Drag racing


Drag racing at the LA River or rather in the LA River bed. The pictures are basically self explanatory they drag race and get caught. The  picture 3rd from the bottom are some guys caught after they thought they got away but busted on the 7th street bridge by a plainclothes detective who was on his way home when he saw them speed by and put it together knowing the police had set a plan that night to sneak up on them he was never supposed to be a part of it but as luck had it he was. The last picture was in the day time busting 60 kids from Marshall high (my high school) along with students from Glendale high, Burbank high, Hollywood high and Hoover high in the 1950s


We Do it in the Dirt!! Chopped the Final Frontier, Video on Demand  release coming soon to Vimeo and itunes

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Chopped - The Final Frontier - Trailer from Street Machine Magazine on Vimeo.

see the full film here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/26949

The Millennium Falcon takes its name from a race car called the Century Eagle, which Lucas saw in a drag race during college. Known for driving the entirety of Kessel St. in L.A. in only 12 seconds, the car was driven by Lucas’s friend, Solomon Han, who had a large Golden Retriever named Chewy. Also perhaps most notably, the car was once eaten by a gigantic meteor-bound space worm.

The guy on the bike even thought HE HAD a chance against a r35 ! 😭😂😂
Little did he know 😂
⛔ TAG a biker 👇👇😂