung out alone until now (except of course the camping trip), because Lexi was busy and you had a sneaking suspicion it was with Sebastian.

Keep reading

lxncekogane  asked:

Hi Mogi! Are there any Klance fics that you would recommend? Thanks :)

Oh good golly gosh, here goes my afternoon, because youre about to get a shit ton. xD

If you want to peruse my bookmarks feel free. the link has been filtered down to only klance fics, enjoy your time sifting through 150+ fics ^^; (i have no self control)  And then theres any of my stuff here because i need validation and have no shame with self plugs, but ill put the focus on the other fics for right now. ^^

But here are the ones i reallllyyyy recommend outside of the big name fics that literally the whole fandom knows about.:

Make Me Your Home by Reader115

Summary: “Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”Update: Now with ART by suitboxers!!
WC: 38169 (6/6)
General Notes: just, omg? this fic has like it all, and it all fits into s2?? yes please?? i could not get enough of this fic and talking with the author, there is a rumor that they might write an epilogue and i like high key died. 10/10

Today, anew by MemeKonVLD

Summary: “Lance.”Lance’s eyebrows furrow in concern for a second before his whole face goes gentle and open.“Hey buddy, everything okay?”Keith nods. Then shakes his head, then opens his mouth to let out a noisy sob before he’s hugging the air out of Lance, grip vise tight.Lance hugs him back. That’s one of the great things about him— he doesn’t— he doesn’t need explanations for things like this. He doesn’t make Keith jump through hoops, the way other people might— he’s just— he just knows what Keith needs in times like this. No façades, no posturing.(Or: the one where Keith is trapped in a time loop. A time loop from hell.)
WC: 5910 (6/6 chapters)
General Notes: this was interesting to say the least, and one of my latest reads. I really enjoyed, told from Keiths pov and he’s stuck in a time loop. Angsty, but has a happy ending. 8/10

Voltron Cafe by PinkHitman

Summary:  Lance is the number one butler at a maid cafe, and his number one customer? Just his old High School rival Keith.
WC: 66422 (14/?)
General Notes: This is really funny and quirky. Lance is adorable in all his dorky glory. The whole team is there and i cant count the times ive had to stifle laughter reading it because it was 3am and i really needed to sleep but, hey what are you going to do xD theres also a blog @voltron-cafe and the art is just as quirky as the fic and i love it to all get out. 9/10

a truth in the blood by angstinspace

Summary: “I’m Galra, Lance.”It’s the first time he’s said those words out loud––and to Lance of all people. He should feel horrified at himself but somehow, he doesn’t. In fact, an eerie calmness has settled over him. Everything comes sharply into focus as he stands there, still holding Lance’s wrist, breathing in and out, waiting for a response. A post “Blade of Marmora” fix-it fic. Mostly broganes & klance bonding.
WC: 7489
General Notes: So theres a little bit of angst in this, but it does a really good job of filling in the blanks of what could have happened between ep8 and ep9 of s2. I really liked it, has some Broganes in there and Klance bonding. 8/10

Starlight by epiproctan

Summary: For once, Lance tries to be responsible for something. Namely, his feelings. Needless to say it doesn’t go well.
WC: 7719
General Notes: Lance pov, honestly this boy tries so hard to keep the team dynamic the same, but it never goes well. goes with the trope that EVERYONE knows about mutual pining klance, but goes a different direction just for the hell of it. i loved it. 9/10

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

Summary: In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.
WC: 64888 (13/13)
General Notes: holy fuck do i love this fic, cuz like, wow. Im a sucker for dragons and i loved the way the author inocrporated them into this fic and made it freaking work. A+++. Lots of action, drama-rama and Lance learns a thing or two about hs feelings along the way. 10/10

