Tag yourself as music keys (as told by the Signature Series CBC)
  • C major: Childlike, carefree, unselfconscious
  • C minor: Misunderstood genius, misanthrope, caught in a heroic struggle
  • D-flat major: Has a dreamy smile, makes jewelry, innocent
  • C-sharp minor: Mysterious, secretive, doesn't open up to others
  • D major: Overachiever, cheerful, enthusiastic
  • D minor: Angry at the world, betrayed by friends, alone
  • E-flat major: Respected by others, popular, a great leader
  • E-flat minor: Quirky, strange, not very well known
  • E major: Delightful, charming, a morning person
  • E minor: Proud, likes drama, needy
  • F major: Calm, in control of things, secretly has an iron will beneath that sweet smile
  • F minor: Not to be messed with, tough, never gives up
  • F-sharp major: Friendly, gives hugs, has lovely plants
  • F-sharp minor: Shy, stays home a lot, scared of other people
  • G major: Playful, naive, a great sport
  • G minor: Stubborn, gets into arguments, smart
  • A-flat major: Kind, always pays for dinner, bakes cookies for friends
  • G-sharp minor: Weary, moves gracefully, 100% done with society
  • A major: Can't keep still, impatient, capricious
  • A minor: Has unfulfilled dreams, cannot let go of the past, mournful
  • B-flat major: Nerd, nature enthusiast, loves to gaze at the stars
  • B-flat minor: Doesn't show feelings, gets uncomfortable at the mention of feelings, actually has feelings
  • B major: Loves weekends, sleeps in, operates on a different internal clock
  • B minor: Gloomy, likes art and wine, hides under a blanket

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Even though we are facing a major drama in front of us, maybe in another universe Even and Isak would be getting groceries, or maybe in the not-so-distant future. In broad daylight, hand in hand, so in love. 

After the last clip, I’m dying to know what the secret is and my heart is already broken!! T_T 

A show that is continually looked down upon for it’s low budget, a show that has had the odds stacked against since the beginning, just won an award for Outstanding Drama against major TV shows? A couple that is groundbreaking on so many levels, a couple that continues to show what a healthy relationship is, essentially won an award for the show? I am so proud

302, I Love You

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It was a beautiful summer morning—mid-70s with a light breeze, ideal weather for soaking up the sun without fear of overheating. If anyone asked, that was why Stiles was sitting on his balcony with a book he hadn’t touched in the last half hour and a mug of coffee he’d been absently sipping from, his gaze fixed on the parking lot several stories below.

Coincidentally, one of his neighbors—Hot Dude From 302, not that it was relevant—had chosen the same morning to wash his stupidly flashy Camaro. Stiles wasn’t watching him. He was sitting on his balcony, which happened to face the back parking lot, and Hot Dude happened to be in his general line of sight. And anyway, if he had been watching him, it was only to document the details of his flagrant lease-breaking activities, in case Stiles decided to file a complaint with their landlord. 

Washing vehicles in their parking lot was explicitly against the rules, along with smoking, loud parties after 11 PM, and leaving trash bags in the hallway for people to potentially trip over, rather than dragging them all the way to the dumpsters—which were also located in their parking area.

If pressed, Stiles might admit that he’d broken the latter two rules once or twice. And that there might be an overstuffed trash bag sitting in the hallway at this very moment—deposited there because the smell had started to bug him, but not enough to motivate him to put on shoes and non-pj pants and make the trek downstairs. But that was more like rule-bending. It wasn’t an egregious violation like the unnecessarily thorough car washing that took place every Saturday, like clockwork.

Obviously this guy wasn’t originally from California, or he’d know how important water conservation was, and how much his utterly unacceptable behavior made everyone else in the building grind their teeth. Beacon Hills was in the middle of a fucking drought. And there 302 was, spraying water not only over the car’s sleek black surface, but over himself, too, making his loose shorts cling to his thighs, his already too-tight white tank top plastering against his chest and abs. 

What was the point of even wearing a shirt to begin with if he was just going to get it soaked through every time, leaving the fabric offensively sheer?

“So you want him to take his shirt off for you,” Stiles's supposed best friend Scott said, kicking his feet up on the railing and crunching through a handful of pretzels.

“Shut up!” Stiles hissed. He instinctively tried to duck down in his lounge chair—as if that would accomplish anything—but 302 didn’t seem to have heard the exchange. He was too busy stretching across the hood, his back to them, the fabric of his wet shorts leaving little to Stiles’s admittedly very active imagination.

“You’re drooling,” Scott said. “This is kinda gross. I thought we were gonna be watching cartoons, not this guy’s ass.”

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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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25 SPECIAL ADVANTAGES THE THEATRE MAJOR HAS--- (and may not even know!)

Here’s a list of twenty-five skills, traits, and qualities of personality that are usually well-developed in individuals who complete four years of undergraduate theatre study. 

        Take special note of them.  They are more extensive and important than perhaps you recognize. 

        As you think about them, consider how many of these advantages are unique to theatre majors–and that you havefar more advantages than majors in most other disciplines.

  1. Oral Communication Skills

        Many students find that theatre helps them develop the confidence that’s essential to speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully.

        Acting onstage teaches you how to be comfortable speaking in front of large audiences, and some of your theatre classes will give you additional experience talking to groups.  Furthermore, your work on crews has taught you that clear, precise, and well-organized oral communications are best.  Oral communication skills are so important to some employers that they often send management trainees to special workshops.  You already have an advantage.

  2.  Creative Problem Solving Abilities

         Most people expect theatre students to exhibit creativity in such areas as acting, design, playwrighting or directing, and many companies do recruit creative thinkers.  But employers are not always aware that theatre experience also helps you learn creative problem-solving techniques that are applicable to many jobs. Tell them!

        For one example, tech theatre work–building scenery, hanging lights, making props, running the show, and so on–is a particularly good way to learn how to think on your feet, to identify problems, evaluate a range of possible solutions, and figure out what to do. 

        The same is true of almost every aspect of theatre.  Directing.  Design.  Acting.  Playwriting.  Management.  And more.

        The point here is that your creative ability, what you’ve learned about using creative processes to solve problems, can be directly applicable to virtually any job you may have.

        Most major companies believe that a creative problem-solver will become a good employee.  That's you .

3.  More than “get it done”

        But theatre students learn that just “getting it done” isn’t enough.  Not at all.  It goes beyond that.  You learn to do it correctly.  In theatre we learn that merely “getting the show on the boards” is pure bush league and totally unacceptable.  Whatever your theatrical job–tech, performing, research, management–it has to be done right .  You learn to take pride in doing things at your very best level.  Of course an employer will value that trait.

  4.  Motivation and Commitment

        Being involved in theatre productions and classes demands commitment and motivation. These are qualities that college theatre faculty members and, in some measure, you and your fellow students, probably already possess.  By example, we teach each other that success comes to those who are committed to the task at hand.  Few other disciplines you study will so strongly help you develop motivation and commitment. 

        Many theatre students learn to transfer that attribute from theatre to other activities such as classes and jobs.  For employers, that positive attitude is essential.

  5.  Willingness to  
Work Cooperatively

        Your work in theatre companies teaches you how to work effectively with different types of people–often very different types! 

        Theatre demands that participants work together cooperatively for the production to success; there is no room for “we” versus “they” behavior; the “star” diva is a thing of the past.  Your colleagues will usually let you know when you violate the team spirit of a production. 

        In theatre, it’s important that each individual supports the others involved.  Employers will be pleased to know that you understand how to be a team player.

  6.  The Ability to  
Work Independently

        In theatre, you’re often assigned tasks that you must complete without supervision.  Crew chiefs.  Directing.  Putting together this flat, finding that prop, working out characterization outside of rehearsals.  It’s left up to you to figure out how best to achieve the goal.  The ability to work independently is a trait employers look for in their workers.

