This is the first time I’m doing commissions in my life and I should hope that it will all go well!

All money earned will go to helping me survive the aftermath of college. All money will go to help get my goals for now once I have found work in the GD industry as an illustrator.

Email: dragoonboo@yahoo.com, use this email for PayPal!

All payments MUST go through PayPal. The information for the commission can be sent through the Tumblr Inbox or email.


  • Explain in detail what it is that you wish for me to work on. :)
  • If wanting something a bit more like detailed backgrounds and such,discuss prices and details with me.
  • Send references if you have any! It would help so much!
  • Select one of the choices above and any addition characters will always be $5 extra. $10 for no lines because it takes a bit more time to make the style.
  • No NSFW. (Sexual,Gore,Intense violence,etc.)
  • Blood can be added to any piece but nothing too extreme.
  • No extremely detailed subjects. (Ex: Mechs and robots)
  • WIPs will be shown at request of the commissioner.
  • If you want to reduce the price of a commission, discuss with me and we can work something out. ;)

PayPal Help: (thank you @mashirok for the help)

“Seems like Morrison missed ya a lot, jefe.

The only decent piece of Overwatch art that I’m okay with.  (/ω\)
And that I will ever post…


1: A pic that I have had sitting around for awhile. It’s only half way finished. Needs color but…I don’t think that will happen. :’)

2: @theroyalfoolisgone , this one is based on this AMAZING ARTIST’S AU/story that is giving me soul crushing feels someone please help my son Papyrus. Tried to draw it close to how they designed their characters. I love your work and always excited for any of it! Keep on going!!

Once again doing all this at 1:30 in the morning. :’)

dragoonboo  asked:

"Hey Eva! I came for a visit! How are-!" Boo stopped as she looked at the boy. Who was this? And who was he to be in her best friend's house. "Um...who are you?"

Eva smirked at Boo, licking his lips. Finally. he had been wanting this for a while. He had gotten damn sick of being a girl, and finally, his mun had agreed to let him try out being a boy for a while.

“Boo, it’s me, promise. Just a different gender,” he said, looking at her the same way he had before, if maybe from a few inches higher.

So the other day I convinced Gaston to move in to my town

of course, when I got him, I didn’t realize THIS would happen

as my friend Dragoon said, “NO ONE INVADES VILLAGE ROADS LIKE GASTON!”

of course, seeing my road messed up, I had to do something

I… may have went a bit far…

but I should have seen it coming… his name IS Gaston…