as part of my birthday gift to myself, i marathoned the ghost whisperer on netflix (up to season 2 now)
also decided to draw while i was at it…. this is the most productive i’ve been with art, hah
everything except meeka i drew in the past few days - mostly characters whose designs haven’t been set in stone majorly/who needed revamps/haven’t drawn yet
in order:
Cherry/Trimoline/Jain/Spearmint (Frosty Felines), all on the same base
Tea/Honey, Tranceling
Patty, Minmera
Kokoro, Bat-Cat-Thing
Aki, Pocket Dragon
Crayon, my new birthday baby

  • Person:Toothless isn't a real dragon, just a fake adaptation.
  • Me:How would you like it if I said YOU weren't a real person then because you don't fit the stereotypical mold for how people should look that Disney has forced upon us with their perfect masculine and feminine bodies? Or how about, maybe a chihuahua isn't a real dog because it doesn't look like those common lop-eared spotted dogs you always see in picture books? Cuz lemme tell you something, Einstein, there's a thing called <i>diversity</i>. Maybe you haven't heard of it. But Toothless is as much a dragon as you are a person, as a chihuahua is a dog. He's just different.
  • Person:But--
  • Me:Hey so maybe he doesn't look like a "normal" dragon but screw that he's Alpha of like a thousand dragons, and he looks pretty frikkin cool. So shut up and don't ever tell me that Toothless, THE ultimate dragon species, is not a dragon, you twat.
Commission Info! 3 slots open!


Hey lovely creatures! I’ll get right down to the gist of things so I don’t take up so much of you’re time. I’m in need of saving a bit of money because I am currently in the air about becoming unemployed. My work place is very toxic at the moment and if you have any questions I’ll gladly explain more to people who would like to know what’s going on. Now, in order to continue feeding my cat, do laundry and take care of myself, I’m going to try to gather up a decent financial cushion to fall back on in case of emergencies and such, so I’m opening commissions!

Read on for what I can/will offer!


Draggies are a dragon/feline species that I doodled years ago and I’ve finally decided to do something with them. 
Draggies are $5.00 USD each for adoptables. If you order one of these lovelies as a custom, not only will you get a say in what they look like, but you will also get a full ref sheet so other artists can draw your fluff butts for you. Custom Draggies are $10.00 USD.


Chibis are cute styalized transparent dorks that you can re-size and stick on your blogs! A custom chibi of an already-existing character of yours is $10.00 USD. Add another character and have them interacting for only $15.00 USD!
IF you want me to design a character for you, a completely custom single chibi is $15.00 USD.

Reference Sheets

As a reference sheet, you get your own custom character and color splotches so other artists can easily draw your character! Details are added and highly encouraged so I get everything right and you’re satisfied. c: Reference sheets are $20-25.00 USD.

Character Designs

Character designs are a bit more complicated. I would need a VERY detailed description and references if you have any, and of course what colors you would like, etc etc. Personal messages are required for character designs so we can discuss more about it and work out what you would like, unless you give me artistic freedom. You get a reference sheet with a character design. Character designs are $25.00 USD.


Badges are a head shot usually from the shoulders - up of your character with their name written under it in a funky style! These make great avatars/tags, stickers or blog images. Badges are $5.00 USD.

I will offer a completely custom picture, flat colored with a slight background and your own characters for $35.00-$40.00 USD. I currently don’t have any examples of that work that I like, so I’m not going to post it, but if you request that I show you over messages I will.

Alright cats here’s the part that sucks.

Payment Methods/Rules
Payment must be sent as friend/family over paypal to PrettyBadMojo@gmail.com. If you don’t have a paypal, message me and we will try to work something else out. c: I can also take electronic gift cards to certain stores.

I will NOT draw…
I don’t like drawing copy righted characters (ie pokemon, etc.) but I will if it’s requested.

PLEASE message me if you have ANY questions. If you want to see more of my art, my art blog is PrettyBadMojo. Thanks for that long journey you lovely beastie, I really appreciate your interest and I look forward to possibly doing business with you! (Psst… reblogs are appreciated to to spread the word around a bit. ;3)


Annabeth and her Stormcutter, Mímir, for my PJO How to Train Your Dragon AU

I was planning to stay away from “canon species” of dragon, but I felt that a Stormcutter was fitting for Annabeth with all of their owlish traits and such.

I’m excited with the response my other Viking!AU posts have gotten, and I do plan to make more of the PJO cast!! As for now, >> Nico is here <<

Art is mine
Do not edit or redistribute on other sites without my permission


Julia Elfvenmyr

Homepage: www.monstersandcreatures.com

Tumblr: juliaelfvenmyr.tumblr.com

This small dragon lives it´s short life in the air above the Luminous Lands, illuminating the sky with it’s erratic displays of light. It begins life as a small, brown egg at the bottom of the swamp. When the moon is new it hatches, floating to the surface and beginning a flight that will not end until it´s death.

