I love how people are bitching that Sasha won. She never was in the bottom and brought it every week. I loved her since episode one. She’s so intelligent, articulate and original. She’s politically aware and knows her LGBTQ history. She spoke out on so many important issues this season and was not afraid to be herself. She represents a type of drag that is often looked down on but her looks were so put together and meaningful. So many queens hide behind wigs and dresses but Sasha is challenging conventional drag. She deserves to win and she validates those out there who don’t fit in. 

Drag for the longest time wasn’t accepted by society (and still isn’t in some places) but there are queens who don’t even fit into the ‘drag world’. So sorry your fav didn’t win but don’t pretend like Sasha isn’t an amazing queen who deserved that crown. And don’t pretend that this isn’t a huge step forward in getting more diversity in drag. Drag is an art and Sasha is an artist. 

anonymous asked:

Fully agree about the "art school weird." Like, it's all gimmick with no actual payoff.

I’m not even mad that she made top 4 really, she had some solid looks, tho I think she was mostly riding on Shea’s coat tails during team performances.

But yeah, I feel like her entire approach is like “wow wouldn’t it be weird if I brought *Judith Butler* or *Basquiat* to drag?” As if she isn’t in a lot of ways way less related to the subjects of those ~high art~ sources than the other queens.

It all seems a bit condescending to me, and especially feels that way from her fans, who seem to be the sort of people who are always into the queens who “push drag”, probably because in reality they don’t particularly like drag as an art and wish it were more just like *performance art* or whatever