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Future Card Buddyfight H-EB04: Buddy All Stars+ has been announced

The set will be the largest Buddyfight Extra Booster to date with 106 cards (7 RRR / 14 RR (1 Reprint) /  30 R (1 Reprint) / 51 U / 1 BR / 3 SP). This set will include both completely new monsters and new forms of older ones. Ones mentioned are: Demios Sword Dragon, Jackknife, Death Tallica, Drum, and Mary Sue. Cards from the Japanese exclusive H-SS01 (A triple deck, of sorts) will be included in the English release of this set. This set also has an undisclosed number of secret flags, maybe we’ll see more then 5 this time?

I’m perfectly okay with people comparing Vivienne to anti-feminist women because more often than not anti-feminist (or even just feminism-critical) women are very intelligent, independent thinkers who do acknowledge gender inequality and related issues and really want to make things better but don’t want to associate with the steaming pile of crap modern feminism has become, and I don’t think this is too different from Vivienne’s stance on the mage rebellion


Florida Swamp Dragon

A fairly large dragon, with wings useless for flight, the Florida Swamp Dragon uses it’s wings for steering when swimming, as well as rather like nets, to hold prey such as Alligators, fish and occasionally mammals, such as humans. The Florida Swamp Dragon is fairly large, often bigger than the alligators is will happily feed on, but still not nearly as large as the North American Thunderwing, or even the Venezuelan Verdantmaw.

The Florida Swamp Dragon is considered one of the most dangerous dragons in the Americas, being one of the most wilfully violent, and often heedless of muggle-magical divides. Thankfully the creatures breed rarely, and their willingness to commit cannibalism polices the breed population quite effectively. Dragonologists on the Everglades Dragon Reserve are often the ones with the most scars and other injuries, and are thankfully given full, cheap health insurance (though many other dragonologists from other countries firmly believe they should get free health care, given the danger they are in, in caring for the most brutal dragon of the Americas).

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What do you think would have happened if Stoick, Valka, and Hiccup had been taken by Cloudjumper?

This is interesting to think about - the entire family taken by Cloudjumper at once!

I think it would have a radically different outcome than what we see happen in canon HTTYD 2.

This event would divide Stoick and Valka. I am sure the couple already had more than their fair share of arguments in their marriage, yet this would cause a particularly large one. Stoick would see Cloudjumper kidnapping them as evidence of dragons’ dangers and hostilities. I would not be surprised if he even tried to fight off Cloudjumper and chase the Stormcutter away (he probably even succeeds in doing so once they land). Stoick would exclaim that this dragon has endangered their lives - including their son’s life! 

Valka would see the opposite. She would see this as proof that the Stormcutter never meant to harm her, but was a friendly and intelligent beast. Valka might even try to seek out Cloudjumper if he got chased away, telling Stoick that this was proof Vikings did not need to fight dragons. This Stormcutter didn’t kill them! It didn’t harm the baby beyond one accidental cut on his chin!

So they would argue.

I think Stoick would definitely return to Berk. It wouldn’t even be a question. Stoick’s heart is about protecting his village; his sense of duty is strong and would draw him back home. He would set out immediately to return to Berk and take his baby boy with him.

The bigger question is what happens to Valka.

Part of me can almost imagine Valka refusing to return to Berk, arguing it out right to Stoick and refusing to budge. There would be angry words spoken, Stoick would shout out, “Fine!” and then storm away. 

Yet I think it would be more likely that Valka would return to Berk, too. In HTTYD 2, Valka stays with Cloudjumper because she thinks she has no place on Berk, because she has endangered her family, because she thinks Berk will be better off without her, and because every single human - including her husband - believes she’s dead. In this scenario, Stoick knows Valka is alive. She can’t get away with hiding. And Valka does love Stoick, so she wouldn’t split with him while he knows she’s alive. Valka might balk and argue - she might even stubbornly stay a few days in the wilderness while Stoick marches home - but I don’t think she would leave him.

So the entire family would try to return home.

The second question to ask is if they can actually successfully return to Berk. Cloudjumper took them to the alpha’s nest, after all. They’re in a place swarming with dragons. Not exactly an easy place to leave if the dragons wish them to stay.

But I think they would be able to leave, especially because Stoick would hold his axe before him, willing to fight any other dragon daring to touch him, his wife, or his son.

I assume this means Stoick, Valka, and Hiccup would remain together as a family and live on Berk. Valka would continue to argue dragons were gentle creatures, but I think she would be even harder to listen to after the kidnapping incident. The war on dragons would continue.

But at least Hiccup would grow up with both his parents!

That is my guess on the hypothetical. Others might have some fun and very different ideas. :)

Beneath this tight lipped smile is a levy of seething rage..
Ground up names of temporary people leaving toxic residue on freshly sharpened fangs…
Meaningless conversations leaving me with hunger pains..
My gut stays overflowing with names rotting in piles of wasted time..
Every cliche line teasing this intestinal flaming cloud to billow and rise..
With just a simple tooth grind to ignite this deadly fire from inside..
One word from these crimson red lips would burn you in a lovely blaze, high and bright..

Test me


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shiori lavellan:

  • demiboy, he/him or they/them pronouns
  • wears a kickass ironbark prosthetic on their right leg, a congenital amputation below the knee. carves sick embellished floral motifs into the wood
  • a knitter. wears a soft, careworn, super-deep-v-neck maroon tunic when not off ~adventuring. if i could art, i would art this. kind of imagine the shape of the mithril shirt from lotr but… wool instead of mithril lmao
  • fav weather: the cusp of later summer/early autumn when it’s slightly too cold to be sleeveless but too sunny to wear a sweater
  • not good at reading, loves to listen to oral histories


do you ever ask for what songs represent you and then your anons come along cause this is the playlist that happened cause of it

German Naruto Opening | Kaboom! - I Fight Dragons | It’s Dangerous To Go Alone - Starbomb | The Pokerap: Dark Cave Edition (feat. Dookieshed) - Natewantstobattle | Final Boss - MC Frontalot | Dragon Slayer - Ninja Sex Party | Friday - Rebecca Black | All-Star - Smashmouth | Party - K.Flay | Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru

Artwork by dang-sammit <3

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i dont think a Dragon would be that dangerous to an the empire especially now, like ya it could fuck up infantry, but go ahead and try to send that against an imperial battleship, or a psionic with fucking eye beams

i just got the visual of pyralspite “backing onto” the imperial battleship like the whale in that specsavers ad thank u for that

Charmed and Dangerous Anthology #LGBT #DuoReview #RGRgiveaway

Charmed and Dangerous Anthology #LGBT #DuoReview #RGRgiveaway

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Dana and Eloreen review Charmed and Dangerous: 10 Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy by Rhys Ford, Ginn Hale, KJ Charles, Nicole Kimberling, Jordan Castillo Price, Jordan L Hawk, Charlie Cochet, Lou Harper, Andrea Speed, and Astrid Amara (Published by JCP Books, August 25, 2015, 509 pages) Guest Post from Jordan L Hawk and giveaway below. A copy was provided in exchange for an…

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