Dragon Age Inquisition

PSCs - Josephine Montilyet

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Just a head’s up: It’s less than a week to Comic Fiesta, the biggest Anime, Games, and Comics convention in Malaysia, and my art group will have a table on both days (Basic Artbooth section: Yon Gumi, M18-19). As I’ll be bringing most of my inventory (Inktobers, prints, etc) to sell there, the online store will be closed from Friday Dec 16th - Sunday Dec 18th.

Therefore, if there’s anything in the store that you’ve had your eye on, I’d suggest you get them prior to the 16th in case it sells out at the convention floor.

Confession:  The first time I played through Cole’s personal quest I was highly upset at how different he was when he remained a spirit that I restarted to my last save and changed him to be more human in spite the dialog leading to it not being in line with what my Inquisitor would say. Recently I started to play DA:O for the first time and I keep making more “mistakes” and it’s taught me, like real life, you can have good intentions and still not come out the way you want. So I’m trying now not to reset my files to previous saves and living with what choices I make in game.

DA:I Spells: Resurgence 💫

inspired by dragon age, a spell that calls on benign spirits to heal you

💫 gather: citrine, cucumber, fern, and a white candle

💫  light the candle, and invite benign spirits

💫 offer them the cucumber, ask them their help

💫 spread the cucumber juice over the citrine

💫 burn the fern, thank the spirits

💫 carry the citrine as a charm

DA:I Spells: Mind Blast 💥

inspired by the dragon age series, a spell using your willpower that drives harmful people back and makes them less likely to target you again

💥 gather: an acorn, amethyst, bay leaf, grass, black thread, and a purple candle

💥 wrap the candle with grass and bay leaf, tie with black thread

💥 embed the amethyst into the candle

💥 light the candle.

💥 sear the acorn with the flame. 

💥 when you need to use the charm again, grip the acorn and glare at the person, similar to when casting the evil eye.