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Dating Charlie would involve?

  • Encouraging him before Quidditch games
  • Rewarding him with kisses whether his team wins or loses
  • Supporting him when he tells you he wants to study dragons out of Hogwarts
  • Cuddling up to him at night and him always smelling of pine
  • Having a picnics outside on the grounds before Charlie has to go to his Care of Magical Creatures class
  • Visting Hagrid together, and talking until it gets dark about all kinds of magical creatures
  • At first, you just listen to him talk about dragons because you love his enthusiasm. Eventually, you end up loving dragons just as much as he does (and almost as much as you love him).
  • Living together in Romania, and both working at the same dragon sanctuary. 
  • Owling letters home to Mrs Weasley, because you know Charlie forgets to do it regularly and she’ll only worry if you don’t
  • Never having children, but raising enough dragons that you feel like you’ve had hundreds 
  • (Ace Headcanon bonus) Charlie telling you that he’s asexual, but not aromantic, so he’s not sexually attracted to you but does want to be your romantic partner.

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