Burning Love by TeaAndKittens

Summary: An injury sustained on the job for firefighter Keith means an extended medical leave that makes him feel useless and angry. He’s so desperate to get back to his crew at Station 5 that he’s almost willing to try anything - except yoga. Especially after Hunk calls this friend of his that owns a yoga studio and Keith gets supporting evidence for his claim that only crazy people practice yoga.Somehow, despite all of that, Hunk and Shiro manage to bully him into at least trying it. He shows up for that first class expecting to hate it. What he’s not expecting is for Hunk’s friend to be hot like the fire of a thousand suns. Or even more insane in person.Or: Keith’s life. So Hard.
WC: 7017 (2/?)
General Notes: Firefighter Keith and yoga instructor lance,,, um yes please! this fic is just getting started but i really love it so far. 8/10

Sharps and Accidentals by Zizzani

Summary: Keith is a talented up and coming violin virtuoso. Lance hates him immediately.Or an AU in which Lance and Keith both attend the same music university. Keith is deaf. Lance is Trying™.
WC: 39528 (9/?)
General Notes: ok, so i just really love this a lot. im a band nerd so music is like my thing, and this is honestly great. Deaf keith, and lance… poor lance, hes trying ok? Im a couple updates behind, but i really love it a lot. 9/10

bouncing off exit signs by steelthighsvoideyesSummary:

Summary: This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.
WC: 40147 (yes on chap xD)
General Notes: this is like one of those comfort fics for me, i binged it one night, and it was amazing. Based off the song Closer by The Chainsmokers. honeslty, well done. 10/10

Duly Noted by TeaAndKittens

Summary: Keith has a box full of scraps of paper, a lovingly archived collection of all the notes Lance has written him so far in their relationship. Their son has a box just like it, and soon their newly adopted daughter will too.Or: 5 (-ish) notes Lance wrote to Keith, beginning with the one that started it all, and 1 Keith wrote back
WC: 4913
General Notes: this was so fucking cute that i really couldnt stop smiling the whole way through. lance leaving notes everywhere is just so him. 10/10

The Quiet by MilkTeaMiku

Summary: Does he not realise he’s dead?Keith can see ghosts. As a part of his Garrison training, he’s sent to a hospital to do one year of medical clerkship - it’s there that he meets a charmingly irritating ghost who definitely needs to learn what boundaries are.
WC: 38000 (19/?)
General Notes: Stop reading this list and fucking read this oh my gawd. It is that good, go on, shoo 10/10

Flirting with Death by drippingpen

Summary: Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.
WC: 29346 (9/?)
General Notes: yoooo, my friend is reading this, and she is doing such a great job with it. Grim Reaper Keith and lance is high key supposed to be dead, and its awesome. Pidge is as nosey as ever and Hunk is pure™. give it a read, really. 10/10

Days Like Today by literal_trashbaby

Summary: For all Lance’s snarking and posturing, all that easy, cheery confidence, for all his charm and his pretty, pretty smiles (which absolutely did not make Keith a little weak in the knees, no sir). Just every now and then, Keith thought his smile would go just a tiny bit tight around the edges, and he’d go just a little quiet… well, quiet for Lance. And on the days when Lance was just that little bit… Not-Lance, like a force of nature he would, without fail, pull one side of his lower lip into his mouth and just chew on it, destroying those poor, perfect lips. Days like today.OR: Lance is Having a Day and Keith is somehow the only person to notice.
WC: 3159
General Notes: I love it when people write Keith picking up on Lance’s tendencies, its so freaking cute and my heart cannot handle. 9/10

so why don’t we fall by akinghtley

Summary: Five times Lance used a pet name for Keith, and one time Keith used one for Lance.Keith has no basis for having a relationship with someone, so he’s trying to follow Lance’s lead.
WC: 8218
General Notes: NSFW saying that now. but i love pet names, and this was all so cute. Touch of angst, but it makes up for it with fluff. I love it. 9/10

I think tht does it for fic recs rn, i could literally go through all of my bookmarks and list every one of them, but lets face it that would take forever.

Hope you enjoy all that fics!

