There is a small group of individuals who have been giving to our communities without want for recognition, without bias, with no personal agendas of their own. Their goal is to spread love and encouragement to anyone who is submitted as an entry either on anon or by one of us personally. They don’t judge, they simply pass on a little pink in hopes to promote a positive sentiment in what sometimes seems like a cut-throat world. They spread hope, inspiration, and sometimes even forgiveness. They are a joy to us and losing them would be a tragedy.

It is our time to give back. To make sure our pink dragons don’t lose heart and stop this wonderful thing that they’re doing. To take a stand against harassment and hate by promoting pink and all that these gentle dragons so elegantly gift us with. Please reblog and add something pink to get the message across. Show the-pink-dragonflight


The Dragon Aspects are leaders of five dragonflights; the titans empowered the five dragons, each with specific powers, to lead the major dragonflights and watch over Azeroth…

-Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder: Aspect of the red dragonflight and the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth.

-Ysera, the Dreamer: Aspect of the green dragonflight, charged with the protection of the Emerald Dream and watches over the growing wilds of Azeroth.

-Nozdormu, the Timeless One: Aspect of the bronze dragonflight, he is tasked with ensuring that the flow of time occurs without interruption, and that events happen as they are fated.

-Kalecgos, the Spell-Weaver: Aspect of the remaining blue dragonflight and the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum.

-Neltharion, the Earth-Warder: Aspect of the black dragonflight, empowered with dominion over the earth and the deep places of Azeroth.



It’s getting there. A few more details on the shirt and chest armor, then the costume for Chromie is done. Then I move on to props. Then I finish my bf’s and make my day 2 costume. I feel a bit better about my progress seeing these pieces all together. I also have the skirt and belt done. I know that even if I end up not having a prop for some reason I have a complete outfit that I’m very proud of. It took forever since it’s my very first cosplay and I had to learn to work with foam and try to improve my sewing skills. One month to go!


Just incase anyone wanted to see some more pictures from the Dragon Flight 4D / Spot Toothless tour going on for How to Train your Dragon 2…

Not really sure what the deal is with the game, but if it was something you could play longer than the taste they gave today, I’d be all for it. (add a fan & some mist spray to make riding the dragon seem all the more real and you’ve got yourself a deal!) An almost fully immersive flight simulator/ video game where you are Hiccup, guiding Toothless through the sky/ through various obstacles. Pretty cool.

You could take a picture with the cardboard cutout (and hold Toothless’ leash) play the game and/or take a pic with the family at their photo booth (not pictured due to image blur, blah, yet not as blah as the way my photo booth picture came out. Ew.)

Also, the guy in the cool Stoick shirt, apparently his name is Greg. HI Greg! (or is it Craig?) if you want me to take your picture down, just let me know. Thanks for helping with the booth/game today! (same goes for all the workers, thanks for being so patient and kind :)


Character: Alexstrasza the Lifebinder
From: World of Warcraft
Cosplayer: Oshley Cosplay

Quite a journey, my first cosplay has been. I cannot wait until finals are over to finish my second one (: Check out all my progress pics on Facebook!

Professional pictures by Dark Edge Media
Photo editing by Oshley Cosplay

UNJUSTLY MALIGNED Episode 14: “Dragonriders of Pern” with Lisa Schmeiser

After all those movies, it’s time for a change of pace on UMP, so for this episode I talked to podcaster and bookworm Lisa Schmeiser about Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” novels, how people are wrong to dismiss them as girly fantasy, and Lisa’s own changing relationship with them over the years…


The Alliance Medical Association returns (again!) for an exciting new presentation: Care and Treatment of Dragonkind, which will focus on such subjects as dragon development, safety, body language, and general health. Speaker Amavia Hawkins will present on Wednesday, March 11. The event, which takes place in Ironforge’s Hall of Explorers on the server Wyrmrest Accord, will begin at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern.) Events generally last 2 hours taking Q&A into account. All are welcome to attend as active or quiet participants, and the event is cross-server compatible! 

For information about AMA view our FAQ page or send an ask.