Dragon Age Inquisition

A week, a month, a year, it doesn’t matter, you would know his voice anywhere.


He’s changed, you both have. Hair long, silver in his ears, new creases at the corners of his eyes. You weren’t there to see them made, but you watch them deepen now, the smile on his face stretching wide. Happiness here too much to be denied.


It’s the first time you’ve seen each other in ages. You don’t count the days, the breaths, the heartbeats. (Whose would you use? His? Yours?) Neither of you are that kind of romantic, not really, but this close skin calls to skin. When you reach out, he’s reaching back.

You carry new scars on your chest, the round of your shoulder. Always the researcher, he catalogues them, fingers and mouth firm against each new mark. His breath is warm. His mustache tickles. He carries a scar as well, one between the curves of his ribs, a faint pale line you trace with the edge of a nail as he shivers, naked, beside you. Too cocky, he says, too proud. A reminder to be more careful, next time.

(Let me come with you, you say.

It’s an old argument.

One day, you’ll stop having it. You’ll show up at his side, intimidating, and never leave.)

You press him into sheets that smelled stale when you entered but now smell of him, of you, of the two of you together, finally, again. You kiss him, take him apart with fingers and lips, teeth and tongue. Sliding into him, moving against him, his fingers press hard into your flesh and you think about open fields and open roads, ale on your tongue, the sky tinted green. You think about him and home and you want, desperately, his voice in your ear always.

Days will pass, a week, and he will leave and head north and you will leave and head somewhere, ignoring where your feet wish to take you.

Confession:  The first DA game I ever played was Inquisition over at a friend’s place. I didn’t know anything about the fandom or the lore. But I enjoyed the game so I went out and bought Origins and Dragon Age 2. I suddenly understood the lore and the characters and I was suddenly HORRIFIED by what I did in DAI. I had sided with the Templars, called the chantry perfect, and I… sold Bianca. I’m so sorry Varric. I didn’t know I swear! I know better now!! I’m so sorry

It took me forever but it’s finally done! My part of a trade with @mickeymooose of their character Mads. I can make horribly bad puns here about her looking mad, but I’ll refrain XD

Either way, this was super fun to do, it’s not a body shape I draw often but it was a fun challenge ^__^ The anchor’s kinda hiding that she’s cracking her knuckles but eh, that’s an after thing I only just now noticed, ugh. Anyway, I hope you like it, @mickeymooose and sorry for taking so long!

Walking in Circles - Chapter 12
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So it’s my birthday this weekend and I thought I’d try to do one brave thing and venture back into tumblr-land long enough to post the link to the next chapter of Circles. 

I hope you enjoy it.  It’s that chapter. The one I’ve been alluding to for a while.