My apology but simply cant work more with this one - I have a lot to finish up in a reasonable time on my plate so hope you still can treasure this as a little gift for you theguardiian !

Moment of the rising newborn dragon in servitude of Mythal herself as Her Guardian, a deadly but majestic creature of the skies. Before the times we can remember - 

…erm…belly rest? either way…Mercy is it.

Commission for Vhanya of their awesome dragoness Vhanya and their punky gecko Mercy! i love dynamics like this. Vhanya is big, mean, and insatiable. she don’t care who or what she crushes to get what she wants…in this case, she probably convinced Mercy that she dropped a contact, and the gecko, being well…merciful…is lending her a hand to find it. right. that’s exactly what happened XD

thank you so much Vhanya! i appreciate your support and i hope you like this! 


Spending my last snippets of free time for some personal art. I’ve been craving R'hialin piece since a while :)
Decided to remake 2013 “reference” drawing of her. She really deserves updated version. She didn’t really change much I just wanted to draw her again with my current skill levels.
I am finally capable of drawing her more bulky and thicker as she’s supposed to be. R'hialin is no femine, graceful dragoness, that’s for sure.
Added my stock-knight concept painting as scale reference btw :D 
To be continued I hope.