  7.  Time-budgeting Skills

        When you’re a student, being involved in theatre forces you to learn how to budget your time.  You need to schedule your days very carefully if you want to keep up your grades while you’re busy with rehearsals, work calls, and the other demands that theatre makes on your time.  Good time management skills are enormously important to employers.

  8.  Initiative

         Personnel managers call people who approach work with initiative and enterprise “self-starters,” people who do what needs to be done without waiting to be asked, without needing to be told. 

        The complexities of a theatrical production demand individuals who are willing to voluntarily undertake any task that needs to be done in order for the production to succeed.  In theatre, we’re all self-starters.  We learn how to take initiative, to move a project from initial concept to finality–and to do it well.

  9.  Promptness and Respect  
for Deadlines

        Tardiness is never acceptable in theatre because it shows a lack of self-discipline, and more importantly, a lack of consideration for others.  Being late for a rehearsal or a work call or failing to finish an assigned task on time damages a production and adversely affects the work of many other people. Theatre demands that you learn to arrive on time and meet scheduled deadlines. 

        That’s a job-skill.  Employers appreciate workers who are on time and do their work as scheduled.

  10.  Acceptance of Rules

        In theatre you work within the structure of a set of procedures and rules that deal with everything from shop safety to behavior at auditions, rehearsals and work calls.  You learn that you must be a “good follower."  Theatre teaches you the importance of rules, a concept that’s valued in any organization.

  11.  The Ability to Learn Quickly– 
AND Correctly

        Theatre students, whether they’re memorizing lines or learning the technical aspects of a production, must have the ability to absorb a vast quantity of material quickly–andaccurately . Your work in college theatre will show that you have the ability to grasp complex matters in a short period of time, a highly-valued trait to employers.

        Note that part of this ability is another significant trait: knowing how to listen.  If you don’t listen, you’re likely to make some major error that will damage the production.  Listening is a skill for any job and an employer will respect your ability to listen and comprehend.

  12.  Respect for Colleagues

        In theatre you discover that a successful production requires contributions from everybody who’s involved.  Mutual respect is essential.  Working on a production teaches us to respect and trust the abilities and talents of our colleagues.  A prospective employer will appreciate the fact that you have learned the importance of respecting your co-workers.

  13.  Respect for Authority

        Only one person can be in charge of any given portion of a production.  The director.  The shop foreman.  The tech director.  The designer.  Theatre teaches you to willingly accept and respect authority.  That’s a trait employers look for in their workers.

  14.  Adaptability and Flexibility

        Theatre students must be adaptable and flexible. You need to be willing to try new ideas, accept new challenges, and have the ability to adapt to constantly changing situations and conditions. In one production you may be a member of the prop crew; in the next perhaps you’re in charge of makeup, publicity or the box office; in a third production you might have a leading role. 

        A worker who is versatile and flexible is highly valued to most employers; both traits prove that you are able and willing to learn new things.

  15.  The Ability to Work  
Under Pressure

        Theatre work often demands long hours.  There’s pressure–often, as you know well, a lot of pressure.  It’s important that everyone involved with a production be able to maintain a cooperative and enthusiastic attitude under pressure.  The ability to remain poised under such tensions in an asset that will help you cope with stress in other parts of your life, including your job.

  16.  A Healthy Self-Image

        To work in theatre, you must know who you are and how to project your individuality.  But at the same time, it’s important to recognize the need to make yourself secondary to the importance of a production.  This is a tricky balance that, although difficult to accomplish, is a valuable trait that employers treasure.

  17.  Acceptance of Disappointment– 
And Ability to Bounce Back

        Theatre people learn to deal with dashed hopes and rejection on a regular basis.  Who hasn’t failed to get a role he or she really wanted or a coveted spot on a tech crew?  You learn to accept that kind of disappointment and move on.  You try again.  Employers need workers who are resilient enough to bounce back from this kind of frustration.

  18.  Self-Discipline

        Theatre demands that you learn how to control your life. More than other students, you are forced to make choices between keeping up with responsibilities and doing things you’d rather do. You learn to govern yourself.  An employer will respect that ability.

  19.  A Goal-Oriented  
Approach to Work

        Many aspects of theatre involve setting and achieving specific goals.  In employer’s terms, you’ve learned to be task-oriented and capable of finding practical ways to achieve goals.

  20.  Concentration

        Busy theatre students, involved in a production or other theatre projects while also taking a heavy academic load, must learn to concentrate if they are to succeed.  Acting classes in particular stress concentration, and once you have learned that skill as an actor, it can be transferred to other activities.

  21.  Dedication

        As you work in theatre you learn to dedicate your very being–to doing your best to create a successful production.  There is dedication to that show…to your home theatre…to theatre as an art. 

        Many theatre students discover that committing oneself to a given task is deeply rewarding.  Employers respect workers who have learned the value of dedication.

  22.  A Willingness to Accept Responsibility

        Theatre students sometimes have an opportunity that is seldom given to students in other disciplines–the chance to take on sole responsibility for a special project.  Being a production stage manager…a designer…a crew chief…a director.  Students with other majors seldom have anything even close to these lessons.  You can expect employers to value this unusual ability.

  23.  Leadership Skills 

        As a theatre student, you have many opportunities to assume leadership roles.  You may, for example, assist a director or designer and lead other volunteers, serve as a crew chief, or even design or direct a production yourself.  In the nuturing environment of theatre, faculty help you learn from mistakes so you become a better leader.  Leadership training like this can open the possibility for comparable opportunities in a company that hires you.  Can you think of any other major that offers this opportunity?

  24.  Self-Confidence

        Theatre training teaches you confidence in yourself.  Your accomplishments in theatre show you that you can handle a variety of jobs, pressures, difficulties and responsibilities.  You develop a ”Yes, I can!“ attitude.  Of course an employer will treasure that.

25.  Enjoyment – "This is Fun!”

         You’ve discovered already that theatre people mystify civilians when we say we’re having fun.  Non-theatre folk shake their heads when we tell them that, and they ask how it is possible to have “fun” in a job that keeps us working night after night, sometimes until after midnight, doing something that calls for a grinding rehearsal or work schedule day after day after day, that makes us miss going to a movie or a concert. “That's fun?”

        Yes.  It is.  We’ve learned how to find enjoyment in what we do.  That’s a valuable attribute.

        We can adapt that to other jobs, find ways to enjoy other activities.  That positive attitude will mean a great deal to any employer.

anonymous asked:

Hi Kristin! I'm in the mood for some historical films and was wondering if you had any film recs? (You seem like the kind of person whose film recs I would enjoy) P.S. I absolutely adore your aesthetic. It gives me hope for my own <3

OF COURSE, HERE IS MY SOMEWHAT COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF PERIOD DRAMAS (these are majority british because ..that is all i am, it’s also like up until the 1960s, in order of when they are SET)

1500s -1600s

  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  • Anonymous 
  • Shakespeare in Love 
  • The Libertine
  • Bill
  • The Three Musketeers 
  • Lady Jane
  • The Girl Queen 
  • Stage Beauty


  • The Duchess
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Pride and Prejudice 
  • Sense and Sensibility 
  • Becoming Jane 
  • The Madness of King George 
  • Perfume: Story of a Murderer 
  • A Little Chaos 
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring 
  • Belle


  • Young Victoria 
  • Mrs Brown
  • Victoria and Abdul 
  • Jane Eyre 
  • Mr. Turner
  • Wilde
  • Dorian Gray    
  • The Woman in Black 
  • Jude
  • The Importance of Being Earnest 
  • Bright Star
  • Viceroys House 
  • Miss Potter
  • Creation
  • The Invisible Woman 
  • From Hell
  • The Limehouse Golem  
  • Hysteria
  • Effie Gray
  • Great Expectations
  • Far From The Madding Crowd
  • Anna Karenina


  • Maurice
  • Brideshead Revisited 
  • Suffragette
  • The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain
  • Enid 
  • Sunset Song
  • Finding Neverland 
  • War Horse
  • A Dangerous Method 
  • Another Country
  • Jimmy’s Hall
  • The Edge of Love
  • Their Finest 
  • Gosford Park 
  • Glorious 39
  • Easy Virtue
  • Dunkirk
  • The Danish Girl
  • Atonement
  • Queen & Country 
  • Private Peaceful 
  • The Book Thief 
  • Testament of Youth
  • Boy in Striped Pyjamas
  • The Others
  • Anthropoid 
  • Zoo Keepers Wife 
  • The Royal Night Out 
  • A United Kingdom 
  • Another Mother’s Son
  • The Woman in Gold
  • The King’s Speech
  • The Monuments Men  
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  • The Man Who Knew Infinity 
  • Suite Française
  • The Theory of Everything 
  • The Imitation Game 
  • The Railway Man 
  • The Magdalene Sisters

Restore Me excerpt


I don’t wake up screaming anymore. I do not feel ill at the sight of blood. I do not flinch before firing a gun.

