Birthday gift for my very good and dear friend of mine; @cryptidprince of our dragon characters (Astarte and Aguarra) which suppose to be a collab since forever but never got time to get around it. 

You can see her lines of the image here - I tried to make up with doing my best work with the colours and I even managed to make it for the day ! Happy Birthday and thank you for the friendship you sharing with me since years <3

“During the testing phases of the newer, less bulky EVA suit technologies, test subjects were quite pleased with the Mk1 variants as a fairly accurate control sample that could be expanded upon. Unfortunately, the irony was that the suit handled very poorly to expansions from within, as a test subject soon found out after the ill affects of a particularly suspicious eggsalad sandwich began to manifest in his innards.”

“In the wake of this experiment, testing on the more flexible Mk2 unit has begun with favorable results, and unrelated opportunistic testing has begun on the ability for living hosts to internally incubate foreign organics for extended periods of time…”

Eggs, in Ruby’s belly?? Shhhhh, it’s a secret to everyone~ :3c