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Auntie, how old is Goth Juice? It looks so good but all they have it dirty right now in stores ); what's it like?

Goth Juice was released in … 2008? Somewhere around there, I think. It smelled like walking through a gloomy forest at twilight, as the stars started to twinkle in the sky. It wasn’t a super-plastic-hold hair product that would hold Big Goth Hair up by itself, but it was fantastic for smoothing and keeping pointy bangs in place, or to use when you wanted some styling hold but without a crunchy feel. 

I have a >tiny< bit left that I’m saving for the next time I put my hair in rag curls, because Goth Juice was the best product I ever found for that. 

Dear LUSH Cosmetics, please oh please bring back Goth Juice? 

killbog asked:

i love the way you work with the black pen. have you even shared your tools of the trade on tumblr?

I have! But I can’t seem to find the post, so here’s a new one!

My main squeeze is that bad boy in the front, the Pentel pocket brush. I used the same one on the entirety of Play Ball, which took about two years to do, and the tip stayed nice and sharp and gave me the best lines I could hope for, so I highly recommend it! The ink comes in replaceable (or refillable if you prefer other inks) cartridges, and is super easy to use and keep clean. Love it.

I like white erasers like magic rub or that tri eraser there. Low smudge and easy to handle. And it won’t roll away bc of its shape.

Gelly roll and uniball signo white pens are great for thinning out lines or popping a few white details into black areas. Great for strands of hair, stars, texture details that lie in shadows, etc. Just don’t try to white out too large an area or they’ll start to gray out. Clear the tip regularly while using them by rolling in a blank area.

Faber Castell Pitt pens. Archival quality ink and water fast. Great for detail, lettering, etc. I have them in every size.

Blue pencil. Easy to drop the blue channel out of your scans in photoshop. I’m about to move to mechanical blue lead, though, because I’m over pencil shaving and blunt tips.

Regular old mechanical bic. I bought a huge pack of them for super cheap that is going to last me until the end of time. No sharpening, easy to travel with, low stress if you lose one.

I love Holbein inks. Nice and black, water fast, archival, affordable.

I hope that helps!

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What do you think about niteschach?

Honestly, I loooove Niteschach. I never get tired of it. But in the book I think Rorschach has a bit of a crush on Ozy. It’s mostly because of the “must investigate further” comment (why does it matter so much? Doesn’t he have more important things to do?), but also because of how he acts around him. He takes his hat off both times he’s in Ozy’s work space, which is very odd considering how much Rorschach loves his costume. He’s always dusting off his hat and talking about how spotless the costume is and how it frees him from weakness and so on. His costume is his escape and persona. So when he disrupts his image by presenting it as incomplete, it’s a big deal. The second time we even see him climbing in with his hat already off in preparation even though he wasn’t sure Ozy would even be there! He also knows Ozy’s work schedule completely, so he’s a bit obsessed. I’m sure I have some other reasons, but those are the ones I can think of right now. Sorry for the long answer… in conclusion, I have multiple ships :)

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your love for tim and eric is blinding. If I were a magic I would wish that you could marry the one of your choosing. bless

If we’re bringing magic into the equation then I want to marry both of them. I mean, why not, right?

I could just snuggle down into a pile of beautiful manflesh every night…

Thank you for your kind and generous blessing! May Rang Dipkin grant all your prayers.

a brief introduction?

hi guys, i’m rook! i’ve had this blog for a while, but i’d been inactive for over a month, so i decided to come back and delete most of my old posts for a fresh start. this is also a good time to (re?)introduce myself? so i guess i’ll do that!

i don’t really have a lot to say right off the bat, though i’d be happy to answer questions about myself if anyone is curious. i’m probably dragonkin, or at the very least dragonhearted; i’ve been thinking that i’m dragonkin for over a year now, and while i haven’t come to a definite conclusion, i’ve determined that it’s pretty likely, so i’ll use the label but also provide a disclaimer, i guess. any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, though honestly i have no idea what sort of help would actually be helpful….

i’m really looking forward to interacting with you guys, or whatever. like i said, i’d be happy to answer questions about myself or chat about pretty much anything else. sorry for the awkward intro; i’m really not too good at writing these!

if you post dragon-y stuff, it’d be really awesome if you could like/reblog this post, maybe? o:

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I have an Algebra 2 quiz tommorow on Exponents. Could I have a little review on the types different ways exponents are used.

I hope I’m not too late, but here’s a few things about exponents:

you have a ^ b, which is just a*a… b times.

a^0 = 1

(a^b)^c = a^(b*c)

a^b*a^c = a^(b+c)

(a^b)^c = (a^c)^b

(a/b)^c = a^c/b^c

And one last note:

(a+b)^c =/= a^c+b^c. Do not make this mistake.

In the case of (a+b)^2, for example, you have (a+b)(a+b) = a^2 + 2(ab)+b^2, not a^2+b^2.

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Does it make me a horrible person to not want to see joe become that popular?

I think we should all want him to become as popular as possible. No one deserves it more than Joe. This is his career we’re talking about after all. The more popular he is, the more roles he will get and the more we’ll get to see him in things.

I think it’s sort of selfish to want to hold him back from major success.