So, chapter 10 has the most interesting and ominous title so far. It featuring Antimony, Kat, dressed as spacemonauts, a rocket and the shadowy figure of dr Disaster, I suppose. So, our dear heroines, Antimony and Kat will have to go to space next time in order to fight aliens? Wow, this story turned from a mythological fantasy grim story into a SF one in just a single chapter. Great, can’t wait. I love aliens and anything about them and I’m sure that Antimony will find new friends among them.

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please critique the pink and yellow outfits showcased in the ending of the TOS episode 'shore leave'. I watched that ep for the first time yesterday and when they showed up I actually had to pause Netflix, get up, and go think about my life.

hooooooo boy i’m so glad you asked. *cracks knuckles* now here’s a disclaimer: i love star trek and star trek Looks™ but i’m fully aware that there’s a lot of Bad Fashion in star trek. imho? these dr. seuss disasters might be one of the worst.

bones, this is no smiling matter. now from a technical standpoint, yes this is awful. like, if i made these, i would call the police on myself. it looks like the spiraling fake-fur panels down their legs were just slapped on. quality is for squares. no measuring tape, we die like men in 1966. and the way the fur pools at their feet is such an afterthought. “hey, what should we do with the rest of this fur? cut it off?” “nah bro fuck it, just wrap it around her foot and call it good.” and yet they somehow found some oblong garbage scraps of hell-fur and made bras out of them? i donut understand.

but from an aesthetic standpoint…these poor women. imagine showing up to work one day and having to put these sexy halloween muppet costumes on. these colors are the actual worst? it’s the sartorial equivalent of the easter section of a walgreens in hell. looking at these colors in this combination for longer than a few seconds will permanently burn them into your eyeballs. and this is your fantasy, bones? emphatically, what the fuck.

anyway, 0/10 would not wear, and if i ever make something like this i’ll sit quietly for a moment, look at it thoughtfully, and then set my sewing machine on fire, for i shall no longer be worthy to wield the needle.  

SPECIAL SAIKOU!: Japanese Superhero Showcase- Casshern

“By abandoning his mortal life, he gained an immortal body. To fight the evil iron demons and crush them into the earth. If Casshern won’t do it….who will?”

The year is 1973:

The global oil crisis begins, Watergate has rocked and shattered the USA’s faith in democracy, Cutie Honey hits television, Mazinger Z battled Devilman, Godzilla fought Megalon, Bruce Lee dies after filming of Enter the Dragon, The Exorcist scared the daylights out people and a little director named George Lucas made the big time with the box office hit American Graffiti.

But at Tatsunoko studios, the production team was hot off the success of Gatchaman and needed another show to keep things fresh. The team chose a serialized manga done by Kodansha and Boken-oh and got to work on a televised version of it.  The concept was a boy fighting a robot apocalypse by being converted into a super android and battling alongside his companions.


The Original

In the 1973 series, Casshern was once a young boy named Tetsuya Azuma. He had a happy life with his parents, his dog Lucky and his girlfriend Luna. His father was a scientist who was working on a new kind of android that would help mankind. However, in a Skynet/Frankenstein turn of events, a bolt of lightning gives one of the androids designated BK-1 sentience. The android then proceeded to break out of the castle the Azumas lived in and plot to end humanity. Some time later, BK-1 has literally assembled a robot army and christened himself as Buraiking Boss, a Hitler-esque tyrant android who believes that to save Earth’s environment, he must kill all the inferior humans.

The Robots invade and some already built rebel against their masters and  decimate Earth’s defenses.  Tetsuya’s dog Lucky is killed trying to protect his friends and Dr. Kotaro Azuma rushes to create an invention that will stop the Android forces.

His solution is an indestructible android body that allows a human consciousness to inhabit it.  Tetsuya volunteers, becoming the feared hunter of machines Casshern! His dog Lucky gets his mind transferred to a shape changing robot dog named Friender, who joins his fight to take down Buraiking Boss and save humanity from extinction!


Same story, with a few tweaks like having an array of commanders who served the now dubbed “Black King” (translation error of early anime releases at work) and a bit more of a darker adult tone. The anime also tweaked the looks of characters a bit and polished the animation to appeal to a more modern audience. The most notable change is that Casshern (or Casshan as this iteration is called) now has a retractable visor in addition to his faceplate and armor plating on his chest.

2004 tokusatsu film

A radical departure from the original concept, the 2004 film is essentially Casshern in name only in certain areas. Set in a dystopic future, a war between two nations has resulted in an environmental disaster. Dr. Azuma comes up with an invention called “Neo-Cells” which accidentally results in a group of superhumaniods called “Neo-Sapiens” to be born. Tetsuya, a deceased war hero and Dr. Azuma’s son becomes a Neo Sapien after an experiment resurrects him. After witnessing a rebellion by the other Neo Sapiens led by a man named Burai with an army of robots, Tetsuya becomes the heroic Casshern, a warrior named after a prophesied deity.


He who killed the Sun named Moon and brought forth the Ruin…

Tatsunoko dusted off Casshern for a reboot in 2008, as a sort-of continuation of the company’s 45th anniversary in 2007.