Being part of the Addicted fandom is like being part of this extremely dramatic and tragic drama in real life. Because things keep happening which have nothing to do with fans - which is the normal drama-rama in fandom - but with politics. This past weekend, there was a disastrous fanmeeting held in Bangkok, which was supposed to be about Addicted, but in the end not only was Addicted not mentioned, the two guys everyone was there to see wasn’t even allowed to stand next to each other. Bizarre and sad. In the final moments, all the guys were crying. Hard. Completely heartbreaking.

Johnny & ZhouZhou have been superhot ever since Addicted was broadcast, even after the ban, and appearing in every magazine and being invited to all kinds of tv shows, a few times recording shows together. But now, none of those shows will air, because authorities have decided these two boys are too dangerous for Chinese people (or something, I’ve no idea how their reasoning goes) and so everyone’s afraid to hire them. People go crazy when they’re together, just look at this amazing clip of them wrestling on one of these shows which won’t air. If you think their connection with each other, and the homoeroticism it implies, is a problem, I can see that the reaction of their millions of fans might seem disturbing. But their cult status won’t diminish as a result, it’ll probably just increase.

It’s such a tragedy! It’s also been announced, which wasn’t surprising, that there will be no season 2. At the same time, the video to one of the OST of Addicted was released, serving as a most bittersweet end to the saga of Bai LouYin and Gu Hai. You can watch it here.

I feel so bad for these adorable, loveable guys. And once more, I want to support them so bad. Again, I still hope for the uncut DVD!

Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Klepas

Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™: my thoughts and feelings condensed for your reading pleasure because I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers. 

  • Annabelle needs a rich husband, like now.  Simon is rich, though not titled.  He is, however, a sexy, rakish hunk of working class man flesh who can melt your drawers with a few simple words whispered hotly against your ear.
  • Here’s the main problem: I loved Simon and loathed Annabelle.
  • I know, I know: “but these are the wallflowers, they’re so lovable and great!”  Sorry, I disagree.
  • “Any other man in his situation would have had the decency to be embarrassed by his own lack of refinement - but Hunt had apparently decided to make a virtue of it.”  #1 reason to love him, honestly.
  • Meanwhile, Annabelle is so hellbent on catching a rich husband, literally any husband, she’s willing to ensnare any titled tool who happens to be at the same party.  And yet, she finds the notion of becoming someone’s mistress HIGHLY insulting to her dignity.  I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but spreading for your husband’s bank account is the same as spreading for your mister.  (Please refer to Victoria Woodhull’s comments on how marital sex without love is merely legalized prostitution.)
  • Spoiler: They get married and then - drama-rama - everyone thinks she’s using him for his money, because SHE LITERALLY JUST NEEDED TO MARRY A RICH GUY AND SO THAT’S WHAT SHE DID AND 2+2 = YOU’RE A GOLD DIGGER.
  • Shit happens, lives are in danger, and suddenly they’re in love.  Weak.  And again, I find Kleypas’ pacing damn near unbearable.
  • Listen, I totally get why she fell for him, Simon is HOT, giving, caring, funny, smart, hardworking, irreverent towards the ton, need I go on?  But Simon falling for her?  Give me a break.
  • Simon deserved better.
  • Annabelle deserved to be the mistress of some fat, balding jerk.  (I don’t really mean that, but I’m so BITTER right now.)
  • AND the build up wasn’t even that sexy.
  • I’m disappointed.
  • But I’m also in love with Simon, so I guess I can’t say the book was bad.
  • I originally gave this book 4 stars, then I wrote this review and realized that I vehemently did not like Annabelle and I knocked it down to 2, but then I realized that Simon was so good and pure he alone deserved another star.

Three Frustrated Stars


“Leave my sister alone!” Carl shouts as Negan thinks about how many beats you could take.
“Sister? That means… oh.” Negan frowns before he looks at Rick and Carl and then back to you. “How does this fucking work? You’re a little to old.”
“I’m adopted.” You admit quietly and Negan nods understanding.
“Sounds like drama-fucking-rama.” Negan snickers. “You should tell me later if you’re still alive.”

