Dragon Age Inquisition

Peace and Calm

Sometimes, it was too much. Her hand hurt, burned and corroded. Sometimes it was like ice, prickles of bees and thorns. Other times it was waves of the ocean, pounding into the rocks.

Her lips pursed; she was running out of time. And they were still finding new Rifts. Despite the closing of the Breach. Ones that had been festering in the countryside, demons killing only wildlife and those unlucky few who have stumbled upon the toxic holes.

Around each of them was death; bones and flesh and the smell of ozone. So much pain; so much that she felt it all the time.

It didn’t hurt now. Now it was soft and scruffy. Real peace before they had to leave this tent. Cullen pressed his lips to her palm, knowing how it pained her. She pressed closer to his bare body, breathing deeply of his lovely scent. His lips moved up her arm, and he whispered against her shoulder, “My favorite part of setting up a new campsite, testing the new sleeping arrangements.”

Ari’elle chuckled, at peace while in his arms, sated and lazy. She stretched her sore muscles and flopped her arm over his neck, her palm caressing sweat dampened curls. It didn’t hurt, just a normal hand. Cullen wasn’t the Inquisitor here, she wasn’t the Tamer of Rifts. They were just two people tangled together. “It’s a wonderful part. Although…” her arm slipped down and lightly slapped his ass, “I think I prefer when we are a bit more occupied than just sleeping.”

A gasp interrupted her giggle as Cullen rolled, pinning her beneath him and wedging his hips between her thighs. “Oh yeah?” His voice lowered and suggestive, “Maybe you can convert me.”

And then she didn’t think about the Mark for a long time.

Reid Lavellan

She’s the most beautiful Inquisitor I’ve ever made!! 


(Sorry for the not-so-great quality pictures) I hope you like her!!

Reid is very sarcastic and is known for her not so funny puns. She loves wearing armour, crafting armour and fawning over her creations :D 

She’s loves hanging out with Dorian, Cole, Varric and Sera. Her romance is with Blackwall, at first she just adored his beard but then eventually found out he was quite sarcastic/funny as well. 

She is very light-hearted, but when she is angry or upset she’s known for setting stuff on fire (as she is a mage that lovesss fire, like a lot) 

She’s always working hard to make sure her inner circle are okay <3 

I have a canon that she has a three year old son, called Ghilan who has the most tangible curly hair ever and has these bright green eyes. She doesn’t even explain herself to anyone when she returns to Skyhold with a toddler and that most of her inner circle struggle to see her as a Mum as she can be quite childish and hyper. 

Literal conversation I wrote down of Reid and Ghilan talking about Corypheus. Because it’s totally not obvious how much I think about Reid from the above paragraph’s. 

Ghilan; “Why were you gone so long?” 

Reid; “Well, me and my friends made an army to beat the evil guys big, red butt!” 

Ghilan; “…He should see a healer about that.” 

I totally don’t think about Reid most of the time :3