If Drake doesn’t write his own raps...

Who Started From The Bottom and where is he now?

Who stayed Up All Night with Nicki Minaj?

Who wanted a Moment 4 Life with Nicki Minaj?

Who are we suppose to Believe

Who really has that Energy?

Who was counting that 10 Bands, 50 bands, 100 bands, fuck it, man..That doesn`t want to discuss it, man?

Who was staying up at 5AM In Toronto?

Who was staying up at 6PM in New York?

Who wants his girl to be big as Madonna?

Who wants us to Hold On and bring us home?

Who wants us to Thank Him Later?

Who wants to Take Care of Rihanna?

Who wants us to Know Ourselves?

Who the fuck is 6 God?

Who stayed up in the Jungle?

Who wants us girls to Own It?

Who doesn’t want us to think about it Too Much?

Who really wants that Pound cake?

Who really knows about The Motion?

Who wants us to hit him up From Time to time?

Who wants us girls to Come Thru?

Who wants us to take a Shot For Him?

Who is the one getting the Crew Love?

Who is the one that Charged Up?

Who really has the Right Hand?

Who was spilling their feelings inside Marvin’s Room?

Who wants us to Practice for him?

Who Hates Sleeping Alone?

Who are we going to Miss

Who was in Club Paradise?

Who wants us to Find His Love?

Who wants us to Show Him A Good Time?

Who wants us girls to be Fancy?

Who was in them Headlines?

Who’s Unforgettable?

Who was on his Worst Behavior?

Who never fucked Nicki and is he the one waiting first in line

Who knows that the square root of 69 is 8 something?

Who’s Successful?

Who’s in The Heat Of The Moment?

Who’s up right now, and she stuck right now and she thought she had it all figured out back then but How ‘Bout Now?

I need to know.