I’m so fucking sick of the negativity, the condescension, the asshole-ishness of people that think just because they believe someone’s wrong it gives them the right to mock, degrade and attack them.

Sick of people forgetting that the person you’re arguing with is an actual person that makes mistakes and can be wrong, and that doesn’t make them evil, and that just fucking attacking or mocking them doesn’t get any of us anywhere or anything except you a brief sense of smug self-satisfaction and that’s it.

Nobody knows how to be kind anymore. Nobody gives a shit about the other person on the other side of that screen, it doesn’t matter so long as *they* get to feel better, *they* get to feel like they’re right and they WON.

I’m so sick of it. I see it everywhere. I want to cry sometimes, others I want to bash my screen into the ground until I don’t have to see it anymore. People can be so much better than this, I know they can, we all can, but nobody’s trying. And it hurts me to know that. That’s where I stand. That’s how I feel.

i hate that aphobe has come to be synonymous with ace exclusionist because ace friendly exclusionists get the term forced on them while most people outside the discourse only know it to mean someone who hates ace people so while the label should only mean someone who doesn’t believe asexuality to be valid, uninformed people see exclusionists labelled as aphobes and believe us to be inherently bad people despite that many of us are ace ourselves / used to identify as ace. 

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Hey Y'all! Love this account so much! I'm looking for a doc called The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. It's about Dan and Phil in High School. Phils popular and Dan is a gang leader. They become friends and then go out. I'm not sure if the author has finished it tho. Thanks❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (wattpad) - Dan Howell is the schools bad boy. He’s never had a real relationship and he doesn’t want a real relationship. That’s until he meets Phil Lester, the popular thespian who everyone wants to be friends with. What happens when The good meets the bad? Will it become Ugly?

This one?

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Actually Bi people have it better than Aces. If not, the same. Were both shamed by other LGBT people and Heteros, but bi people don't shame bi people, but they do shame aces. And acceptance of bi people is having much more progress than ace acceptance

do you read what you type before you send it or do you just let your ass slide across the keyboard a few times and send whatever the fuck comes out


1) as anon said, you can be ace friendly and believe aces are not inherently lgbt. the actual definition of aphobic refers to one not believing aces are valid / real, and all of us who mod the blog believe aces to be real and valid. it’s mentioned in several of these asks, but some of us are on the ace spectrum, lol.

2) what have we done that’s worse than that? we’ve never debated the validity of aces or claimed that they don’t exist. we’ve called out the rampant homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in the ace community, and yes, we make our stance very clear on whether or not aces are inherently lgbt. you know this.

3) is mod asriel’s comment referring to us? the wording is very confusing and i don’t understand the point of this addition

4) oh i know who this is referring to! i received private evidence of this person faking their system prior to confronting them, and i said that to them in my messages if i remember correctly. i don’t confront people without sufficient evidence, and regardless of whether or not they’re a osdd-1b system, having that amount of fictives / recent media fictives (can’t remember what the issue concerning fictives was exactly) is a huge red flag 

4a) i went back and found the ask you’re referring to, mod karkles (side note: how can you have a mod name like that and not cringe constantly?), and said asks actually read in a way that’s extremely demonizing to addicts (“being an addict hurts a lot of people”) and accusing us of indulging in alcoholic behaviour because mod v, mod n, and mod l had a few drinks. they also used their claim that they were in an alcoholic house to justify their bullshit 

5) if you’re a singlet, don’t talk about system issues! it’s that simple, mod karkles. the only mental illnesses we’ve ever claimed people are faking are did and osdd, and again, if you’re a singlet you don’t get an opinion on that. and regarding triggers? the only one we’ve ever refused is when someone asked us to tag “dark hands” as in, dark coloured hands. remember to include context, anon!

6) god i know who this is. you can’t self harm on someone’s blog, my god. this is such bullshit and if the person who’s doing this (i replied to your ask earlier today, buddy!) wants to own up to their guilttripping bullshit i’m gonna unblock you and you can apologize to us for this lol

@kin-against-aphobes, @ us next time if you’re gonna talk shit. we find out eventually anyway

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It would be interesting if Robert went missing and there was some sort of twist and then a rush to find him. Normally for everybody in his life Robert is the action person so to see other people looking for him, worrying, thinking the worst etc would be an interesting switch up.

I mean, like. Yes. YES, PLEASE. Robert just disappears. There’s no trace of him. His car is still in the village. He isn’t answering his phone when Vic and Liv call him. No one has seen him for days. Cain can’t find any clue where he might be. Aaron is starting to lose his mind despite his anger. Diane and Vic start to fear the worst. The village begins a search…


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Drama Dilemma

In a class of 20 people, everyone knows your business.

A classmate of mine (who tends to piss me off) said something super-bigoted to me a few months ago. Something that triggered a flashback (I have PTSD- my classmates do not know). Possibly the worst night I’ve had since starting PA school.

I haven’t spoken to him since. If we’re in class and doing group work, I’ll respond politely and briefly if he talks to me, but other than that- nope.

I don’t like to talk about people. But recently classmates have started noticing that I’ve been avoiding this specific individual. So, naturally, everyone wants to know. Does Hangry hate Classmate? What’s the problem?

Part of me wants to yell, “Yes, I do hate Classmate. Because he’s a bigot and shouldn’t be anywhere near patients.”

Another part of me wants to loudly confront Classmate in front of the rest of the class. “Hey, Classmate. Remember that time you said that you were going to burn crosses on my front lawn in addition to [insert bigoted statement]? Was that supposed to be funny? Let’s ask everyone here if they think it’s funny, too. Tell you what, let’s ask our program director if she thinks it’s funny.”

But, like I said, I don’t like to talk about people. And I don’t want to create drama by making a scene.

As an individual in a class of 20 where everyone knows everything, what should I say when people ask questions?

“Lance is just a rookie! Leave him alone!” 

yeah, so are Antonio and Stoffel, and talentless caterpillar eyebrows couldn’t overtake a Sauber, a car that has the top speed of a sick nag, in a fucking Williams. Antonio’s drive was basically a dry-run, and he performed beautifully, despite Lance having about ten times more mileage than Antonio. 

basically, what im trying to say here is, why are you defending this guy when he clearly has no place in this sport.