I will never again apologize for surviving.

And yet —

I’m startled at once by the sound of a door slamming open. I silence a gasp, spin around, and, by force of habit, rest my hand on the hilt of a semiautomatic hung from a holster at my side.

“J, we’ve got a serious problem.”

Kenji is staring at me — eyes narrowed — his hands on his hips, T-shirt taut across his chest. This is angry Kenji. Worried Kenji. It’s been sixteen days since we took over Sector 45 — since I crowned myself the supreme commander of The Reestablishment — and it’s been quiet. Unnervingly so. Every day I wake up, half terror, half exhilaration, anxiously awaiting the inevitable missives from enemy nations who would challenge my authority and wage war against us — and now, finally, it seems that moment has arrived. So I take a deep breath, crack my neck, and look Kenji in the eye.

“Tell me.”

He presses his lips together. Looks up at the ceiling. “So, okay — the first thing you need to know is that this isn’t my fault, okay? I was just trying to help.”

I falter. Frown. “What?”

“I mean, I knew his punkass was a major drama queen, but this is just beyond ridiculous —”

“I’m sorry — what?” I take my hand off my gun; feel my body unclench. “Kenji, what are you talking about? This isn’t about the war?”

“The war? What? J, are you not paying attention? Your boyfriend is having a freaking conniption right now and you need to go handle his ass before I do.”

I exhale, irritated. “Are you serious? Again with this nonsense? Jesus, Kenji.” I unlatch the holster from my back and toss it on the bed behind me. “What did you do this time?”

“See?” Kenji points at me. “See — why are you so quick to judge, huh, princess? Why assume that I was the one who did something wrong? Why me?” He crosses his arms against his chest, lowers his voice. “And you know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for a while, actually, because I really feel that, as supreme commander, you can’t be showing preferential treatment like this, but clearly —”

Kenji goes suddenly still.

At the creak of the door Kenji’s eyebrows shoot up; a soft click and his eyes widen; a muted rustle of movement and suddenly the barrel of a gun is pressed against the back of his head. Kenji forms shaking fists as he stares at me, his lips making no sound as he mouths the word psychopath over and over again.

The psychopath in question winks at me from where he’s standing, smiling like he couldn’t possibly be holding a gun to the head of our mutual friend. I manage to suppress a laugh.

“Go on,” Warner says, still smiling. “Please tell me exactly how she’s failed you as a leader.”

“Hey —” Kenji’s arms fly up in mock surrender. “I never said she failed at anything, okay? And you are clearly overreact —”

Warner knocks Kenji on the side of the head with the weapon. “Idiot.”

Kenji spins around. Yanks the gun out of Warner’s hand. “What the hell is wrong with you, man? I thought we were cool.”

“We were,” Warner says icily. “Until you touched my hair.”

“You asked me to give you a haircut —”

“I said nothing of the sort! I asked you to trim the edges!”

“And that’s what I did.”

“This,” Warner says, spinning around so I might inspect the damage, “is not trimming the edges, you incompetent moron —”

I gasp. The back of Warner’s head is a jagged mess of uneven hair; entire chunks have been buzzed off.

Kenji cringes as he looks over his handiwork. Clears his throat. “Well,” he says, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I mean — whatever, man, beauty is subjective —”

Warner aims another gun at him.

“Hey!” Kenji shouts. “I am not here for this abusive relationship, okay?” He points at Warner. “I did not sign up for this shit!”

Warner glares at him and Kenji retreats, backing out of the room before Warner has another chance to react; and then, just as I let out a sigh of relief, Kenji pops his head back into the doorway and says

“I think the cut looks cute, actually”

and Warner slams the door in his face.

Welcome to my brand-new life as supreme commander of The Reestablishment.


Pairing: Reader / Namjoon

Genre: exbf!Namjoon; College!au; Fluff

Length: 2.4k words

Warning: Language

Summary: Exes aren’t supposed to keep each other’s belongings after they break up, right? But there’s always that connection to each other, whether it’d b physical or emotional that you can’t seem to get rid of. What is it for you? A sweatshirt. A stupid hoodie.

Inspired by: Hoodie by Hey Violet (wow i love this song so much pls listen to it!)

( not my gif )

You knew it was wrong. Even if the thought was in the back of your mind, you still knew. Yet you still managed to draw yourself back to that same stupid sweatshirt and you didn’t know why. 

Maybe it was the sense of welcomeness; the fact that it was always there, waiting to be worn. Or maybe it was a sense of home. You never admitted it out loud but that sweatshirt did bring up your mood because of how homey it felt.

At first it was a lazy thing to put on when you couldn’t find something better to wear. It was times like when you woke up late for class or had to make a quick trip to the grocery store when your wore it.

You were doing your homework while hunched over your desk, probably looking like a zombie. I need a coffee, you concluded. If there was anything to motivate you to finish your homework, it was coffee.

It was a chilly day, you observed from the sounds of the wind rustling against the leaves of the trees. You liked the chilly weather; it was an excuse to throw on a sweatshirt and go out looking a bit like a bum without being judged too hard for it. Pushing your self away form your desk, your eyes scanned the room in search for something to cover you up. Your eyes spotted the sweatshirt hanging on the back of your dorm room’s door.

You pulled the large sweatshirt over your smaller body and your heart skipped a beat at the familiar scent which engulfed your nostrils, yet just like that, the feeling was gone; You returned back to your nonchalant state slipped on some shoes.

You shoved your hands into the sweatshirt pockets as you felt the cold wind gust past your warm fingertips. The walk to the coffee shop was a short one, yet your brain always seemed to make it much longer than it actually was. Thoughts swirled through your head and you overthought absolutely everything…or so you thought.

I have three tests this week and I haven’t started studying for any of them.

I have two essays due by Wednesday morning and you barely started the second one and revised the first one.

I should probably hit the gym; I’m looking kind of chubby these days.

You scoffed to yourself. Yeah right.

Oh, and I’m wearing my ex boyfriend’s sweatshirt.

Before you could even process what you had just thought, you were approaching the surprisingly almost empty shop. You ordered your coffee and observed your surroundings. Man, it smelled good in here. Why didn’t you come more often?

“Hey, I’m here for my shift. Thanks for covering for me, man.”

Oh, you thought at the familiar voice, that’s why. You quickly walked out of the shop, not caught by your barista ex boyfriend. You nearly smiled at the memory of calling him your barista boyfriend.

The trip back wasn’t filled with your thoughts for your were too occupied by drinking the deliciously warm coffee. You returned back to your dorm room, your coffee nearly finished. You didn’t take off the sweatshirt, already accustomed to softness and sweet scent your heart was praying for you to acknowledge.

Subconsciously, your hand found its way to one of the strings along the hood of the sweatshirt and tugged at it as you continued to do your homework. Your fingers brought the the string to your lips and you chewed the end of the string without even realizing. 

Then that was it. After you finished your homework, you slipped off the hoodie and hung it back onto the door where it’d remain for a few days. 

As time passed, you found yourself wearing the stupid sweatshirt more and more. Yet, nothing occurred to you that it was a bad thing. You lounged around your room in it more often since it was the first thing you spotted to wear. It was becoming so much of a problem, your friends even noticed.

