Dragon's daughter

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

Some dumbass: Kobayashi doesn’t give a fuck about Tohru and her feelings


  • Let’s Tohru, a dragon prone to disaster, live in her house for free
  • Expends her little free time making sure Tohru and the other dragons are adapting well and not causing trouble
  • Adopts a dragon child and raises her with Tohru
  • Teaches the dragons about this new world
  • Rents a bigger apartment regardless of her financial conditions so her new dragon daughter and Tohru can live comfortably with her
  • Openly says she hardly ever used to smile before Tohru got in her life
  • Makes a huge effort to learn how to be a good mother 
  • Already has an unhealthy work load but overworks herself even further so she can be more present as a mother during her daughter’s important moments. More present than said daughter’s biological parents. More present than Kobayashi’s own parents ever were.

Some dumbass: What an unhealthy relationship, this woman just doesn’t give a fuck