Nine Faces: 13/∞

↳ Tim Drake (Prime Earth)

An Olympic-Level Gymnast with an I.Q. of 142, Tim Drake sought the secret identity of Batman in order to be his partner fighting crime. As Drake got closer to the answer, Batman would discourage him, but to no avail. Eventually, Batman revealed his identify to Drake and offer him a spot as his crime fighting partner. When Drake inadvertently crossed paths with the Penguin, his parents go into Witness Protection and he takes up the alias of Tim Drake and Red Robin. Currently, Drake leads the Teen Titans.

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Drake Bell's Twitter ordeal.

Okay, so if any of my followers are Justin Bieber fans, I’m sorry but its rant time for me. Anyway, I think its pretty childish of justin’s fans to be so rude and mean. Like really, they don’t OWN Justin Bieber and they don’t need to hate on Drake just because he said what was on his mind (News flash: if the ‘beliebers’ would stop, so would Drake).

Plus, who doesn’t make fun of Justin Bieber? Adam Sandler (And I’m sure more people that I can’t think of right now) did and it wasn’t a big deal. Just because someone makes a little remark about someone you are a fan of doesn’t mean you have to send him DEATH THREATS and stuff like that, because that my friends, is just uncalled for. 


I’m saying this as a respectable, die-hard, Drake Bell fan and I’m sorry if makes anyone mad but I just gotta let everyone know what I think on this big event.. Rant over.