“Uh, Y/N?” You friend from history asked, concern etched into her voice. She looked genuinely concerned for your very being as she watched you eat nonchalantly while wearing that. You were out to lunch on an ordinary Thursday. Nothing bad seemed to happen today and you were relieved. You mentally patted yourself on the back for somehow fucking up your day.

“Hm?” You softly, smiled. You stared at her concern faced with curious eyes.

“Is that…” She trailed off, pointing to the sweatshirt your were wearing. You looked down at the grey hoodie and then back up at her whose finger was still int he air. When you didn’t answer her half-question, she leaned in and whispered, “Namjoon’s sweatshirt?” 

Furrowing your brows, you nodded at her odd antics. Her mouth was parted open and her eyes were widened to size of saucers. You understood your friend was a drama major but damn, was she bing over dramatic.

“Y–You–you c–can’t–” She stuttered, blinking rapidly, flabbergasted at how you were so calm and okay with wearing his sweatshirt.


“Wear your ex’s sweatshirt!” She said, exasperatingly as if it were a common fact everyone knew.

“Why not?” You knew the answer to the question but your curiosity got the better of you. 

“Exes don’t wear or keep each other’s belongings! They usually cut all ties with them and why haven’t you?” 

“I have!” You countered, referring to losing Namjoon’s number and losing contact with him and his friends.

“No you haven’t. As long as you have that sweatshirt, you’re still chained to him.” You scoffed at her answer. You let the guy go. What was a sweatshirt gonna do? It was just a sweatshirt!! It wasn’t like having it meant you were still madly in lovely with the man. Did it?

But you friend’s words only made you think. You were wearing the sweatshirt too often than not. You stared at it more often, and even if you were turned away from it, you still felt its presence behind you.

That’s it, you thought.

You grabbed the sweatshirt off of the door and laid it against the edge of your bed.

If your friends claimed you didn’t let the man go because of a stupid sweatshirt, you were going to have to prove it to them. You had to get rid of the damn thing. But get rid of it how?

Trash it?

Burn it?

Or return it?

Burning it felt like too much of an extreme and it seemed like it’d be something you’d do if you held a certain grudge over him, which you didn’t. 

You couldn’t simply return the sweatshirt. ‘Hey, here’s that sweatshirt I’ve had for months after we broke up. I’ve been wearing it but I didn’t care.’ That sounded promising.

You decided to go with the first choice. Grabbing the sweatshirt by the sleeves, you held it up and took a final look at it. A guilty feeling arose from the pit of your stomach at the mere thought of dumping the thing.

Maybe, one last time. 

You pulled the hoodie over you and this time, really felt what it was like wearing it. You smiled at the familiar scent blended into the fabric. You were hit by the millions of memories of wearing it, starting with how you even go it in the first place.

“You know,” you began, as you played with the strings of the very same hoodie. 

“Hm?” Namjoon hummed from next to you. You loved these kinds of days. They were the days when neither of you had classes and he didn’t have work and you’d lounge around in each other’s rooms, not a single bad thought in any of your heads. 

“I’m keeping this.”

“Babe, you can’t just claim my hoodie as yours.”

“Uh, yes I can. And that’s what I’m doing,” You turned to face him and snuggled further into his hoodie.

“I’d say no but you look too cute,” He smiled, softly, his dimples showing. Poking at one of them, you smiled. 

“I’m always going to have this.”

“You better. It looked better on you anyway,” He closed his eyes and lightly pecked your forehead. 

You were always going to have this. You looked back down at the sweater and noticed a few tear stains along the front of. Quickly rubbing your eyes, you sighed. 

You couldn’t get rid of it. No matter how hard you tried, this stupid sweatshirt was going to stay tied to you wherever you went.

Was it wrong? Probably.

Did you care? Not really.

You found yourself wearing the hoodie whenever you could. You even wore it to sleep, just like you used to. 

It was hard at first, knowing the owner of that sweatshirt wasn’t yours anymore and he probably didn’t even know you owned the damn thing.

But you grew accustomed to it, enjoying the feeling of the fabric against your skin and the smell. Oh, the smell. No matter how many timed you wore it, the smell of Namjoon remained there. 

You went to class with it on and went anywhere with it on.

You sat at the coffee shop, too lazy to walk all the way back to your dorm. You relished in the sweet smell of the coffee in the shop and smiled. You really should come by more often. But what you didn’t know was the barista currently on shift, watching you in his sweatshirt.

So she did keep it, Namjoon thought, a playful smile threatening to grace his lips. He watched you from the counter, as you sipped your coffee, not bothered by the world around you. Always in that head of hers, he thought.

He didn’t approach you, he secretly wanted to. But before he could even man up to, you decided to leave the shop.

You returned back to your dorm and sprawled yourself onto your bed. You spent the day mostly on your phone. You held the phone up hovering over your face, scrolling though whatever social life you might have. 

After a few hours, there was a knock at your dorm. I sweat to god if it’s that girl who asks for the homework, you frowned approaching the door.

You swung open the door, ready to threaten whoever was at it, before freezing. 

“Uhhh,” Namjoon widened his eyes, surprised that you even answered.

“Joon–er, Namjoon! What a…surprise,” you forced a smile, your own eyes widened, confused as to what the hell he was doing. 

“I um, saw you earlier…at the coffee shop…and I noticed, the…hoodie,” His eyes gazed down to the stupid sweatshirt you were wearing. 

“Oh!” Your face grew red. This is what you were trying to avoid. Being caught by him that you still owned the thing. “Do you want it back? I’m really sorry–” He cut you off as you began to take of the sweatshirt. 

“No, no! You promised you’d always have it. I’m just surprised you kept it…the promise, I mean,” Namjoon rubbed the back of his neck, awkwardly.

“You know I never break a promise,” you teased, raising an eyebrow. It was surprising how comfortable you were in front of your ex. You didn’t feel like crying or slapping him. The breakup was mutual after all.

“I know, believe me. Still have that unflattering picture of me on your Instagram that you promised to never delete?”

You nodded, “Oh definitely. Definitely your best look,” You laughed. 

He chuckled with you and when the laughter died down, there was an awkward silence. 

“If you weren’t here for the sweatshirt, what were you here for?” You asked, tilting your head to the side in question. 

“You. I just needed to see you,” He murmured, looking down. 

“Me? Why me?”

“Y/N, you shouldn’t have to ask that question. Hell, it’s my fault you have to even ask.”

“What are you going on about?” You asked, gesturing him to come inside.

“I let you go way too easily.” He stated, boldly. 

“Joon,” you trailed off, looking away. 

“No, Y/N, I should’ve fought. For you. For us. But I didn’t because I was an idiot,” Namjoon shook his head to himself.

“It was a two way thing. I had to fight, too,” You reassured. 

“Then let’s fight.”

“What?” You were bewildered by his sudden boldness. Fight?

“Y/N, our families may hate each other but I sure as hell don’t hate you. In fact, I love you. I still do after all this time and please, just please, can we try again?”

He grabbed your hands and stared into your eyes, begging you to say yes. “Why now? Out of all the times to come and see me, why now?”

“I saw you today, wearing that sweatshirt and Y/N, my heart swelled for the first time in months. I don’t think you understand how much I wished you kept that sweatshirt and seeing you wear it gave me that shimmer of hope that you still had feelings for me. So Y/N, do you still have feelings for me? If you don’t, I’ll leave right now and won’t bother you again.”

You stared back into Namjoon’s eyes and thought hard about the question. But then, you realized, you couldn’t overthink the question. There was only one word in your brain that couldn’t be changed. 

“Why the hell do you think I still wear the sweatshirt? Of course I do, you idiot,” You gave him lopsided smile, to which he returned with a grin.

“So we can try again?”

“Well, I sure hope so. I hope I didn’t confess only for you to say bye again,” You teased. 

