‘  Draco: Y/N!

   This took you by surprise. He never called you by your first name. You changed your route and headed for the tall boy.

   Draco: Can I- uhh Can we talk in a place a bit more private?

   Y/N: Sure… You are not trying to kill me right?

   Draco: No, no nothing like that.

   He shuffled his foot and shifted his eyes around the hall. Then he grabbed your wrist and you both settled in an abandoned classroom.

   Draco: I was wondering if you would like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.

  You beamed with happiness. 

   Y/N: I would love to! As long as you pay for the butter-beers.      ‘

In response to Draco being 'straight'


Me: the evidence–check the fanart. Check the fanfiction. Check the Internet. Ask Tom Felton. Draco likes boys.

Sherlock: no no. After referring to J K Rowling’s books themselves, I have firmly deduced that Draco Lucius Malfoy is gay. He is non-heterosexual in every way and sense of the word. And not only that, but he is gay for Harry James Potter. It is elementary, my dear Daphne.

Me: ok. I’m cool with that.

John: *tries to look extremely affronted but fails miserably* wtf is wrong with society

Sherlock: now we can take that obviously, poorly mistaken person who so blatantly lied to you and put them in the dungeon.

«Con orgullo acepto:
Defender con honor mi casa,
ser leal a mis prefectos y obedecer a mis maestros
y nuestro jefe de casa.
Slytherin ganará la copa de las casa.
Y de ira llenarán a todos los demás.
Jamás debo olvidar que estoy en la mejor casa,
porque en nuestra casa solo entran grandes magos,
astutos e ingeniosos,
orgullosos porque ha sido fundada
en la lengua pársel

Draco and Lucius: Daddy Dearest?

I have this theory regarding Draco Malfoy and the relationship he seems to have with his father. At first, it seems that Draco has nothing but total love and devotion to Lucius. However, as the story unfolds, this love and admiration seems to mask the hatred and fear that dwells inside Draco. 

Besides the fact the Lucius is a manipulative creep with the dark mark tattooed on his forearm, I’m pretty sure there’s some serious abuse going on in the Malfoy household. It’s pretty clear that Draco feels a lot of pressure from his dad, to live up to his standards, and the whole Harry Potter thing really makes that difficult. It seems that he’s always one step behind him. What other reason would Malfoy have for hating him so much? Maybe it’s because Lucius is constantly comparing them, seeing Harry as the son he never had, but always wanted. Malfoy always seems to be falling short. 

You can even see the change in his eyes, like in third year it hasn’t quite gotten to him yet, he’s still joking around up to his usual mischief. Voldemort hasn’t risen yet, so there’s only the pressure to be as good as Potter. Still pressure but not as serious. Then you look at him in sixth year, and he’s a completely different person. He’s tortured inside, terrified and broken. He inhabits the persona of someone with severe depression. Think about it, he has no one to vent to, no one who wouldn’t shame him for being afraid. He has to put on a face and be just as strong as the other Death Eaters. 

So there’s definitely some emotional abuse going around, but maybe it goes beyond that. Especially after the Goblet of Fire, Draco undergoes a definite change. This is often attributed to the immense weight he feels after becoming a death eater, yet I think this also has to do, again, with Lucius. Draco stops using his classic “MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS.” And when he does, it’s without the usual gusto that it was typically accompanied with. Maybe that’s because Lucius, who’s known for his evil nature and bad temper, loses it a little too often and releases his wrath onto Draco. 

Lucius also seems to blame Draco for a lot of things that go wrong, and if you ask me, that’s a sure sign of a slightly unhealthy relationship. We know that Lucius is also under a lot of pressure from Voldemort and the other Death Eaters and is also always falling short. It goes from the top down. Voldemort blames Lucius, Lucius takes it out on Draco, Draco bottles it all in, blaming himself, then lashing out at Potter. 

These are just some ideas I have regarding the Malfoy family. Hopefully, I’ll publish a full report later. What are your thoughts?

-Jedi Master Pikachu


This is the fifth part of my story. This is taken place during the Goblet of fire. Please keep enjoying.

