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“The Beasts of Usher”

Synopsis: The death of Hayley Marshall destroys all peace in the Mikaelson household. Elijah is inconsolable and has turned to a “ripper” lifestyle while Rebekah and Klaus try to figure out the source of a mysterious illness placed on Hope. It comes as a shock to the family when the well-known house of evil in New Orleans, The House of Usher, is suddenly taken up by its original sibling creators: Abigail Williams, Victor Frankenstein, and Vladimir Dracula. The House is rumored to be one of the gates to hell, but when its told Abigail could have a cure for Hope, Klaus is willing to venture into its doors and find more than just a cure for his child. He also finds a controversial romance with Abigail herself.

16+ - Romance/Drama, fiction - some gore/sexual content

Daily Doodle #213

Heyoooo, saw a cute comic today! made me laugh, gave me an idea to draw this lil Dracula who’s having a bad day and a problem with morphing between forms…daww.

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The first Horror movie Villain

The first known horror movie villain is none other than the demon Mephistopheles AKA Mephisto (Not Satan himself as many films indicate that they are one and the same. Mephisto is just a demon) from the German legend of Faust. His first cinematic appearance was in The Haunted Castle, from 1896. It’s very short though. It features Mephistopheles haunting a house and messing with people. Interesting to note it had man to bat transformations one year before the Dracula novel was published. Carmilla (an 1870s vampire novel) had it’s vampire take cat form, whereas Dracula could become a a bat, mist and wolf and both could walk by day it just wasn’t their natural time.

Mephisto was also very, very flamboyant.