“I missed your teasing,” He embraced you and you sighed against his chest. He smelled the same. Even if you weren’t with his physically for the past few months, his sweatshirt was and you realized that was what was filling the mpty void in your heart.

And it was because of that stupid sweatshirt that you were happy again.


{Special} College!AU Kihyun
  • major: drama + classics (concentration: greek civilization) 
  • minor: ancient greek 
  • sports: is running around campus in a toga considered a sport? he did that once as a part of an impromptu production,,,,,, 
  • clubs: poets society, theater club, hosts the bi-yearly ‘on campus olympics’, playwrights united, so many tbh,,,,,,
  • kihyun’s love for drama comes from his love for greek mythology. it all started with him watching an old film version of the odyssey when he was ten and afterwards he couldn’t stop parading around the street asking everyone to call him “odysseus ruler of ithaca” 
  • but instead of going into film as a major, kihyun had started reading the playwrights of sophocles, euripides, and agathon and had fallen for the sheer madness of greek tragedy 
  • his love for both acting, writing, and the culture of ancient greece made him want to learn the language (although he is rather clumsy with it) but inevitably he ended up majoring in both drama and the classics 
  • bringing together the two things he loves most: being on stage himself, while also learning about the art of his favorite kind of plays
  • and everyone in the drama major agrees that if they ever put on productions based off ancient greek plays that kihyun HAS to be the main role -
  • like for their production of hamlet, kihyun was fine playing horatio - he didn’t have to be the prince but when they put on oedipus rex well,,,,,let’s just say there was no question kihyun wanted the role
  • mostly because in the play oedipus ends up blind and kihyun came into practice with a blindfold on and proceeded to try and prove he could still do everything without seeing anything,,,,he ended up in the nurses office buT HEY HE GOT THE ROLE
  • all his classes that focus on playwriting / scripts kihyun has this need to only write twists on greek mythology, or make up stories using the gods
  • and in costume design he’s always like “my sketches are based on artemis!! see the dress is short, but comfortable with nature-themed colors because artemis was the goddess of the hunt-”
  • and you know the way some people are harry potter nerds or ,,,, gamers ,,,,, or you know kpop fans,,,,, kihyun is a fan of ancient greece. to put it simply
  • and he’s really smart about the civilization, he knows so many facts and so many philosophers and writers and political figures - even though it might seem like he’s a little messy at times 
  • which believe me, kihyun can give off the messy feeling because he’s really easily frustrated by a A LOT of things. like he always gets too much on his schedule and then fusses about how he can’t finish
  • and minhyuk loves LOVES L O V E S to tease kihyun when kihyun is trying to focus on his work
  • and it ends up with kihyun chasing minhyuk around the library waving around his copy of ‘hippolytus’ like a weapon
  • but also kihyun always drags minhyuk into his room to read through lines with him or give him his opinion on kihyun’s acting
  • and minhyuk is like whY ME ASK SHOWNU and kihyun is like i can’t shownu’s only reaction is ‘good’ ‘nice’ ‘very pleasing’
  • like minhyuk and kihyun are always bickering if they’re in the same room and minhyuk’s always like ROFL YOU’RE SO MAD YOUR EARS TURNED RED!!!! and kihyun is like THEY DID NOT CO M E HERE SO I CAN WHOOP-
  • but in the end minhyuk is always one of the first people kihyun invites to his productions and it’s cute it’s like cats and dogs w/them
  • on the other hand, with everyone else kihyun is sooooooo sly and he’s always like,,,,,like he always knows everyones secrets and no one knows how
  • like he leaned over to jooheon once and was like “i heard you failed your test in global finance” and jooheon’s fry fell out of his mouth because he was like WHO TOLD YOU I SHREDDED THAT TEST and kihyun is just like (—–: heard it thru the grapevine~
  • also jooheon is just an easy target for kihyun because he always slips up and tells kihyun exactly what he wants to know and everyone is like kihyun let him live and kihyun is like hehehehe,,,,NO
  • tries to matchmake all his friends on blind dates and stuff because he calls himself the ‘modern day eros’
  • it flops most of the time and everyone in monsta x is like stop trying to wingman us and kihyun is like that’s why you’re all single because you won’t listen to me - the actual god of love
  • and even though kihyun seems like this responsible, on-top of his work kind of person there are times where,,,,,,,that isn’t very true
  • because college makes people doubt their abilities and kihyun has never been the kind of person who’d go around asking for help or advice,,,he always just gives his support 
  • but when he needs it most ??? he shuts down
  • and you learn this because every time you’ve ever seen kihyun,,,,you’ve seen the happy and excitable kihyun. the kihyun who laughs with his whole body, who speaks his lines with so much emotion that people C R Y, who is always shining on and off stage
  • you’ve seen him like this ever since you started volunteering to paint backgrounds for the theater club
  • and never once,,,,had you see him look sad. you’d seen him angrily yelling out when things were getting messed up, how he gets a little on edge when people keep messing up lines,,,,,maybe even the way his ears get red when he’s rushing to get rehearsal started but,,,,,,
  • sad??? nope
  • so you can only describe it as pure shock when you think that everyone has gone for the day and you’ve set up the large white banner that you have to paint for an upcoming production but as you step back inside the dark theater with buckets of paints you hear ??? crying
  • and it isn’t like sobbing or anything but you hear someone sniffle
  • and you consider like turning around and leaving them in peace, but when you catch a glimpse of the pink hair,,,,,,,,the pink hair of the only person on campus who has that bright of a dye job
  • you freeze and think “kihyun?”
  • and at first you don’t believe it because no way. someone so outspoken and charismatic wouldn’t seclude themselves to crying in the theater ,,,,,
  • but then you see him get up from the corner he’s slumped again, a liter of paper scraps making a ring around his feet
  • and that’s when you notice that you’ve locked eyes. your wide, confused ones staring into kihyun’s that are rimmed with redness and the tear stains down his cheeks glisten even so far away
  • something about it leaves you even more shocked ,,,,, because even like this kihyun is handsome. hauntingly handsome,,,,,,wiping at his face with his sleeves and desperately moving his eyes away from yours
  • and you think he’s just going to run past you. leave
  • but he seems stuck too 
  • and for a while you two just stand there in a silence broken only by kihyun sniffling every now and then and you shifting the paint can in your hands
  • and then you hear him go “im sorry, this is painfully awkward for you isn’t it?”
  • something sounds a bit bitter in his voice,,, what it is you don’t know ? but you transfix your stare and shake your head simply going “no. you’re the one that looks like you’re going through something painful”
  • kihyun’s head snaps up to look back at you and again,,,,,,something about the browns of his eyes seem illuminated and glassy
  • he bites back his lip but sadly drops his shoulders “you’re right. it is painful.”
  • now it probably isn’t your place to go around meddling into his business, but it’s never nice to leave someone crying alone without at least trying to extend a helping hand so shakily you step forward. setting down your can of paint you keep your eyes on him 
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • kihyun seems to break at the sound of your question. a visible shiver runs down his body and before you know it he’s back to his knees on the floor, picking up the scraps of paper and crumpling them in his hand
  • without really knowing why you rush over and try to pull the scraps from him. you unravel one and read the disjointed sentences, the obvious dialogue mixed in with stage commands 
  • it’s a script,,,,,,for a play
  • putting together a couple of more scraps you make out names like ‘aphrodite’ and ‘eros’. the names of ancient greek cities. words you can’t decipher but that are most obviously distinct of an old langue 
  • you look up at kihyun and he stares blankly at the paper before clenching his teeth
  • “they won’t approve it. greek tragedy isn’t popular in our time, it’s only meant to be studied.” you tilt your head and kihyun continues with a sigh
  • “every time we have to submit a draft, the professor gives it back. says, “kihyun stop writing tragedies. stop putting in obscure greek references. kihyun,,,,,,,,,,,do something more modern.” but i don’t want to. im not majoring in modern theater. im majoring in the classics. so what if i want to rewrite them. so what if i want to make a play about ancient gods no one cares about. i care about them. i ,,,,,,,,”
  • he stops and his gaze meets yours. your trying to piece the paper back, you want to read the scene but you can’t. it’s so ripped up
  • kihyun takes the paper and without looking at it recites that characters lines. he sets the place for you, olympus and than a city off the skirts of athens. you listen, enchanted at how he’s added all this to his memory. the smallest details, the expression on his characters faces
  • it’s only one scene that he recites aloud, but you edge closer and ask “is there more?”
  • kihyun lets out a shallow laugh and shakes his head “the professor said to give it up. i need to re-write something more to their taste.
  • you sit back on your heels and then get up, taking the paint can beside your feet and dipping it in a sand colored mix, you begin to paint a long line
  • kihyun watches and blinks “what is that?”
  • you turn to him and smile “ancient greek cities had columns right?you mentioned the outskirts of athens-”
  • kihyun gets up and  puts his hand over your wrist. he shakes his head and goes “you don’t have to.”
  • but you yank your hand and continue to paint. “i want to.”
  • for a couple of minutes you continue to paint, trying to imagine the backdrop kihyun described as best you can.
  • “what about the background you’re supposed to actually be drawing?” he asks and you run your free hand through your hair to push it back from your eyes
