Confession: The first time I triggered the Fade scene with Solas, I did not realise that I was in the Fade. At all. Oh we’re visiting Haven? The village that just got destroyed? Seems legit. Is that the Breach, still looming in the sky? Didn’t I close it? Huh, probably not, if it’s still there.
No wonder I never picked up on any ‘Dread Wolf hints’.

In my defence, my mind was somewhat preoccupied…

Confession:  The first time I played the ME3 ending, I didn’t understand what the Starchild was saying. I mean, I WAS listening, but I was so afraid my Shep was going to die that I kept forgetting everything that was coming out of that kid’s mouth. Thank the Spirits there was my boyfriend and he explained everything again and I couldn’t bring myself to choose because I had a bad feeling about my Shep’s own ending. So I kept stalling and asking him questions until he was so exasperated, I felt bad for him. After a few more minutes I chose Synthesis, because the idea of destroying Joker and EDI’s future was too painful (Control was not an option for my Shep) and when I saw the ending I cried the whole time. And the whole night. I kept thinking about Garrus (my Shep’s LI) and couldn’t even fathom the pain he was going through because of my (her) choice, so a month later I started writing my first fanfiction ever. I had to put a more elaborated end to that ending. Oh, it’s been a year now and I’m not going to be over ME3 anytime soon.

I’m sad...

Okay I usually keep out of those discussions, but this is just too much right now. Have you seen what is hoing on over at @dragonageconfessions?

Have you seen that they are called homophobic and racist because a gay man ‘confessed‘ that they reconciled Dorian with their father? And they now recieve an awful lot of hate for posting this confession (and others as well, but this is the main example here).

I can’t do much except offering my utmost support for the mods of the blog and NO, they did not do anything wrong in my eyes.

The man who submitted this confession was extremely respectful and tactful. Like everybody should. You cann tell me all about how you played your game, how you modded it, it doesn’t matter! As long as you don’t expect me to imitate your choices or agree to everything. It’s called tolerance and acceptance. And i like to think that i practice these in my everyday life, not just in a fandom. It makes me extremely sad to see that those are apparently rare virtues.

I don’t want to bore you guys with too much text, but I hope you catch my drift :)

Confession:  I cannot help but only see the best in the concept of Circles. For all of the flaws Circles could have, I like to think that many templars and mages lived in harmony during their day to day lives. Am I too idealistic? Perhaps. But I like to imagine that many more templars had a view like Ser Thrask and many more mages had a view like Wynne than the games and novels showed us. I’m a firm believer that the series only brought the tragic extremes of the mage-templar tensions to our attention.


It always makes me chuckle when I  picture my Inquisitor
calling the advisors to the War Room at 3:00AM or some
other early hour, and they’re yawning, with bed hair,
and either in their night clothes or their clothes
are slightly off from putting them on in an a hurry.
And their LI is either there in on the joke or the
Inquisitor asked them to the War Room and they have
bed hair and are half awake.


Each time that I play Origins, I make sure I persuade Ser Landry not to fight me, he says he’ll investigate Loghains actions as Ostagar and walks away. Why do we see no more of this? The perfect time to run into him again potentially, is either in the lead-up to, or at, the Landsmeet. Even better, would be a random encounter while traveling with Loghain in the party. It just bugs me, he seems like a good guy.

Confession:  Deciding the Ultimate Sacrifice in DAO was extremely agonizing for me. I questioned my decision for days after, thinking of how I might have chosen wrongly. True to my character, the tropey hero, he was not willing to make a demon baby, not willing to betray his love interest, not willing to force Alistair into it, and adamant about giving up his own life to save the people. I hated doing it but I HAVE to roleplay authentically.