Ysera and The Tear of Elune

I had a lot of fun with this one, even if it did take forever due to the details on the armor. I also decided to play around with it, so it is not exactly as Ysera’s canon design!

The background is a screenshot of Val’sharah. I couldn’t make a background I liked, so I went with a screenshot which I gotta say goes amazingly well with the total image!

May you rest in peace dearie <3

This is most likely be a print at Desucon 2017 if I get there this year!

Do NOT repost without my permission!!

Taking A Question: What is a group of dragons called?

“What is a group of dragons called?”

vampirestookourscience says: 

I recommend a flight. Though to be honest it depends on the dragons you’re using. If they are typical western dragons a group of dragons would be a cemetery since they are very territorial and concerned with their hoards and would likely kill each other or keep their distance.

The other possibility would be young dragons that haven’t reached their full growth or at least a large enough size to be independent. On the other hand if you have them work as a collective you could call them a swarm or a hive.

king_kalamari says:

A thunder of dragons. Have you ever heard what a group in full flight sounds like? 

Deefry says:

A flight if they are airbourne, a weyr if not.

That’s the way I say it anyway.

Tabletop_Gamer says:

Clutch = dragon hatchlings

Brood = young dragons and parent dragon

Flight = adult dragons

Wing = adult dragons and their riders.

This is what I generally use.