Dragon Age

The people of Ferelden trust their dogs more than any other people in Thedas. 

Due to this, Fereldans have developed a strange custom, wherein, before any business is to be done with someone the Fereldan does not trust, the person in question is taken before the Fereldan’s dog. 

The dog is then introduced to the person. Should the dog growl, or show fear, or place themselves between their owner and the person in question, the person is viewed to be untrustworthy and the Fereldan will not do business with them.

The same custom is also done with potential suitors. 

Should an Orlesian fear that a Fereldan’s dog will not trust them, whether they have bad intent or not, this guide advises that they place a piece of smoked ham, or other piece of meat within the inner pockets of their clothes, The dog, smelling the food, will often greet the person in an enthusiastic manner, and the person may thus continue their business with the Fereldan. 

A Guide to Étiquette written by Comtesse Juliette De Mont-de-Glace


The only reason why I can’t support the Circle of Magi is because I simply don’t understand, why mages, even at a young age, are being completely cut off from contact with the outside world.

My idea for the Circles would be to turn them into academies, like a Thedas version of Hogwarts, teach mages how to use their skills for good, (including explaining the dangers of blood magic) allow them contact with their families and friends, let them visit home from time to time. I can imagine it would reduce a lot of frustration and thus the danger of possession

I think templars do exist for a good reason, even phylacteries. However they should be working hand in hand with the mages instead of intimidating them. Communication is key. And I think it’s been proven often enough that negative emotions are not helpful when dealing with magic and demons.

All in all, if cthe circle was more open to the world and to their mages, I’m not sure apostates would even exist.

dear dragon age fandom: when are you gonna stop comparing sebastian to frollo and start comparing petrice, meredith, elthina and lucius to frollo. when are you going to actually make the villains villains you cowards, you fools, you