Dragoncon 2014


Got some good shots of my casual BMO!!! I prefer doing much more involved cosplays but gosh it was such a last minute idea! Well, I did at least have bubble with me ;u;  and I’m glad it came together in the end!!! Oh man, my wristbands lit up and junk but it was a little too bright outside to see x0

P.S. I’m trying to throw some BMO shade in that last pic…

External image

I’m not very good at it haha

Monday Warehouse 13 panel at DragonCon.

Question: If the show continued, what would you have wanted to happen next?


[edit a million years later to add the answer]

Eddie: I think it would have been like…you know, Pete and Myka’s divorce.
Joanne: Trial separation…
Eddie: And then all the sudden I call her and I’m like, ‘Who’s there? Hey, who’s over there? Is that HG??’
Joanne: Yeah. It is!
Eddie: [with fakey accent] 'Come back to bed, darling!’


South Park: The Stick of Truth
Dragoncon 2014

Grand Wizard Cartman: terieri
High Jew Elf Kyle: systirmo
Warrior Stan: trevsbox
Edit / Photography: an-eternal-wanderer