It’s true! Yet another Coco video! Because, apparently, shopping for a Wonder Woman crock-pot wasn’t enough!…


I keep trying to watch more stuff from the other S10 queens, but somehow I always end up watching more Miz Cracker, and further solidifying my already intense bias in her favor. OK Katelyn, time for dinner!

Calling out the zodiac signs

Aries - There’s this thing called sharing, you should try it.

Taurus - Boring, boring, boring 😴💤

Gemini - You guys are actually compulsive liars.

Cancer - Emotional manipulation and playing the victim isn’t cute.

Leo - Your constant need for attention and validation is unbecoming. Way too needy….

Virgo - Stop criticising (“helping”) other people and worry about/improve yourself.

Libra - There’s something called a backbone and an opinion, you should find ‘em

Scorpio - Stop acting like you don’t care when you clearly give all the fucks, you’re only spiting yourself.

Sagittarius - You guys dish it but you really can’t take it.

Capricorn - Not everything is about status and what someone else can do you for you.

Aquarius - Cutting people off just because you’re scared that they’ll get too close and you’ll be vulnerable is actually pathetic.

Pisces - Just stop being a mess, please!