(y/n) = your name

Words 860

Chapter 5

3 years later

“I think this ball is a stupid thing” Ron said frowning into his breakfast, you rolled your eyes looking over at Hermione

“How are we supposed to ask any girls out there always in packs” Harry said confused

“There not wolves, if you go up and ask to talk to one privately the rest of the pack isn’t going to try and kill you” Hermione said

“Unless you say something out of turn in front of them” (y/n) said with Hermione nodding

“I hate girls” Ron said, you shake your head and decide to give up on the conversation wondering who you’d go to the ball with if it did end up being Harry or Ron because they definitely weren’t going to be able to  ask any other girls to it.

“I’m heading off to the library before class there’s a book I want to get” You said before pushing away from the table and heading out the Great Hall towards the library

“Hey (y/n) wait up” You heard Draco behind you shouting, you stopped and turned round frowning

“Hey Draco, what’s up? Its been awhile” You said smiling you felt sad because you and Draco didn’t talk much during the school year due to being in different houses and talking in class was detention worth.

“I wanted to talk to you” Draco said looking down at the floor

“I guessed that or else you wouldn’t have stopped me so what do you need?” You asked smiling kindly

“Well…I was wondering if you didn’t have a date to the ball…maybe you wouldn’t mind going with me?” Draco asked uneasily

“Yes” You said throwing your arms around him in a hug and he hugged you back

“Alright well I’ll see you around” he said before walking off face flushed

“Well wasn’t that surprising” A voice behind you said and turned to find your dad looking at you with an eyebrow raised

“What? We’re family friends I’m sure he only asked to be polite” You said shrugging which probably was the truth you just hopped differently

“Of course” He said looking doubtful “Best get off to class now, wouldn’t want to be late now would we?”

“Of course not dad” You said grinning

“It’s sir or professor” You hear him saying as you walk away

“Wait you two are girls?” Ron exclaims suddenly making you and Hermione jump from the potions homework

“Are we having a joke here that I wasn’t paying attention to?” You asked confused looking at Hermione who looked unhappy

“Are you seriously just working that out?” Hermione asked

“Why don’t you two go with me and Harry to the ball?” Ron asked looking happy as if he just solved his problems

“Excpet…I have a date already” You said unsurely looking at him

“So do I” She said, you look at her confused

“Who?” You and Ron asked at the same time

“I’m not telling” She said defiantly

“If I tell you who I’m going with will you tell me” You asked interested

“Ok sure” She said smiling

“You two seriously already have dates?” He asked looking upset

“Yeah well someone else already figured out we were girls before you did genius” Hermione said before slamming her homework shut and heading to the rooms

“Who are you going with?” Harry asked finally talking

“I’m not telling, you’ll find out at the ball” You said smiling happily before packing up your work to go talk to Hermione

“Alright Hermione, who are you going with?” You asked smiling sitting crossed legged on your bed

“Viktor” She said sitting beside you

“Who’s Viktor?” You asked confused

“Viktor Krum” She mumbled

“No way” You said shock covering your face “Way to go Hermione”

“Yeah, it should be good” She said smiling with her face flushed

“You are going to get some hate off his admirers you know that right?” You said worried

“I know what about you? Who are you going with?” She asked “I know who you’d want to go with but I doubt it was him that asked”

“Draco” You said going bright red

“No way” She said completely shocked “He actually asked you how?”

So you told her the story, about him asking, the hug and the fact your dad overheard the whole conversation.

“I’m so happy for you, but I do get why you don’t want anyone to know, I mean a Slytherin and a Gryffindor going to a dance together is going to irritate some people” Hermione said sounding more like a warning

“Yeah but if we are to connect to these wizards and witches form elsewhere how can we do that when in house we are so messed up” You said angry

“You’re right and maybe you and Draco will fix that” Hermione said with a sly smile

“He might only have asked to be polite” You said nervously

“I don’t think so (y/n), Draco’s not the type of person to do anything to be polite, he does something because it’s what he wants” Hermione said

“We’ll see but I hope you’re right” You said thinking over it

“So do I” She said worried