Shiny Dex Fillers #6 /Special Ball Mamas #2

Hello breeders! It’s been a long time since I did this, so I took the most requested dex fillers and special balls to make this giveaway ♥

  • Alakazam (Lv.91-100 Female) with the code: PataDeCabra
  • Ambipom(Lv.91-100 Female) with the code: Chango
  • Dragonite (Lv.91-100 Female) with the code: Yoshi
  • Tangrowth (Lv.91-100 Female) with the code: SenoraVerde

Deposit a MALE RALTS in the GTS asking for the pokemon in turn (one after the other, there’s no order to ask for them)

•I have 30 of each, since the giveaways have been very very lazy and I can’t spend a lot of time waiting for someone to deposit. The giveaway will end at 5:30pm CDT

•If you can’t be here today, I can hold them for you, just send me a message.

•If you don’t have a Male Ralts, send me a message and deposit something else.

•If you get sniped and don’t have any more Ralts, deposit something else and send me a message.

•If you’re late send me a message when you deposit (don’t blame me if your pokemon is there for hours)

•Be patient. DO NOT REDEPOSIT, because that send you to the end of the list.

I am really happy with the turnout of my little Dragonite gif. Gosh, I find this so adorable, and am amazed that I managed to make something so cute. I am so proud of all the progress I have made on my art. I am finally making things that I think “I would buy stuff with this on it”. Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy this cute little Dragonite! c:

Please do not repost (reblog instead!), edit, etc~

Gif requests can be made on this post (link here; gif requests in my inbox will be deleted!).


For those of you in the US, the battle ready Dragonite event has begun. This event is distributed through Serial Code obtained in Gamestop stores with codes being unavailable after July 12th. This Special Dragonite knows the move Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hurricane and Extremespeed, which is a difficult move to get on Dragonite, and has its Hidden Ability of Multiscale and holds a Lum Berry, all to coincide with the release of the Roaring Skies TCG set.