Shocked, disgusted, scared…
That are some of the feelings you have before and after Negan killed Abraham.
You saw a lot of cruel things, but to see someone who has so much fun during killing, that leaves you speechless.
And in tears.
“Sweetheart, lay your eyes on this.” Negan sighs heavily and you stare at him in disbelief.

Does he really humiliating Rosita after she has lost Abraham?

“Oh, damn. Were you - Were you together? That sucks. But if you were, you should know there was a reason for all this. Red - and hell, he was, is, and will ever be red. He just took one or six or seven for the team! So take a damn look.”
Rosita who kneels next to you doesn’t move and you secretly put your hand on her back.
Negan seems to get angry as he nudges Lucille almost on Rosita’s chin.
“Take a damn look!”
Suddenly Daryl jumps up, his face full of anger and punches Negan in the face.
“Daryl.” You whine as a few Saviors drag him in the dirt before you crawl to him. “You’ll kill him!”
Before you can shove the Savior from Daryl another one kicks you in the back. With a painful groan you fall on the ground. The skin on your cheek bursts open, blood mixes with dirt. Your heart beats in a fast rhythm and you’ve the feeling that you made a big mistake.
“Easy David.” Negan smirks and crouches down next to your head, but his eyes are still on Daryl. “Dwight, bring him back in line.”
“(Y/N).” Rick whispers as Negan touches your cheek and starts singing ‘I’ve a crush on you, sweetie pie’.
“Listen how pathetic your daddy sounds.” Negan cackles.
The way he said daddy and he touches you makes you sick in the stomach.
“By the way is the redneck guy your boyfriend.” Negan asks and stops caressing your cheek. “It’s so fuckin’ uncomfortable to pinch somebody’s girlfriend.”
“No.” You respond quietly and he bites his lower lip, nodding.
“Good, yea. Fucking good.” He says and helps you up. “And now be a good girl and get back in line. Would you do that for me?”
Not able to say anything, because he wipes some hair behind your ear, you just nod.
Everyone, even the Saviors, are staring at you.
“These curves.” Negan murmurs behind you with a delightful sigh.
Daryl sends you an apologetic glare, but you shake your head, forming an it’s ok with your mouth.
“So, back to it.” Negan says and turns around to Glenn.

The nightmare isn’t over yet…

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I’ve been watching Phineas and Ferb from the beginning, a fun watch-thru I’ve never done before with the series. When watching “Bowl-R-Ama Drama”, I got attentive when Candace in a giant bowling ball (it makes sense it context) rolled into the Subway. But what got me really excited was when we get a shot of it rolling out of a Subway entrance: I immediately recognized it as looking similar to the Subway entrance in Milo Murphy’s Law.

Now, a lot of details/colors are changed, but it looks so unbelievably alike that I really think that the latter show’s design was strongly based on the former. While the “Subway” sign is altered, the entrance shape and side fences are the same. Other same details — with different colors — are the buildings surrounding the entrance, the foliage (some now in fall colors), the bench behind the entrance, the parking meter, and the mailbox. Even the same styles of cars are parked on the curb and the map is on the right side of the entrance! The only major different I can notice is that the windows on the back building are differently sized.

This may just be a re-use of a PNF backgound, and while the opposite view of the entrance in PNF is to a road, the opposite view of the entrance in MML has to be near the Jefferson County Middle School football field (one of the field’s light posts lands on the entrance). However, I like to take this as another hint that MML may take place in Danville, but for the sake of keeping both shows as their own separate things, Danville got redesigned and restructued with different colors, details, and locations.

Sayang yung pagmamahal na sana para sa iba

(Props for officialmanika, she gave me the idea for the title.)

Oo nga naman, eto yung pagmamahal na binuhos mo lahat lahat sa isang tao tapos babalewalain niya lang. 

