All, this is my last character(yes how many can). A female from a red flight, which is characterized by a wayward and freedom-loving character. She lives in her own nest with three surviving whelps, where she protects her most diverse treasures and artifacts. One can argue that she loves more: her children or her treasures. She cautiously refers to mortals, believing that they are to blame for all the troubles of the world. In her opinion the only thing that mortals really do well is this wine. In very rare cases, use her mortal form

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  “My blessing upon you will seem humble compared to those which have been bestowed upon the others: the managing of time, of life, of dreams and magic. I offer you the earth. The soil, the ground, the deep places. But know that the earth is the basis of all things. It is where we are rooted. Where you must come from, if you are to go to. Here is whence true strength comes. From deep places…within the world, and within oneself.”