I want more F!Mage!TrevelyanxSolas friendship fics!!!

Where are they? Give them to me. I want the feelings that I felt when I first played DA: I, betrayal and hurt and anger and loss and just dread. I want others to see that Solasmancers weren’t the only ones who felt hurt to a high degree, for I cried for this fictional men. Not just because of my heart that dropped because I may have to kill him in a future game to stop him, but because I felt for him and I understood.

I understood so much it hurt. But my feelings were more hurt then anything else. I trusted him, wholeheartedly. My Inquisitor trusted him wholeheartedly. Always asking for his stories of the Fade, always curious. For she is a Mage herself and wants to explore this glorious people that others demonize and tell Mages to stay away from. Always wanting his approval, even if they disagreed at times.

My Inquisitor may have loved Cullen romantically, but Solas held her love as well. Just as deeply.

For a lover may have your heart, but friends hold pieces to your soul.

Solas has one, and Fen’Harel shattered it. Shattered it to million little pieces, looking unsalavageable. Because the Elven God causes many things and many mistakes. And it seems he was about to make another one.

But my Inquisitor, I, saw past this god. I saw past the royal clothes and strong and frightening powers. For she saw what I saw, and it was a man that held sad eyes that could not meet hers and a voice just as heartbreaking.

She saw Solas, her friend. Not Fen’Harel, the future enemy and god that was chosen by the people. As he saw her, Trevelyan, his friend. Not Inquisitor, Fen’Harel doom rival and nemesis in a war.

They were both given titles they did not pick nor want, but tried their best to live up to everyone’s hopes and faith.

And that’s why she chose to save him, to redeem. To find a way to save her friend from himself cause she only sees Solas who understood how heavy titles are.

The words he said back to her only made her,my, resolve stronger.

“I would treasure the chance to be proven wrong once again, my friend.”

And just how afterwards each meeting will go, each future battle. Where there’s a parley or something or other before or after each battle where they talk with heavy words and sad gases or they just stare with this sadness.

I…just want a fic where this is all felt…because a broken friendship hurts too. Just like a broken romance.


The first time I played Origins a few years back, I was so uncomfortable with my own bisexuality and my attraction to Leliana (and her flirting with my Warden that I designed to resemble me) that I latched almost aggressively onto Alistair, and ignored her pretty much all throughout that playthrough. But now that I’ve become more comfortable with myself, you could not pry me or my Aeducan away from my adorably kickass Divine wife, and I’m so sad for my closeted self that she had to miss out.            


I’m really bothered by how many canon abusive lesbian relationships there have been in Dragon Age - Leliana/Marjoline, Branka/Hespith, and Briala/Celene. The only two canonical lesbian relationships that are happy, healthy and pleasant have been Charter/Tessa (only known if you read the comics), as well as Sera/Dagna (only happens if you aren’t romancing Sera, and even then, it’s just written in her book and never actually talked about). I hope the writers stop using this trope in future because it’s really upsetting and they’ve done it to death already.


I feel like the female romance options don’t get nearly as much attention from the fandom as the male ones. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like every other confession is about Alistair or Cullen or Solas. This isn’t meant to be an attack on people who like those characters, it’s just….. frustrating. I just wish there was more content with Cassandra or Leliana or Josephine.            


For our followers who may missed this. Its amazing and beautiful.


After examining a lot of their canon interactions - sending messengers to check on him, teasing him about his hair, and so on - I’ve developed the very firm belief that Cassandra, Josephine, and Leliana have adopted Cullen as some sort of communal little brother. I think it’s especially true of Cass, since she misses her own brother so much. I also think that he likes having some extra big sisters, since he hasn’t seen his real big sister in so long.            


The line where Dorian says “Selfish, I suppose, not wanting to spend the rest of your life screaming on the inside.”  Still gives me chills every time I listen to it. It has got to be one of my favourite dialogue lines in the whole dragon age series. Alongside Meridith’s “If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant.”            


I don’t like it how some people in this fandom criticize characters like Cullen for having bad viewpoints due to a traumatic event when he was younger and more ignorant, while they themselves stay completely ignorant to how much he grew and how different his views are in DA:I, not to mention that they most often praise characters with their own bad past = bad decisions/views arcs like Solas, Anders, Fenris, etc., some of which don’t even end up changing their minds.

I personally like and try to understand all of them as much as I can and it confuses me how some people can blatantly loathe one of them like they made some serious personal offense against them and plain out bully those who disagree while excusing the actions and previous/current opinions of other similar characters.

Things aren’t black or white, not in the entire DA lore, not for any of them and extreme hatred towards those characters who feel very much burdened by their past views and at least try to change their ways, as well as towards the part of them fandom that likes them in any way is just unfair and cruel.

Confession:  I don’t get people who bully others, because they like “common” romances. Hell yeah, my Cousland is in love with Alistair. Yes, my mage Hawke is in love with Fenris and my Inquisitor is happily living in marrige with Cullen. The fact that those romances are popular doesnt meant that they are “basic” or “boring”. On the contrary, I dare to say so many people went this route due to the fact that those romances are amazingly well done.


I think the main problem with Champions of the Just is one major thing the developers left out: an introduction. You had no real incentive to seek out the templars other than if your Inquisitor was a hard core supporter. In Hushed Whispers gave us the intro where we meet Dorian and find an actual lead for Breach with the introduction of the Venatori. If the Templar quest had an intro like that, say we met with Barris beforehand and he asked for help, then it would have made more sense to do it


I really appreciated Aveline’s story about her father in DA2 after Hawke lost their family. I’ve noticed other protagonists usually push through grief and mourning super quick in order move the story along and to maintain their image of the “strong leader”. Aveline was one of the few characters I’ve met in games like this that actually told the protag, “Hey, this grief is yours. You decide what mourning should be to you. It’s not a weakness to cry.” That means something important.            


I think a lot of people forget that DA2 is being told by Varric to Cassandra. Varric, who wasn’t present for everything, and has to condense ten years of events into a day, is saying all this to a hostile audience. Character traits were exaggerated or left out as relevant to the plot, or to keep from painting his friends in a damning light. People Varric didn’t know have assumptions made about them, events he didn’t understand seem to come from nowhere. While I know the development for DA2 was wonky, I think this gives a good, in-game reason as to why the characterization of some people seems to be all over the place between different games.