Reminder to complete a vote registry if you haven’t yet. According to Ginger Minj’s elimination look, the future doesn’t look too bright - now’s our time to change that! Every vote for Hillary counts toward a next four years without walls or blatant discrimination in the streets. 

The last thing we want is an orange man who lies about well documented events, calls out “the help” and blames everyone else becoming the president. But enough about Phi Phi O’Hara; Donald Trump must be stopped!

The moment we knew when RPDR winner snatched her crown...

Season 8 - Bob the Drag Queen

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Season 7 - Violet Chachki

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Season 6 - Bianca Del Rio

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Season 5 - Jinkx Monsoon

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Season 4 - Sharon Needles

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Season 3 - Raja Gemini

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Season 2 - Tyra Sanchez

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Season 1 - Bebe Zahara Bonet

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So this bitch had a lot to say lmao

Miss Hannah Nicole thought shed message my brother some fuckass shit in 2016 like?🤔 Did you not know you were going to get dragged? Thas yo own dam fault girl🙂🙂🙃👏🏿 can we please get this girl😒