Being part of the Addicted fandom is like being part of this extremely dramatic and tragic drama in real life. Because things keep happening which have nothing to do with fans - which is the normal drama-rama in fandom - but with politics. This past weekend, there was a disastrous fanmeeting held in Bangkok, which was supposed to be about Addicted, but in the end not only was Addicted not mentioned, the two guys everyone was there to see wasn’t even allowed to stand next to each other. Bizarre and sad. In the final moments, all the guys were crying. Hard. Completely heartbreaking.

Johnny & ZhouZhou have been superhot ever since Addicted was broadcast, even after the ban, and appearing in every magazine and being invited to all kinds of tv shows, a few times recording shows together. But now, none of those shows will air, because authorities have decided these two boys are too dangerous for Chinese people (or something, I’ve no idea how their reasoning goes) and so everyone’s afraid to hire them. People go crazy when they’re together, just look at this amazing clip of them wrestling on one of these shows which won’t air. If you think their connection with each other, and the homoeroticism it implies, is a problem, I can see that the reaction of their millions of fans might seem disturbing. But their cult status won’t diminish as a result, it’ll probably just increase.

It’s such a tragedy! It’s also been announced, which wasn’t surprising, that there will be no season 2. At the same time, the video to one of the OST of Addicted was released, serving as a most bittersweet end to the saga of Bai LouYin and Gu Hai. You can watch it here.

I feel so bad for these adorable, loveable guys. And once more, I want to support them so bad. Again, I still hope for the uncut DVD!

anonymous asked:

Just as season 3 of Sherlock broke your heart, season 4 has done the same for me. This season out of all others really confirmed that the show is only about Sherlock and John is imp only in how he affects Sherlock. Not only that, Moftiss do not want him to be an equal to Sherlock, till now he was an intellectual inferior but with this season they want Sherlock to be the moral & emotional superior as well. I don't really understand y Martin called it the best series so far.

I agree with your points, although I feel like some of the moral rot started to set in with S3 as well. John really does seem to be a crux for drama and conflict, rather than as a complimentary partner to help sherlock grow–he’s pretty much done that already on his own. If there’s a purpose to John being in the show beyond being a lighting rod for drama-rama, I’m puzzled as to what that might be. I’d wondered if Martin was perhaps toeing the company line to some extent in his praise for this series, but he really did seem quite convinced and adamant about it too, so idk. Idk *sighs*


I’ve been watching Phineas and Ferb from the beginning, a fun watch-thru I’ve never done before with the series. When watching “Bowl-R-Ama Drama”, I got attentive when Candace in a giant bowling ball (it makes sense it context) rolled into the Subway. But what got me really excited was when we get a shot of it rolling out of a Subway entrance: I immediately recognized it as looking similar to the Subway entrance in Milo Murphy’s Law.

Now, a lot of details/colors are changed, but it looks so unbelievably alike that I really think that the latter show’s design was strongly based on the former. While the “Subway” sign is altered, the entrance shape and side fences are the same. Other same details — with different colors — are the buildings surrounding the entrance, the foliage (some now in fall colors), the bench behind the entrance, the parking meter, and the mailbox. Even the same styles of cars are parked on the curb and the map is on the right side of the entrance! The only major different I can notice is that the windows on the back building are differently sized.

This may just be a re-use of a PNF backgound, and while the opposite view of the entrance in PNF is to a road, the opposite view of the entrance in MML has to be near the Jefferson County Middle School football field (one of the field’s light posts lands on the entrance). However, I like to take this as another hint that MML may take place in Danville, but for the sake of keeping both shows as their own separate things, Danville got redesigned and restructued with different colors, details, and locations.

Fave part of the Carmilla teaser trailer

It’s not the Hollstein kisses or the incredibly gross and adorable dancing. It’s not even Mattie or the drama-rama.

It’s Papa Hollis showing Carmilla baby pictures of Laura. Do you know why? Because Carmilla is sitting next to him drinking blood out of a bottle. He’s sitting there totally casually acting like a typical parent/in-law showing a vampire pictures of the daughter he’s so ridiculously over-protective of while she displays her vampiric nature in the most obvious way. And for whatever reason, based on whatever has happened up to that point, he’s comfortable doing that.

He accepts her, and that warms my cold, emotionless heart.

Sayang yung pagmamahal na sana para sa iba

(Props for officialmanika, she gave me the idea for the title.)

Oo nga naman, eto yung pagmamahal na binuhos mo lahat lahat sa isang tao tapos babalewalain niya lang. 

Masakit kung binigay mo yung effort mo para magtagal lang yung relationship niyo/sinisimulan mo pa lang siyang ligawan, tapos sasabihin niya “kulang” or “di ako yung right girl/boy para sayo”. Dapat di natin sabihin yun, malay mo magbago yung taong sinabihan mo ng ganun sa masamang paraan, sinaktan mo na nga, ikaw pa ang may kasalanan kung bakit nagbago yung taong yun.

