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(The Medieval Rider) Suddenly, Ganma appear ready to fight. "I think it's about time you show them and the riders what power you are capable of, mother." Drago parka said to Naga!Arisu.

“I agree.” Arisu nods, pulling out Naga’s eyecon and activating it.

Glint shook her head. “If you call me a dragon, you must call him a mountain. If you call me a monster, you must call him a god. Even as I fight beside you - and I will - we will be battling a hurricane.”
“How can we battle a hurricane?”
Glint bared her fangs. “I will show you”


I finally finished her! :) It took me multiple tries to get initial idea going, but in the end it turned into something I am truly happy with. I really wanted to draw something Guild Wars related and Glint is one of my favourite characters. Powerful, dangerous but good dragons are my weakspot. I had a good time working on this one, trying out new techniques and generally having fun by making a mess on canvas :) Can’t wait to create another GW/GW2 themed artwork!