In Trespasser when Dorian tells my Inquisitor that he will be returning to Tevinter for good and gives her the communication crystal, I always end up tearing up. I love Dorian more than anyone else - even my fave romance options which is saying something. I just feel so humbled to have his friendship, I just cannot express it properly.            

Confession: The first time I triggered the Fade scene with Solas, I did not realise that I was in the Fade. At all. Oh we’re visiting Haven? The village that just got destroyed? Seems legit. Is that the Breach, still looming in the sky? Didn’t I close it? Huh, probably not, if it’s still there.
No wonder I never picked up on any ‘Dread Wolf hints’.

In my defence, my mind was somewhat preoccupied…


I really want the choice of helping/hindering Merill with the Eluvian to influence whether or not if she works with Fen'Harel. I think it would be an interesting result because it was a major character plot point for Merill. Though I’m not sure which way it should go. For example, would helping her make her realize that the world is worth saving and she sides against him; or would it provide her the access that she would need in order to join up with Fen'Harel, and since she is obsessed with preserving Elvhen culture, she views that working for him would be a good idea.

Confession:  While in all likelihood he probably just calls her by name unless flat out using terminology to describe their relationship, I like the idea of romanced Fenris referring to Hawke as his “beloved”. Probably not exclusively, and maybe not even often, but impo, “girlfriend” and “partner” don’t seem to really suit his romantic vocabulary (one seems too juvinille and the other pretentious). I can also see him using “wife”, should they go that path, although that’s more of a hardedged distinction

Confession:  A while back, my mom who has bad long-term PTSD started having nightmares that were so vivid and detailed that she started thinking she was a bad person for her brain to create them. It was very upsetting for her and so I recalled what the warden had said to Leliana after she confronted Marjolaine, and told her “Evil doesn’t worry about being good”. It turns out those were exactly the words she was needing to hear, and they helped her towards working through it. I’ll honestly always be thankful.

Confession:  I think the thing that hurts the most about the Solas/Lavellan romance is that he completely steals everything from you, both indirectly and directly.
The anchor, bestowed on you accidentally, separates you forever from your former life and your clan.
His disdain for the Dalish is finally explained when he tells you the original meaning of the Vallaslin; as slave markings denoting which of the Evanuris your forebears belonged to. If that revelation bothers you, and you trust the man you love enough to remove them for you, you are basically assenting to cutting yourself off from your heritage with the expectation that you will now be joining him and learning true Elven culture…. then he dumps you, and you find out he’s been trying to destroy the world you’ve been trying to save.
He is not Lavellan’s love interest; he’s her origin story.


I wish fewer people bought into the idea that Fenris is all tsundere humorless stick in the mud; he’s one of the few companions who laughs at Hawke’s stupid jokes, as well as the only one to laugh at Isabela’s comment about Aveline putting her thumb up Donnic’s ass, not to mention his jokes about dancing around his mansion and Varric’s beard falling onto his chest. Anytime I see a post about him shutting down Hawke’s fun it feels so painfully out of character.