On Friday night, a new American monarch rose to power beneath a cascade of rose petals, a cracked mask and the ballads of Whitney Houston.

But she didn’t just use the glamour, comedy, acting and lip syncing prowess that fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race have come to expect from America’s Next Drag Superstar. Sasha Velour relies on brains.

When the 30-year-old queen is at home in Brooklyn, N.Y., she produces and stars in a monthly drag cabaret event called Nightgowns. She co-founded Velour, a magazine spotlighting lesser-known styles and issues in drag. She received an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies and studied political art as a Fulbright Scholar in Moscow.

She also considers herself an “amateur drag historian,” acknowledging there have always been different schools of drag — all competing, warring, pushing the art in new directions.

But for Velour, her style comes from simultaneously paying tribute to the queens who came before her and blocking out any voices that might try to dictate what her drag should be.

“I want to do something that is not just a pastiche of drag that’s come before, but is really authentically me,” she said. “I try to tune out all the drag that’s out there and tap into the drag that I was doing when I was a little kid — when I didn’t even know the word ‘queer’ or that gay people were out there. … Tapping into the things I’ve always loved and building a drag that honors those.”

'RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Winner Sasha Velour Cut From A Different Fabric

Photo: Courtesy of VH1

my crush: so what’re you wearing ;)

me: it’s like a, um….. like a butterfly in a cocoon? so ima be like, some type of like a cocoon. then ima grow so as im walking down to the run walking down the runway, im gonna grow. cause the butt, the butterfly is actually is in the cocoon, this is the cocoon. and which is me, the butterfly. you know like a butterfly is in a cocoon?? every step that I take down the runway, the, uh, butterfly inside is growing. so once it get revealed to the end of the runway, the butterfly…is… there.

Condragulations to Sasha Velour for snatching the crown on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9!
Let´s all be happy and appreciate the fact that we actually have a television series about Drag Queens celebrating their art instead of sending death threats and being petty and bitter.

anonymous asked:

Just a question! I know you don't like RuPaul's DR, but Shea Coule is a queen who got her fame through that show. Is it just the show you don't like? I'm wondering as I'm trying to figure out stuff for myself and wonder your oppinion.

yeah basically where im at is fuck rupaul nd drag race and if any of y’all have any Tea on Shea or anyone then @ me
the show nd rupaul and several contestants, to make a long story short, are just shit,, and given how commodified and popular it has been its really put me and a whole load of other trans women Off drag almost entirely which is shite because we made drag and its another “””community””” (or whatever it is nowadays) that we’re being alienated and even victimised by so Thanks Rupaul for that.

but drag in general isnt An Inherently bad thing, like i was watching some sylvia rivera nd marsha p. johnson videos the other day and it got me thinking about the disconnect between drag being this more fluid thing and these two figures being activists and forming the gay liberation movement that called out shitty cissies within it for ostracising trans women and queens even then. and now ? we’re left with that community being turned into a huge Profit that doesnt go back into activism and supporting communities etc. etc.. so when i see drag in art that plays with a more fluid sense of drag and plays artistically and respectfully with drag that signifies back onto our current society and its history its… good shit, its not being funnelled into a huge channel that causes the ostracization of the transfeminine and then profits from that.

and like, i wanna finish by saying although the show enforces this systematic oppression and reification, its obviously a lot more complex than saying everyone on it is directly accountable for it since systems of oppression mostly operate in a delocalised manner. (but still, fuck ru paul and fuck the show in general yknow)