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cant u see that sheith is canon get over it klance is doomed

 i know right ? ? ? ? ?   im just sitting there like “shiro you are like a brother to me” and thinking about it like “shiro you are like a brother to me” and then my feels just hit me again and i’m questioning myself  “shiro you are like a brother to me”

you are rite bromance klance cant win this,the war is over i  leave the bromance to sheith 👀

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Look I know the rayridingwood AU is old and shit but it is 4 am and I can't stop thinking about rayridinghood but it is Hoodwicked. Have you even seen that movie? I don't know but I need to share this with you just for your consideration.

good lord if you mean the animated movie Hoodwinked then yeah i’ve seen it

terrible but oddly entertaining. if you wanna merge it with rrh then be my guest lmao

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tell me of tollers!

Let me tell you of tollers! They’re red! They retrieve things! They’re bred specifically to lie to ducks, and I can respect that, because ducks are assholes.

Plus I’m seeing some issues around stress and shoddy mentality, so that’s right on brand for me tbh


@dukewuornos i hope you have a wonderful birthday today! and guess what, i actually wrote you something! i’m as amazed as you probably are! 

(and yes, it’s based off that post c;)

ao3 link


Leonard was going to murder Jim.

It wasn’t even a question anymore; the moment Jim paused the bike, Leonard was 100% going to strangle him and drag the body behind the nearest bush, where Jim could then enjoy a noble afterlife being ripped into tiny fleshy pieces by any circling vultures.

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