Masakit kung binigay mo yung effort mo para magtagal lang yung relationship niyo/sinisimulan mo pa lang siyang ligawan, tapos sasabihin niya “kulang” or “di ako yung right girl/boy para sayo”. Dapat di natin sabihin yun, malay mo magbago yung taong sinabihan mo ng ganun sa masamang paraan, sinaktan mo na nga, ikaw pa ang may kasalanan kung bakit nagbago yung taong yun.

Ano ang dapat gawin kung ikaw ay nasa sitwasyon na ganun?:

  • Habang maaga pa, sabihin mo na agad yung nararamdaman mo sa kanya.
  • Kung ayaw mo, wag mong i-entertain.
  • Kung gusto mo, wag ka ng magpakipot. Palandi ka na. Sayang ang mga nalalabing araw para sayo. HAHAHA, de biro lang yung “palandi”. Dapat mahalin mo rin siya ng tunay. Bow

Dapat nga, yung mga taong sobrang magmahal napupunta sa mga deserving na tao dito sa mundo. Yun lang

So last night was a little bit of drama…

I went to see a local Pop punk band play in a bar called amber there was about 15 people watching them and that including girlfriends, parents and there close friends we had a few drinks and decided to support them by dancing around and singing! when there mic’s started cutting out and feeding back so while nudging the lead singer to change the mic and turn stuff down he took it the wrong way after they finished he came up to me while I was talking to a mate and grabbed my throat and tried to threaten to ‘Knock me out’ as I had no idea why he was re acting like that I said 'Alright, I talk to you outside…’ a few minutes of him shouting abuse I was waiting outside while a friend talked to him he never came out so I went to look for him bumped into him in the toilet 'I asked him what his beef was…’ He replied 'My girlfriend is here I don’t have time for people like you!' 

That was the end of it and this was his reply to my drunken dig at him later on facebook 'You are nothing…’ lyrics from a Our Final Hour song which he used to be the vocalist for and quit so they wrote a song about him and got good.

Apparently I’m in the wrong again?!

why are y'all gettin so shitty and mean about benewho cumberpoop?? it’s mean to call people ugly and it’s mean to misgender ppl. u can’t tell me that u have never accidentally misgendered someone. i’ve done it before but that doesn’t make me transphobic. it means i made a mistake

calm ur tits

Taken 2 years ago. 

Wow, time flies so fast. I miss these days. I miss the old us/you. I miss everything. I miss the way you say i love you at random times. The way you always hold my hand. The way you always want to hug me. And when you tell me everything’s going to be okay between us. I miss those days where you’re the first person to text me good morning. I miss those late night phone calls and talk about random stuff. I miss the person who’s always there for me. The person who would do anything to make me laugh when there’s a problem. The person who makes an effort for me. Where’s that person now? I want him back. You’ve changed a lot. You’re always mad at me. You don’t text me anymore even if you have credits. When i’m with you, it’s like i’m not there. I don’t know what’s going thru your mind. I don’t know if you still love me. It’s like you don’t need me anymore. I don’t know if you still want this relationship to work. And you definitely don’t know if we’re still together. Like wtf. I don’t know you anymore. What’s happening between us? For a second we’re happy then the next thing i know we’re not okay again. How is this going to work if you’re not there to help me. Ughhh, everything’s so screwed up. What’s the point in all of this? Oh take me back to the daysss. I don’t want to lose you AGAIN.

NOT my day

Bakit ba ang badtrip ko ngayong araw?! :| SHZ. Since the moment I woke up, I was in a bad mood. Why? What is happening to me?! Parang may bagay na di ko alam kung ano pero naiirita ako. UGGGGGHH.. I’m not usually like this, but haaaaay. :| Kapag ngingiti ako, nahihirapan lang ako huminga. SHOMAY, ano bang dapat kong gawin?! 

OK, enough drama! BYE