Ano ang dapat gawin kung ikaw ay nasa sitwasyon na ganun?:

  • Habang maaga pa, sabihin mo na agad yung nararamdaman mo sa kanya.
  • Kung ayaw mo, wag mong i-entertain.
  • Kung gusto mo, wag ka ng magpakipot. Palandi ka na. Sayang ang mga nalalabing araw para sayo. HAHAHA, de biro lang yung “palandi”. Dapat mahalin mo rin siya ng tunay. Bow

Dapat nga, yung mga taong sobrang magmahal napupunta sa mga deserving na tao dito sa mundo. Yun lang

So last night was a little bit of drama…

I went to see a local Pop punk band play in a bar called amber there was about 15 people watching them and that including girlfriends, parents and there close friends we had a few drinks and decided to support them by dancing around and singing! when there mic’s started cutting out and feeding back so while nudging the lead singer to change the mic and turn stuff down he took it the wrong way after they finished he came up to me while I was talking to a mate and grabbed my throat and tried to threaten to ‘Knock me out’ as I had no idea why he was re acting like that I said 'Alright, I talk to you outside…’ a few minutes of him shouting abuse I was waiting outside while a friend talked to him he never came out so I went to look for him bumped into him in the toilet 'I asked him what his beef was…’ He replied 'My girlfriend is here I don’t have time for people like you!' 

That was the end of it and this was his reply to my drunken dig at him later on facebook 'You are nothing…’ lyrics from a Our Final Hour song which he used to be the vocalist for and quit so they wrote a song about him and got good.

Apparently I’m in the wrong again?!

Taken 2 years ago. 

Wow, time flies so fast. I miss these days. I miss the old us/you. I miss everything. I miss the way you say i love you at random times. The way you always hold my hand. The way you always want to hug me. And when you tell me everything’s going to be okay between us. I miss those days where you’re the first person to text me good morning. I miss those late night phone calls and talk about random stuff. I miss the person who’s always there for me. The person who would do anything to make me laugh when there’s a problem. The person who makes an effort for me. Where’s that person now? I want him back. You’ve changed a lot. You’re always mad at me. You don’t text me anymore even if you have credits. When i’m with you, it’s like i’m not there. I don’t know what’s going thru your mind. I don’t know if you still love me. It’s like you don’t need me anymore. I don’t know if you still want this relationship to work. And you definitely don’t know if we’re still together. Like wtf. I don’t know you anymore. What’s happening between us? For a second we’re happy then the next thing i know we’re not okay again. How is this going to work if you’re not there to help me. Ughhh, everything’s so screwed up. What’s the point in all of this? Oh take me back to the daysss. I don’t want to lose you AGAIN.

NOT my day

Bakit ba ang badtrip ko ngayong araw?! :| SHZ. Since the moment I woke up, I was in a bad mood. Why? What is happening to me?! Parang may bagay na di ko alam kung ano pero naiirita ako. UGGGGGHH.. I’m not usually like this, but haaaaay. :| Kapag ngingiti ako, nahihirapan lang ako huminga. SHOMAY, ano bang dapat kong gawin?! 

OK, enough drama! BYE

Sometimes... Dad finds the right things to say.
  • Me: *hiding swollen, teary eyes under a towel*
  • Dad: Are you okay?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Dad: Don't fall asleep there, okay?
  • Me: Mmm.
  • Dad: What were you thinking about, anyway?
  • Me: Lots of things...sad things.
  • Dad: From the past?
  • Me: ...
  • Dad: Well, I think when you're older, you'll think back and realize how you wasted your time thinking about those kinds of things. They aren't worth your time, so you shouldn't over analyze them. Take it from your elders. We know better.
  • We don't know best... just better.

Unexpected turn of events. My parents roommates came home from a double date and invited me to play cards with them. They asked me to get them drinks and I made one for myself in the process. I started drinking, there isn’t a point to drinking unless you get drunk so with my mission in front of me I trek on. I’m watching these two couples flirt and think “Aw, gross. Everyone is getting laid tonight…forever alone.” Oh then Mom came to talk to me and said this was the third day in a row I was drinking and this time since I was drinking alone “that it’s a sign of alcoholism.” Um, I was drinking with them but they quit. Not my fault. Then Mom tells me later that Dad said he wanted to “smother her with a pillow” because she jokingly said she always has to be right. WHAT. THE. FUCK. So many different things I can say but instead I will drink this away while I listen to Eiffel 65’s “Blue” which I was actually banned from listening to when I was younger. Apparently the gibberish “I’m blue da ba dee da ba di” was interpreted as “I’m Blue, If I would bleed I would die” by my older sister and it was banned from my precious ears. So pissed because I knew those weren’t the lyrics. People hear what they want to hear. Anyways stream of drunk consciousness. I’m going to go make sure my Mom is still alive.  

today. saturday DRAMA RAMA

hi peeps. 

sum up the last 24hrs. SHIT SON! 

wow. Drama Rama. let me start from the beginning because it’s the only way all of this is going to make any sense what so ever.

N, B and me are all getting ready at N’s house. being girls and putting on our faces. we get to the bar and no one’s really there yet, even though it’s 12. it’s a small town (5, 000 people) where i live, everyone pretty much knows everyone, we have one bar and they’re usually more people at that time. whatever. we get drinks, dance and do are usual thing. I think N was mad at me or something because she kept saying that i was acting bitchy and excluding her, which i didn’t realize or think i was doing. so she pieced out at one point and went to my house where we;re all supposed to be sleep. I stay and dance cause i’m feeling good, i'v been snorting the crushed caffeine pills that J gave me. B is somewhere, here and there. we end up getting invited to a party after but I decide not to go cause i have to work at 8AM. so i got my coat and was walking out the door to go home. when another one of my friends, M, walks by me and tells me “your friend B is fucking dead”. WFT? i go back inside. find them and get myself in between them to stop a fight from happening. FUCK! seriously! and we’re supposed to be adults here.

night <3 tumblr. 4.5hrs in 2 days. sleep time. DRAMA RAMA will be continued in tomorrow’s edition