  • “ill do it after. right now, i want to paint this. i want to see a part of your play in front of my eyes.”
  • kihyun seems taken aback but he sees your determination. he steps back and you think he’s going to leave, maybe find you inarguable and give up
  • but then you hear him walk back and forth, taking in your painting so far and then a smile pulls at his lips
  • “well ok see the column, cover it in slight vine. there’s also a market scene in my play so we should add in stalls and maybe an animal or two-”
  • you and kihyun paint for hours. maybe three. maybe four. you and kihyun. alone.
  • you both end up with stained hands, sweat on your foreheads, and a half finished piece of artwork
  • kihyun grins and turns to you, “thank you.”
  • you shrug your shoulders, the overalls your wearing have long been stained with paint but now there’s even more and you feel bad because kihyun’s gotten his fancy looking sweater dirty but he doesn’t look like he cares at all
  • he’s looking at the background with shining eyes and you’re happy because you can see that the redness from crying is gone, that bitter tone in his voice is gone
  • and you’re looking at the passionate boy you’ve always found so mesmerizing again
  • but as  you two realized it’s getting late you set out the large banner to dry in a vacant part of the backstage. kihyun suddenly takes your hand and pushes his phone into it
  • “put in your name and contact so we can meet up and finish this?”
  • you gladly oblige and kihyun reads your name aloud when you’re done, almost like he’s testing it out as a line to read on stage. you feel a slight blush cross your cheeks when he says it so boldly but you hide it with a “hopefully this all drys over night.”
  • kihyun walks out of the theater with you, insisting that he hold half the empty paint cans and a brush between his teeth that makes you laugh
  • as you wave goodbye and go separate ways the warmness in your heart stays with you all the way to your dorm
  • the next day,,,,,,,,,,,,that warmness is gone
  • because the director of the play you were supposed to draw the background for is livid to see that instead of their european snowy mountains request,,,,,,you’ve drown an ancient greek cityscape
  • “are you an idiot? can you not listen to directions? HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE PLAY? this isn’t some bullshit remake of ‘Medea’. throw this out no one is going to use it!”
  • the yelling makes you flinch and you reluctantly try to roll the banner up but the director puts a hand in your way
  • “what are you doing? rip this to shreds, it’s garbage.”
  • you clench your jaw and stand up, “it’s not garbage. it’s for another play. i need to make sure not to ruin it.”
  • with a cocked eyebrow the director folds their hands and snorts “what other play? since when were there any greek productions approved by the theater club? no one wants to s-”
  • “i want to see it. i want to see my friends greek tragedy and im not going to ruin the art we worked hard on so if you can please shut up and move your hand. ill get to work on your background, practice for it doesn’t even start till next week.”
  • passing the director whose looking at you with an open mouth you roll the banner up and heave it into your hands. it’s long and heavy, but you figure you’ll be fine if you walk slow
  • but just before you do, another set of hands wraps around the big roll of paper and you see a familiar pink head stick out from the side
  • “need help?”
  • you grin at kihyun and the two of you lift up the unfinished background. the director mutters something about of COURSE kihyun wants to put on a play copying the tragedies and it takes everything in you not to snap at them
  • kihyun’s reassuring smile keeps you stable and the two of you walk out of the theater and kihyun leans the rolled up paper against the wall
  • “well, i guess ill keep it in my dorm. although im not sure my roommate will be happy about it,,,,,,then again shownu never really cares that much.”
  • you apologize but kihyun leans over to ruffle your hair
  • “why are you sorry? i should apologize for distracting you from making that other background. that asshole really went off on you - do you think you can just quit and permanently work for me?”
  • you know he’s half-joking but you play with the idea in your head for a minute before putting your hands on your sides and going “you know what, i think i will quit.”
  • and with that you turn on your heel, back into the theater before kihyun can stop you, and you shout “i QUIT”
  • before returning to kihyun whose waiting outside with his eyes the  size of the moon
  • “you- why- you”
  • you laugh and shrug “i don’t want to work for an asshole, might as well put my skill to good use for people who actually appreciate it.”
  • kihyun bites back a big grin and throws his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into him suddenly and squeezing
  • “you know i owe you a lot!” you blush because he’s warm, his chest is solid and you fit so perfectly into the crook of his hand but you just manage to shadow it with another chuckle “you do! anyway, you need to finish writing the play,,,,,,”
  • kihyun lets you go and rummages around in his backpack, pulling out a thick stack of papers
  • “i spent all night on it. i mean i already had half done, but i actually finished it. you really motivated me.”
  • the words are simple but they make you heat up again and you take the stack, eager to flip through it and finally read the whole thing. kihyun somehow hauls the entire roll of paper onto his back and says he’ll call you when he’s free so you two can finish this up and so you can tell him what you think of the play. you nod and watch as he struggles across the quad,,,,,,,
  • you hold the play in your hands and think,,,,,it’s worth it. for him, it’s worth it.
  • you stay up reading it, even neglecting some studying to read it twice. from what you can figure out it’s a play on an greek romance tragedy where aphrodite meddles between a young girl and her secret lover,,,,,,,it’s kind of corny in some parts and over dramatic,,,but that’s the style that suits kihyun the best
  • and in the morning as you’re leaving for your first class you get a call 
  • kihyun’s excited voice on the other line calls your name and he says that if you have some free time to meet him in the art department soon. 
  • when you show up at the room kihyun told you about you see that all the desks are pushed against the wall and your unfinished background is spread on the floor surrounded by paint cans and brushes. kihyun is already on his knees, painting, wiping sweat away with one hand
  • but once he realizes you’ve come in he jumps to his feet and tugs you over by the wrist chattering about what he wants to add into the painting.
  • you guys paint together for horus, kihyun keeping the mood happy with jokes and stories and telling you more about the play he has in mind
  • at some point you two are sitting close together, shoulders basically rubbing up against each other
  • when kihyun leans over and you feel the tickle of a brush on your skin
  • and you look down to see kihyun painting a smiley face on your forearm
  • you retaliate by drawing a mustache on for him
  • he laughs and draws swirls on your cheeks
  • and the background is forgotten for a while as you both paint little things on one and other
  • kihyun covers you crooked flowers and scribbles of lines and you try to draw whiskers on his nose
  • and ,,,,,,,,, then you know kihyun is leaning in close
  • the brush he has is too big so he uses his finger to draw a pink petal on your forehead but then he makes the (good,,,,verY GOOD) mistake of looking into your eyes
  • and it’s still early afternoon with the sun peaking thru the blinds
  • of the empty classroom,,,,,
  • except,,,,,for you two,,,,,,,,,,
  • and your eyes are like,,,,,,,,,,,the most beautiful thing kihyun has seen in his entire life,,,,,your breathing both slowed,,,,,,,,your mouths inches apart,,,,,literally,,,,,
  • and both of you are thinking the same thing which is like ‘how soft are their lips,,,,,’
  • except kihyun cannot stop thinking about it and you keep touching your lips every second but ,,,,,,,,
  • kihyun just stops and goes “looks like we’re almost done!” in an effort to break the awkward air and you nod, adding some final details
  • and finally you get up and kihyun says you can leave it here to dry since no one is using this room today
  • and you don’t know why,,,,maybe it’s the leftover embarrassment, but you get your things and tell kihyun you have to go,,,,
  • but before you can make your escape kihyun calls out
  • “are you going to come and see my play?”
  • and you gasp because holy shit did he get it approved by the theater club????
  • but kihyun shakes his head and you’re like then how-??? and kihyun is like “just promise me, when i call you with an invitation you’ll show up right?”
  • and he puts out his pinkie and you’re like a bit confused but you link yours with his and promise
  • and kihyun reaches out like he’s going to ruffle your hair again but pulls back
  • and you leave,,,,,,,,,thinking about how kihyun is going to manage to pull off a play without the club but also,,,,,
  • your fingers touch your lips again,,,,,,but you’re like sTOP thinking about it let’s go do some homework or something instead!!!
  • ofc kihyun is in the room alone, staring down at the finished piece with his own hand over his mouth
  • before screaming out “YOO KIHYUN YOU ARE AN I D I O T” at himself and almost falling forward onto the damn background
  • but also like ,,,,,, two weeks passes and you don’t hear from kihyun. like you see him running around campus doing his usual thing, you see him teasing that other guy jooheon and hanging out with minhyuk
  • but everytime he turns and you think he might see you,,,,you duck behind a tree or pull up your hood
  • because ok you’re not going to admit it but,,,,,,,,,,,,you kind of are still embarrassed about the whole art room incident but,,,,,,you honestly though kihyun would have said or done something by now to show you it was all ok????
  • and you know it’s stubborn to not just text or call him first but you just caNT
  • and after it edges on three weeks you think well it isn’t worth it to care anymore. kihyun needed you around because you helped him with the painting. it didn’t really matter
  • but as you’re sitting in your dorm, watching some drama on your laptop your phone goes off and mindlessly you pick up w/o looking at the caller ID
  • and on the other line is,,,,,kihyun
  • who goes “you said you’d come if i invited you right? can you come down to the west dorms?”
