*Sleep playing softly in the background*


Sleep - Dragonaut

This is one of my favorite music videos because it’s so simple. It’s just them playing. 


Sleep - “Dragonaut”


Well, I finished Dragonaut: The Resonance. It was a very good anime! Sure, the whole Toa Jin thing got old, but you had the Lindworm team to keep things fresh!

I have decided I am tired of black haired cosplays. Thats all I’ve been doing lately. I love all the ones I’ll have for Ohayocon, but i already have to look forward to Equius at the next few cons and I’m still doing John and Dominic. 

So i have decided officially to try and finish Raina Cromwell as soon as possible. I’d say aquamarine is far from black. I enjoyed this series so much and its painful to know the likelyhood of finding others who do is slim. But thats ok. I’m used to it by now!

Character Raina Cromwell

Series Dragonaut: The Resonance

Premier Ohayocon or A&G Ohio 2012

Lets do this shit. ACTUALIZE BITCHES.