it’s honestly so gross how much hate halsey gets, i’m not saying she’s perfect but it’s bullshit that artists in bandom like tyler joseph or gerard way can talk about mental illness and they’re inspirational but if halsey does it she must be “faking it for sales”. or how pete wentz vagued that he was bi in an interview one time, which we don’t even know if it was real or not, and he’s a bisexual icon but halsey is obviously “pretending” to bi bc she hasn’t publicly dated a woman and gets shouted homophobic slurs by 1975 fans, it’s just so frustrating to see

The SarahUrieConfessions Instagram Account

As we all know, recently Brendon Urie tweeted about people hating on his wife, Sarah Urie. Aside from the waves of hate already established by the Panic! instagram bandom towards Sarah, there are a couple accounts that could have caused this whole charade of hate. That includes sarahurieconfessions who I’ve already briefly interacted with before Sarah privatized her account and before Brendon tweeted. The account was recently blocked by Sarah Urie herself, which is why they’re contributing to the reason Brendon tweeted.

I wanted to address this because now this account is playing the victim. Now, I usually would just ignore it, but because it caused Sarah to get so upset, I guess it’s worth talking about.

So! If you were to go onto this account at this moment, you’ll see a girl presenting a sob story saying that she meant for her account to be a “freedom of speech that people took advantage of” when talking about Sarah Urie. Well, virtually 90% of the DM’s are hate or allude to hate. Being me, I wanted to say something nice about Sarah. She’s a charming person, no? 

Before even sending, I thought “Oh, this girl is just going to post it and maybe put a snarky caption. That’s fine, right?” Well, I was wrong. She didn’t even bother posting it and responded with:

Not too long after, I was blocked from the account. But, oh no, this account is for FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If this doesn’t ruffle my jimmies, I don’t know what does. I digress, this whole fiasco was this morning, before Sarah saw and before the tweet. This girl claims to have no opinion on Sarah. Meaning, she doesn’t hate nor love her. That’s understandable on most levels. The majority of people who have no opinion know very little of Sarah and don’t wish to know much about her. But this admin made an entire account dedicated to people commenting on Sarah’s existence. She picked and chose through the dozens of confessions that came to her. Most of the comments are hate, bashing Sarah Urie. 

Sarah must have saw this account comment on one of her photos, I imagine she saw the username, got curious, and ventured onto the profile only to see all these people “confessing” about how much they hate her.

Something inside me says maybe I should be more sensitive about this account, but all the admin says is that it wasn’t her fault in between describing crying and being upset. I can’t possibly have sympathy for someone who doesn’t own up to their responsibilities. 

if you “hate” a famous person keep it to yourself.

especially people who have virtually done nothing wrong and you hate them only because they’re married to someone you love.

if you can’t accept the spouse of someone you’re “stanning”, then you can’t possibly stan that person because you refuse to accept something that’s apart of them.

if you purposefully have a hate account and deride a person on each of their posts and think “oh they don’t care. they’re famous. they’ll never see this.” you’re a horrible person. i don’t care if you think it’s harmless. it’s harassment. 

you’re lucky they even have an account committed to communicating to fans because guess what? they aren’t obligated to have one. they have the right to delete it. and because of your harassment you’re taking that privilege away from thousands of people. 

save everybody’s time and keep your resentment to yourself.

some reminders

1. dont EVERRR tell me youre a feminist when youre coming to Amber Heard’s defense by calling JD supporters trash and telling them to kill themselves

2. If she’s willing to postpone a court date for an engagement party, she aint that worried about this situation idc dont try to argue

3. youre not a feminist for supporting Amber Heard ONLY because shes a woman, youre a sexist piece of shit

4. most importantly, dont dish out what you cant take. you want to ridicule MY favorite actor for alleged domestic abuse instead of talking over the situation civilly, i’ll ridicule Amber for alleged character defamation. try me

I DO NOT believe in Call Out posts, they simply cause drama and can be more hurtful than anything else. I do firmly believe in talking privately to my close rp partners and friends and telling them about bad experiences with certain users and letting them decide if they want to interact with the person that I had a bad experience with. I will warn people I care about so they don’t go through the same about problems that I have been through.

anonymous asked:

you really should not be defending someone who kisses minors

i never defended her for that, like i said she’s not perfect and has made mistakes just like a lot of artists in bandom, who have never faced with as much hate as her for those mistakes, and she deserves to face the consequences of her actions. she shouldn’t, however, get hate for things like speaking out on mental illness and being bisexual.

again i’m not defending her for kissing minors, but its unjustified how much hate she’s getting for things no one should be hated for.