Dragon Con

Here’s another awesome black knight picture from Dragon Con!  I’m still really busy with my graduate studies, but I occasionally find time in the evening to work on my next costume.  More progress pictures coming soon.  And by the way, someone did guess what my next cosplay is from just the chainmail picture, which was impressive lol.  

Dark Souls black knight made and worn by me.
Photo by Ashley Sowers.


coles of dragon con 001 - flower hat cole
courtesy of acecasinova

I was inspired by all the wonderful cosplays this year at Dragon Con.
acecasinova was a precious bby Cole with flowers in their hat so I wondered why the flowers were there? My brain thought up this fluffy scenario and I drew it out all cute then BAM. I realized that Cole… lives for a very long time.


OKAY!? I’m so thrilled with these pictures! Special thanks to my friend Lexi for taking these pictures, and an even bigger thanks to my amazing friend jagreda for humoring me and being the literal perfect embodiment of Prince Eric for a solid hour for this shoot. We do plan to maybe do another when Ariel has her legs next time! Hope you guys enjoy them. Check ‘em all out on my cosplay page!


I’m thankful for the friendship I’ve gained working with Patrick DeHaven (Rabidirish on various forums, TDC/RPF). We push each other to build ultimately the most accurate representation of Daft Punk that’s feasibly possible without casting off Daft Arts originals! This year at Dragon Con he got to reveal his Human After All/ALIVE costumes. He is wearing Guy, and his buddy Johnny is wearing Thomas. I am holding my Grammy dressed in the TRON Premiere/Grammys costumes, with my friend Eric wearing Thomas.

It’s worth noting these aren’t first drafts of anything worn. I’m on my second RAM Guy, and second Tux. Patrick is also on his second Guy helmet and plans to redo the leather outfits.

It’s worth noting we’re both working towards the ultimate Discovery costumes, perfectly represented as the originals. I can’t wait to share it with the world when it’s truely ready.