So I listened to this Nekoma drama CD and was inspired to draw the hairstyles Kenma tries out (or rather Kuroo inflicts upon him):

1. Bangs on one side

2. 7:3 parting

3. Bangs swept back

4. Pointy tips

5. Sunglasses?

The drama is hilarious and everyone should listen to it, at least to hear Kuroo’s glorious reaction to seeing Kenma’s freshly dyed-gold hair ^///^

The official drama cd in which Todoroki and Yaoyorozu went for their first time to the Ennichi Festival together GIVES ME SO MUCH LOVE !!! i really enjoy to draw yaomomo and todo in traditional clothes, they’re such beauties

In the audio Yaomomo tells Touro and Ochako that she never went to a festival like the Ennichi and were never allowed to eat some food there, ‘cause in her mothers point of view it’s a way to unhealthy and sleazy.- But imagine cute and excited Yaomomo looking at a candy apple sales booth and Todo is buying her one //dying

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Petition to address Maeno Tomoaki

as BEST SEME please


Kaidou Haru (Super Lovers)

Yukina Kou (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi)

Kaburagi Motoharu (Ameiro Paradox)

Kurose Riku (Ten Count)

He has voiced a lot  more seme characters, but after Kurose, do we really need more arguments? 


Operetta Due has announced their newest series! Unsurprisingly, given their love of dark edgy themes and yanderes, the MC of this series will be a prisoner under the careful jurisdiction of several jailers…

Synopses (Paraphrased):

This tainted love will be confined within sin and punishment…

A country resembling contemporary Japan exists in a certain universe.

After being falsely accused of murdering her own parents, the heroine of this story finds herself incarcerated and thrown into an infamously strict and severe prison.

Criminals who find themselves jailed in this institution are often imprisoned for life, and are even occasionally sold off to other people as slaves for a high price. 

In a world that is plunged in darkness, will you be able to obtain genuine love? Or just insanity?

…the conclusion is up to you.

Character synopses will follow after the cut!

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Here is the translation to the drama cd link for “ENNICHI GA KITA” that @akeemi-life posted previously. Sorry it took me so long to post this. I’m going to make an additional post later on to explain my thoughts on it and etc. I really like this drama cd, honestly SO MUCH TODOMOMO FLUFF ITS CUTE. ENJOY!

  Link to original post with the recording

Shouto: Sister, I am Shouto, sorry for calling you during work, I have plans so I’m going to be late back home. You don’t have to cook for me. MM, I understand.

It’s more than plans, I ended up seeing a bulletin board during when I attended a club. That’s right, no doubt I do admire “this guy” (I think he means his father).

Yaoyorozu: Boku no Hero Academia Drama CD: ENNICHI FESTIVAL IS HERE!

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Boku no Hero Academia Official Drama CD: Ennichi Festival

I made a video for the official Drama CD. The CD was originally a recording made by Studio Bones with the help of the official cast of the anime’s voice actors so I thought it would be cool if I made an English translation video out of that.

SUMMARY: The story revolves around the upcoming Ennichi festival just around the corner that is hyping up our U.A students. Warning: incoming canon todomomo fluff!

The video wouldn’t be possible without the help of @todomomo! XD

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own BNHA, rather it belongs to Horikoshi Kohei and Studio Bones. This is merely a fanmade video.

Port Mafia Drama CD -Kaji, Chuuya and Akutagawa.

So in no way I am a proper translator so I am just doing my best here! If there are mistakes, I apologize!


That is the audio that  @anemoneee posted, so credits to her!

Onto the translation!

So it starts with Kaji doing an experiment inside his Lab, while he is laughing like a maniac Chuuya walks in with Akutagawa.
Chuuya: Oi, what are you being so loud for?
 Also, I heard you attacked the detective agency?

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Mikleo’s Dream Cushion Drama CD

Tittle:  いつかの夢  (Someday dream)

A few days ago I asked for help to translate this and it’s still kinda difficult but awesome @karereiko​ offered me help to make a summary for both tracks in the Drama CD! So I’ll share them here since it’s so adorable and it cheered our days up so it might cheer up more people in the fandom as well! :’D ♥ (If anyone has Sorey’s DC Drama CD please share it too I’m really curious of what could be going on there ;;;; ahaha asdasfasd)

► You can download the tracks here

-First part-

First of all Mikleo asks Sorey if he regrets becoming a Shepherd, Sorey of course says that he can helps people while being one so no. Sorey says they can see many ruins while his Shepherd duty. Then they talk about some ruins and it’s one from celestial record. Then previous talk looks like happen earlier. Now Mikleo is in INN’s bedroom and Sorey is asleep. Mikleo thinks how he should go asleep too or he won’t manage to wake up Sorey in the morning, but his mind can’t let go of matter of “something/room (not clear for me) hidden in those ruins. In the end he decides to take a look into Celestial Record for one more time and head to sleep. But it looks like Sorey feel asleep on the book. So Mikleo for a few minutes tries to get book from under Sorey’s head. He finally manages that and he looks into book. It only makes him want to go explore those ruins even more but he’s thorn apart by going right away or waiting for next day and go with Sorey. He talks loud his thoughts so Sorey wakes up. He teases lightly Mikleo for talking aloud and he says that they both should head to the ruins now while others are asleep.