  • and you sit up, almost knocking your laptop off your feet and you’re like “uh oh yes give me 5 minutes” and you can practically hear kihyun’s smile on the other end when he’s like ok great!
  • and that’s how you end up in kihyuns dorm,,,,,,, staring at the makeshift stage he’s made out of blankets on the floor and the familiar background you both painted taped onto his wall
  • and you’re not sure where kihyun is, but you can hear voices from the bathroom and suddenly ????? shownu comes out
  • wearing what you presume is a night sheet as a toga
  • and he starts off talking about his “daughter” who can’t find love and instantly you realize this is ,,,,, this is the script you read by kihyun
  • and then the ‘daughter’ runs out. it’s changkyun in a wig
  • followed by mischievous aphrodite played by minhyuk in another wig and a crown made out of plastic flowers
  • and the narrator in the back, who sits down in the corner is a very tired looking hyungwon
  • followed by the dashing young lover,,,,,,,,,,,, kihyun
  • (also in a night sheet toga)
  • and there’s music,,,,,,,every now and then provided by wonho with his ipod and jooheon who throws paper shavings everytime minhyuk appears since he’s playing a goddess
  • and the whole thing looks so,,,,,,,,so bizarre and silly
  • shownu pulls the script out of his toga to literally read off his lines and minhyuk is obviously improvising and when kihyun tries to hug changkyun changkyun almost smacks him away with his wig
  • and it’s,,,,,it’s a mess
  • but it’s kihyuns play. and you watch it: laughing and clapping and gasping when you need to
  • and finally, the last scene,,,,,,,,the last kiss between the girl and her lover,,,,,,
  • changkyun suddenly goes over to you and pulls you up, moving you toward his spot beside kihyun
  • whispering “he wanted it to be you, plus i don’t want to kiss him”
  • before sitting down where you were
  • and you’re looking at kihyun who says his last line before wrapping his arm around your waist and placing a gentle kiss right ,,,, on your lips
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because oh god everyone is watching - was this kihyuns plan - he’s so soft and this kiss is so nice - wait oh god his friends are all watching
  • but then you can’t help it, your hand almost reflexively goes up to his neck to pull him closer
  • and hyungwon literaLLY clears his throat because AHEM this kiss is ‘short and sweet’ 
  • but when you two pull back it’s obvious the play is over and everyone in the room breaks into applause
  • but you’re star-struck staring at kihyun who just smiles and goes
  • “i’ve been waiting a long time to do that”
  • before turning to bow to the lone changkyun who is sitting where you were, pulling you down a bit so you bow too
  • and ,,,,,,,,,,, it’s crazy really
  • but somehow it feels right and you compliment everyone on their acting and helping and all of them crowd around to talk about how kihyun had bribed them to get them to do it
  • and it makes you laugh, hearing about how much effort kihyun put into this “play” just,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to show it to you
  • and once all his friends have filed out of the dorm. shownu leaving with jooheon to let you and kihyun be alone
  • you turn to him and go
  • “it was a good play, but you should really submit it to the theater club. it deserves more than just me seeing it.”
  • kihyun grins, kissing the side of your cheek and going “it’s ok. this play is special,,,,,,so special because it’s only meant for one person to see it.”
  • you: “me?”
  • kihyun: “the person i like.”
  • you: “so,,,,,,,,,me?”
  • kihyun: “pleASE i am trying to be romantic.”
  • you laugh again and kihyun collects you in his arms, pressing your foreheads together and wow yes kihyun asked you out by putting on a whole play for you and we ALL KNOW HE WOULD BE THIS EXTRA
  • but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,shownu comes back to find you and kihyun sitting in his bed reading through other stuff kihyun has written and shownu is like “id like to get some sleep but if you two plan on staying up giggling i will go make my bed somewhere else”
  • kihyun walks you back your dorm considering it’s dark out and you tell him that you’re serious though - he should get one of his plays put on by the theater club
  • kihyun just kisses you again and tells you you’re the best fan he’s ever had
  • and you hit him playfully because yes, fan but also -the best significant other???
  • and dating kihyun means literally just dating the most affectionate person in the world
  • from the moment you two meet up after your class to when kihyun has to leave you for practice ,,,,, kihyun is holding onto you
  • holding your hand, holding your waist, holding your face, literally just attached to your side
  • for that constant love and attention
  • and he’s even more passionate and dramatic than what you thought you knew
  • like he’ll get down on his knees with a rose in his mouth in front of your whoLE clASS on your 100 day anniversary
  • and he’ll insist on carrying you if you as much as scratch yourself on something
  • and he’ll serenade you outside your dorm window
  • and he’ll get his face printed on a t-shirt that says ‘i love kihyun’ as a gift for you
  • and oh gosh it sounds overwhelming but it’s all done with the best intentions because you best believe he makes himself a shirt that says ‘i love y/n’ with your face on it so he can wear it with pride
  • even though hyungwon sees this couple item and looks at you like please tell kihyun to burn these
  • but kihyun isn’t just passionate about you,,,,,,,,he’s passionate about your life too. he’s always cheering you up when you’re in a slump over course work or friends or family. and your family loves him because he literally is so polite and so well-mannered around them
  • and even on little holidays that most people overlook he’s like ‘let me call your family and thank them for bringing you into this world one again-’ and  you’re like PLEASE 
  • kihyun is also super smart,,,,,like he knows so much about ancient greek civilization and when he practices the language in front of you you’re like ‘you’re a genius’ and kihyun is like ‘i know, you’re lucky to be dating me. the next socrates’
  • and you’re like ok bye but he begs you to stay with many kisses
  • and he’s a drama major, and people think it’s easy but you know how kihyun stays up studying lines and then working on props that the club might need, and revising his own personal playwrights
  • and when you learn that he’s even taking a class on like lighting techniques??? for like stages???
  • you’re honestly like,,,,,,he is a genius and so hardworking,,,,,
  • so you’re always like giving kihyun a shoulder massage or helping organize his notes and he’s like “you really  care well for me”
  • and you play it off like WHAT would you do without me,,,,,but you’re just really proud of his hardwork
  • and that’s why when you hear that the club is looking of putting out another production you insist that kihyun submit one of his plays,,,,,but he gets all concerned again
  • so with confidence you submit a copy of it yourself and it gets picked?? and when kihyun finds out he runs to your first
  • and literally picks you up in a spinning hug because he’s like mY PLAY and you’re like I tOLD you TheY’D LOVE IT
  • and that one teacher that kept telling him to stop writing in that style,,,,,,well let’s just say he’s quite embarrassed when the whole drama department gets excited over seeing the club put on something modeled after the ancient greek play
  • and you ofc help to paint the background
  • and while kihyun is practicing, every now and then he’ll break his concentration to surprise you with back hugs and kisses on the neck
  • on opening night of the production,,,,, you have a front row seat along with the rest of monsta x
  • and it’s amazing,,,,,kihyun shines so powerfully with his performance
  • but watching him makeout with the other lead,,,,,well,,,,,let’s just say you force jooheon to cover your eyes for you
  • but after as you’re all congratulating all the student actors
  • you pull kihyun aside and just,,,,,,,,well just you kiss him with a bit more force than ever and kihyun pulls back like ‘is this a gift for my performance or are you trying to tell me something?”
  • and you blush because Shut UP but,,,,,also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re like “kihyun let’s celebrate more,,,,,,,,alone,,,,,,,,in your dorm,,,,,tell shownu to spend the night somewhere else”
  • and kihyun’s ears go redder than blood and he doesn’t even have to open his mouth when you two show up in front of shownu
  • because kihyun’s hair is a mess already since you made out with him and his ears are blushing and you’re already nudging him in the side and shownu gets it
  • he’s like “ill comeback tomorrow, you two have fun. be safe”
  • let’s just say when shownu comes around in the morning he has to throw another blanket on top of you and kihyun LOL
  • and kihyun is amazing,,,,,,,at acting,,,,,,,at being a boyfriend,,,,,at ahem other things
  • BUT he’s also a good cook and when you find him at your dorm with late night snacks he made or just when you two have the time to use the communal kitchen
  • you’re just like im blessed,,,,he’s everything
  • and one summer kihyun surprises you with money he’s saved up for a trip to greece before the semester starts again and you’re like kIHYUN where did you get the money,,,,,,,,,,, and he just grins because apparently translating ancient greek for some older scholars is actually quite a well paying side job and you didn’t even know he was doing it
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,,, you guys go and it’s amazing. it’s short only a week, but it’s amazing and kihyun is like “if you hadn’t said all those thing, about how you wanted to watch my play no matter what,,,,,,i would have probably dropped out of drama as a major.” and you’re like what oh my god ,,, and he just grins 
  • and brings you close and nuzzles his face against yours because,,,,,,,,you motivated him so much and you continue to motivate him
  • and you’re like kihyun!!! you motivate me too!!! you keep me stable and positive
  • and it’s just romantic,,,,,,,,,,,,,kihyun makes everything so romantic
  • and once you get back and another semester of college starts and all of monsta x is so jealous of your ‘lovers getaway’ to greece
  • kihyun is like “hey, let me wingman you guys and sooner or later you’ll all be on your own lovers getaways ;)”
  • all of monsta x: no
  • kihyun: you all are missing out. like i have a s/o and you don’t think about that hMMMMMMM 
  • you: *face in your hands* why is he like this,,,,,,,,

