So many anime reboots/remakes/sequels lately!

This was interesting to make, as well as seeing the differing art styles of both new and old. <3

Summarize your favourite Dragon Ball movie in the silliest manner possible

For example, my favourite DB movie is Battle of Gods. So:

Cranky Egyptian-looking cat God wants to blow up the earth because some pink blob ate all the pudding. So alien monkey man has to absorb the power of a grumpy former space pirate, two kids, a Sentai wannabe and an unborn baby to become the God of the alien monkey men to beat up Cat God. He’s only a God for like five minutes and actually does better as himself.

Meanwhile, an angel falls in love with food, creepy romance blossoms between a purple haired rich kid and a grown woman in a child’s body, and reincarnated Satan sings karaoke.

(anyone else want to give this a try?)