Dragon Age II

  • Merrill: Demons are no different than any other spirit and blood magic is not inherently evil
  • DA Fandom: lol get a load of this naive idiot
  • Solas: Demons are no different than any other spirit and blood magic is not inherently evil
  • DA Fandom: wow... i never though of it like that before...so wise... so enlightened... tell us more...
This post is very Anders critical. You’ve been warned.

Listen, you don’t get to deny all of your favorite character’s flaws and claim they’re “ooc” and “bad writing” and then turn around and say that it’s the writer’s fault for not showing you his flaws. 

They did show you his flaws. They’re right there. 

They showed you that Anders has absolutely no desire to check his own privilege over elves. They showed you clearly that he only cared about elves when he could appropriate their oppression and make it about his own oppression, somehow. 

They showed you Anders repeatedly calling a former-slave an animal and then approving if you sold him back into slavery. 

They showed you Anders throwing slavery into the former-slave’s face as a rhetorical devise, over and over again. 

They showed you Anders proselytizing to a Dalish woman, no matter how much she protested or shot him down. 

They showed you Anders sexually harassing a widow about her dead husband. 

They showed you Anders behaving like some “FRIENDZONED!!!11″ man-child and trying to emotionally manipulate you if you told him you just wanted to be friends. 

They showed you Anders shit-talking your lover and your relationship to your face; quite possibly to their faces. 

They showed you Anders repeatedly shaming a woman of color who he himself has been in orgies with for her sexuality. 

They showed you Anders/Justice [nearly] murdering a teenage girl for questioning him.

They showed you Anders disregarding even Justice’s feelings about the body that he shared with Justice. (”Unwilling participant in our threesome”?) 

They showed you Anders being down-right emotionally abusive if you didn’t immediately agree to distract the Grand Cleric for him. 

They showed you Anders blowing up a building with the clear and direct intention of martyring a group of people he hadn’t so much as asked about it. Anders was never trying to save the Kirkwall Circle, and both the context of his actions and his own dialogue, as well as Orsino’s, make that clear. 

Look, sorry-not-sorry, but what the writers showed you wasn’t some woobie who did nothing wrong until suddenly the game decided to vilify him in Inquisition. What the writers showed you was an emotionally abusive racist and misogynist who didn’t care for any cause but his own and never hesitated to throw other people under the bus–even when that meant those other people’ literally dying–to achieve his own ends. 

That was all in Dragon Age II. If you closed your eyes and stuck your fingers in your ears, that’s not the writers’ faults. 

I ! am ! finally ! done ! This was one of those were you go, eh, I’ll start it, I’ll doubt I’ll finish it, but whatever. So here’s Anders, kudos to @timesorceror again, for making this a thing.