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and please look forward to more special college!aus!


Anon asked:

“Hello ! I’ve just read all your scenarios (ah its 2am ;-;) and I couldn’t help to notice your requests are open. May I request a Jin Oneshot/Scenario where the reader is a barista at a local cafe and Jin visits it and fall in love? Sorry if it’s too cliche lmao (make it superrrr fluff pls) Ily !”

OMG I finally posted it. I’m so sorry it took a while <3 <3 I have no many things piled up right now to write. I really hope you enjoy it, I’m not very good at the whole fluff thing hehe. 2k words

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x reader

Genre: fluff as absolute fuck, non-idol au!


Originally posted by visualseokjin

“Y/N, I need you to take over the cash register,” Your boss informed, as you tied an apron around your waist. “I’m heading out.”

You had just arrived at work and they already had a position for you to fill. That wasn’t a problem – it was just unexpected, since you were always either in charge of making the coffee or clearing tables.

“Alright, I’m coming,” You tied your hair into a tight ponytail, and stood before the register.

It was a fairly empty hour, considering everyone was either at work or school. The cafe was located in an office district, so most of the crowd only came in during the mornings, or early evening. 

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Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Read Your 'Outlander' Fan Fiction
Who knew Caitriona Balfe had such serious sound effect skills?

Here’s the full official link on Harpers Bazaar, guys! The video that released this morning apparently was a bit of a whoops! Still was a fantastic surprise for me, but stay tuned for more content (including a feature on someone else you know,  who i’m so excited for!!!) in a few days! :D

Outlander just reunited Claire and Jamie Fraser onscreen after 20 years apart, but fans of the show (and the books on which it’s based) have been imagining—and reimagining—this moment for more than two decades. Fan fiction writers have been especially adept at crafting their own versions of this pivotal moment, and in preparation for this week’s episode, which dives deeper (74-minutes, to be exact) into Claire’s return to Jamie, we challenged Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan to interpret the scene for themselves with a dramatic reading from bonnie-wee-swordsman’s fan fiction, “A Hundred Lesser Faces,” which you can read in full here. The story poses the question, “What if in Voyager, Claire had gone first to Lallybroch instead of directly to the print shop in Edinburgh?” Major drama, apparently. For the video, Heughan takes the reins on narration, while Balfe proves her serious sound effect skills. It’s okay if you keep this one on repeat all day.

-Julie Kosin 

Theater Major Problems #274

Picking up an accent and not being able to drop it for 2 weeks.

Alternatively, picking up period language and, having begun to speak in anachronistic and archaic style, still contriving to continue thus for a full fortnight.

dwelling on shit

the phandom is fairly dramaless compared to most other fandoms, and although we do have occasional situations of utter chaos and destruction, the phandom itself is a very friendly, accepting environment. one thing i’d like to address is that we keep making the same mistake: 

we totally pressure the shit out of them

2012: “are you gay?” “come out” “phan is real”

2016/17: “get a dog” “get a house” “come out” 

over the years we’ve mellowed out a little and dan and phil have been more open with us since then and i love that, but take a look at the last two major dramas the phandom has been through: 

2016, dan’s diss track: a considerable amount of people joked that it was his coming out video, people got pissed 

2017, isg 9: a considerable amount of people joked that they were disappointed in dan, this was partly due to a miscommunication, but regardless, people got pissed

in both situations: 

- jokes were taken to far and were viewed as insults 

- people were not aware of how powerful their words were

here are things we should remember going forward:

- be mindful of how your post impacts the situation / where the situation is headed

- you’re gonna get hate for being mad at dan and phil, offer your opinion in a way that states what you didn’t like (”i wasn’t a fan of that video”) rather than being mad at dan and phil for it (”wow, that was dissapointing”) 

- calling your best friend a rat is funny because your friend knows its a joke, being called a rat by thousands of strangers online is not so funny, and i know dan and phil can take a joke but in some situations calling them rats is much more serious because of the tension with the context of the situation 

anyways, i hope we can grow from this and i hope what i said has taught you something, i can admit that what happened today was a mistake caused by nerves and a misinterpretation, and i hope you all are feeling happier and more cool headed now that the situation has died down a bit 

that is all