-Second part-

Poor boys XD. They didn’t manage to get to the ruins since Zaveid was outside the INN. Looks like Rose and rest were very angry for them to try sneak out alone. Edna wanted them to do Normin dance for apology XD. Sorey asks what they should do now, Mikleo answer ‘go to sleep’. Next part is unclear for me but I think Sorey sugest to count Normin to sleep like they were sheeps? but Mikleo answers they seems like demons now (probably thanks to Edna XD) Mikleo is worried about them not sleeping, he would be alright but Sorey not. Sorey gets some 'good’ idea and runs out the room. Sorey gets gack with some kind of tea (I don’t understand what kind of tea :/, they really should give scripts to all drama cd) They drink tea and Sorey says that in future they can make many memories like this one (since he recalls them both as kids drinking such tea) they end tea and go to bed, Mikleo recalls that Sorey didn’t change much since he was kid. And now I’m screaming from joy. Sorey falls asleep and he says Mikleo’s name, then he ads "from now on… let’s be together..” Mikleo is moved and he says thanks for everything that happen to him because of Sorey. In the end Mikleo counts the normins XDDD


And that’s it ! feel free to message me if there’s anything to add or correct in this ♥ ;7;/

Wダーリンシリーズ (W Darling Season 2)

Rabbit Candy has finally announced a second season to their W Darling series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

When you open your eyes one morning, you are greeted to the sight of your beloved boyfriend on your right… but also on the left…?

Now matter how you look at it, both of the two men by your side are definitely your boyfriend (boyfriends?). And your boyfriend’s an only child—so what is this????

The plot (what plot?) involving the curious case of your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s clone is the same—but this season features new types of boyfriends. ( • v • )

  • Volume 1: Childhood-friend boyfriend (Left)
  • Volume 2: “Disobedient”/Tsundere boyfriend (Center)
  • Volume 3: Slow-paced boyfriend (Right)

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto), 皇帝 (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Release Dates: May 3rd, June 21st, July 19th, 2017.

My Precious [ Sample ]
Okazaki Kei (CV: KAji Yuki)

Collar×Malice Character CD Vol. 2 - Okazaki Kei (CV: Kaji Yuki)

Tracks List:

01. Character Song - [ My Precious ]
02. My Precious (Off Vocal)
03. Mini Drama - [ Futarikiri no Yukemuri-tan ]


First Press Limited Edition: 2,300 JPY + Tax
Regular Edition: 1,500 JPY + Tax

*The First Press Limited Edition includes an Acrylic Chibi Character Key chain drawn by Natsume Uta.

Release Date:

30th August 2017


彼のプラマイ事情 (Kare no plus-minus jijou)

Nenokobanashi, a new label, has announced their first series—one which involves your boyfriend finally revealing a hidden side to you!

Synopses (Paraphrased):

Everyone has their two sides. 

Usually, people will show their “pluses” to the outside word, and hide their “minuses” deep within their hearts. 

But what if, while spending precious time with your boyfriend as usual, he switches from his “plus” and his “minus” sides, and continues to whisper his love to you…?

The first volume features your rather common, daily life with your caring and often kind older boyfriend. But on one Friday night at home, while you two are lounging about as usual, an incident causes your boyfriend to act differently than usual. Turns out, in the depths of his heart, your usually kind boyfriend is hiding… 

The second volume (bottom left) features your awkward childhood-friend turned boyfriend. After practicing your club activities, you usually head over to your boyfriend’s house to do your homework together. The morning after spending a sweet night together alone with him, your boyfriend starts to act differently after a certain incident…

The third volume (bottom right) features your good-for-nothing “uncle” (by marriage, or other non-blood relations), who is also your boyfriend. His hetare-ness is so bad that you’ve come to believe that without you around, he’s pretty much helpless. While he does treat you, who is significantly younger than him, like a kid from time to time, a certain incident one day causes him to act a little different than usual. And so, he was actually hiding the fact that…

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), 須賀紀哉 (Majima Junji), 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Dates: July 26th, August 30th, September 27th, 2017.