The dragon will never grow taller than 13 inches from head to tail, and it only hunts small prey such as insects or the occasional young frog. It has none of the intelligence of the larger dragons. When fully grown it finds another dragon from it´s species to mate with. The mating dance is the only time these dragons displays their fire breathing skill. They mate in the air and both partners bear eggs afterwards.

After a while the belly of the now gravid dragon starts to glow around the egg. At first it is a faint light that can only be seen at night, but it grows stronger and stronger as the end of dragon´s life draws near.

Right before the dragon dies it flies high up into the air, where it self combusts and plunges back down into the swamp. This always happens in the middle of the moon phase, making the night sky above the Luminous Lands looks like a galaxy of falling stars.

The only part of the body that remains intact is the skeleton of the tripartite tail. It remains around the egg, protecting it against predators. The morning before the egg hatches the ends of the tailtips breaks of and at night the dragon crawls out.

The indigenous aquatic swamp people use the razor sharp tailtips as spearheads on their fishing tools.

Skypro’s truck and trailer stolen at Furry Weekend convention

I deleted my reply to the other post and instead just going to post something to help gain awareness. 

There are apparently a lot of cars being broken into at Furry Weekend in Atlanta. I believe the cars all belong to furries/fursuiters. And this is really bad.

As an Angel Dragon, I only really know of what has happened to Telephone. Shes famous for creating the adorable Angel Dragon species which has spawned a LOT of other Angel Dragon suits.  Aka ino89777

Her trailer and truck where stolen. 

This is what her trailer looks like, it has the “Skypro Studios” logo on the side. I don’t know whats inside, but thankfully it wasn’t Telephone’s suit itself. 

This is what her truck looks like, that was also stolen.

Tweets from Skypro’s Twitter: 

-Woke up in pain and realize my pain killers where in the car…. just got to tuff it out now. : * (

-Good God. FWA has turned into Crime Con. Like 6+ people have had their cars broken into. @Skyprofursuits had her car & trailer stolen.

-I don’t care that all my camera equipment was stolen. I’m sad because all the memories that where on the SD cards are gone now :’(

-Keep a look out for our stolen black skypro studio trailer and are red 2006 ford explore # FWA 2015 #Atlantageorgia pic.twitter.com/QFNA7ZDREd

-Someone stole are car and trailer. Called to see if it was towed and it was not.

If you’re are the con, or you live around there. Please keep an eye out for the trailer and truck and notify someone right away! If you could also share this to get as many people looking for it as possible, that would be great, and add any additional info if you have it


HEY NEWBIES. In October of 2014, FR introduced the biggest lore bomb they’ve ever done. It hasn’t been mentioned since so there’s not much reason you guys would know about it unless you happen to spot the entry in the Encyclopedia!

Basically, dragons aren’t the only sapient beings on Sornieth (which is what the FR planet is called.) Beastclans and their relationship with the dragons and dragon deities are my favorite part of the FR world so I want to make sure everyone knows about them! Check out the encyclopedia article, it has an awesome video explaining the current state of the world!

tl;dr, Beastclans lived peacefully on Sornieth until the dragon gods woke up (because of the shade), the dragon gods made all the different species of dragons to fight each other and, by extension, kick the Beastclans out of their rightful homes (”Dragonkind was forged to war and claim territory in the name of its eleven patrons. […] Nations that had taken generations to build were obliterated and remade into wyrm caverns and roosts.”), and now the Beastclans are unifying under a common banner to fight back!! WOOOOO!!!!!

Professor Frederic decides to research the imprinting habits of the Abyssal High Dragon. So he has a passable sample size to work with, each of his assistants is tasked with hatching and caring for a dragonling.

Since the Abyssal High Dragon is a species that favours deserts, the eggs are susceptible to cold. During the day they must be carried near the assistant’s body, however the night chill ensures that the eggs must often rely on two sources of heat to remain at the optimum temperature.

deteno asked:

Do the moths tie in to the dragons-for-hire world in any way?

nope! I have a few different universes and I use tags to separate them. here’s a brief rundown:

dragons for hire/know your dragons - fantasy setting, mostly dragons, some other species that I havent introduced yet

shark beach miami - beach romance, mostly sharks, 80s revival setting.

kent and daniel - slice of life romantic comedy, modern setting.

catboots - journal comics, shower thoughts, cross-dimensional travel with Death as a companion, the usual

scenes from the end of this rotten world - post apocalyptic setting heavily influenced by STALKER and Fallout