Like the 2004 film version, this iteration deviates from the primary story. In this one, Casshern is an enforcer of Buraiking Boss. Something goes horribly wrong after he is ordered to kill a savior who represents humanity’s last hope, as her life essence is connected to the Earth and her death slowly kills the planet in a phenomenon known simply as The Ruin. Hundreds of years later, this creates a world where robots corrode rapidly and die and all remaining organic life is dying slowly due to the change in environment. Humanity is going extinct as the toxins in the air and land have robbed them of the ability to reproduce.

The Earth reeks of Death.

Yet, somehow, Casshern is still around and has no memory of what he has done or why things are in such a state.

This iteration is written by tokusatsu writer Yasuko Kobayashi and is the darkest incarnation of the Cassherns. (Not to mention soul crushingly depressing as one of its main story themes is the inevitability of death, how we deal with it and must accept our mortality.)

Infini-T Force

Civilian mode

Behold, the newest incarnation of the Neo-Human!

He appears to be relatively younger than previous iterations, but has a more armored look and his Pulsar Propellers are more modern looking. Like his 90′s incarnation, it is romanized as Casshan again.

Like all the other heroes in this story, Casshan was brought to the “real world” by a frightened girl named Kyoko, who made a wish on her mysterious “Probability Pen” during a convenience store robbery for a hero to save her. (So, Last Action Hero meets Big Bad Beetleborgs in a sense)

He will be one of the members of this four hero super team in 2017!


Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability (regeneration and immortality instead in Sins), powerful Energy Blast called the Destruction Beam which is fired from his helmet. Waist-mounted pulsar propellers can enhance jumps or be used as an offensive weapon.

His robot dog Friender can breathe fire, has super speed and strength and like Polymar can change into vehicles such as a motorcycle, a jet, a tank and a submarine that Casshern can use for transport.


In the first two iterations, Casshern is a Solar Powered hero and his energy can deplete during long battles. This is made worse when the Sun isn’t out, as a symptom of his failing power is that his eyesight blurs and his body weakens to the point he can collapse and go unconscious. Only the Sun can replenish his energy.

In Sins, Casshern has a self-preservation quirk that can overcome him to the point he attacks friend or foe in a berserk state, usually when provoked, in a state of rage or during long battles. He has a healing factor, but every stab, impaling or blow that causes serious damage causes him an agonizing amount of pain during the healing. He also cannot die, which can create psychological trauma for him or hostile situations among other survivors in certain cases.

Fun fact:

Casshern has a bit of a fan following, seemingly among its fans is Keiji Inafune, video game creator of a certain SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT~. This can be seen with his creation Rush the Dog and there is even a character named Friender in Mega Man II!

Up Next…It’s time to play with Toys and do a victory pose!

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how would a rinmaki mind switching au work out

within one day of having their minds switched, Rin:

  • destroys Maki’s reputation at the school 
  • unintentionally discovers birthmarks she never knew Maki had
  • covers herself with cats at a cat cafe 
  • uses Maki’s credit card to purchase 9 unicycles, one for each girl in the group
  • friendzones Nico
  • showers herself with cash and takes a bath in a tub full of money  
  • uses a gurney from the Nishikino hospital like a skateboard 
  • has the Nishikino family’s private chef prepare a 5 course meal, each dish containing ramen 
  • makes Maki’s dad cry 

meanwhile Maki does Rin’s homework for her without ever realizing what Rin is up to in her body 


The massive bleaching hitting the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is likely that country’s “biggest ever environmental disaster,” says Dr. Justin Marshall, who has studied the reef for three decades.

Only 7 percent of the reef has escaped bleaching, according to researchers at the ARC Center of Excellence. Marshall, a professor at the University of Queensland, says the destructive phenomenon is happening in an area the size of Scotland.

“Before this mass bleaching started, we already were at the point of losing 50% of the coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef. This, I think, will probably take another 50% off what was left,” Marshall says.

Over the course of the last six months, Marshall and his colleagues with the citizen science project Coral Watch have documented the degradation of reef structures near Lizard Island, one of the worst-hit areas.

They photographed the same formations of coral multiple times, showing clearly the pace of the destruction.

“It was a beautiful, wonderful paradise of reef structure and animals, and it’s not there anymore. Or it is — but it’s a slime ball, it’s a gloomy place,” Marshall says.

New Photos Show The Rapid Pace Of Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

Photos, from top: Photo (1) shows healthy coral. It’s then seen bleached (2). Photo (3) shows dead coral with a film of algae, which grows thicker in photo (4). The ominous final photo in the series shows bleached coral near Lizard Island showing heavy algal overgrowth. All photos by CoralWatch.

Yet another misunderstanding is the claim that INFJs “read into things that are not there” or “make mountains out of molehills.” Such accusations can be troubling for INFJs, since reading into things is what they are born to do. In most cases, such accusations derive not from any wrongdoing on the part of the INFJ, but from the assumptions or ego sensitivities of their partners. For instance, by saying things like “Are you okay?” or “You don’t seem yourself today” INFJs are trying to gather more information in order to better understand their partner. Unfortunately, their partner may interpret these as judgments or critiques, inciting a defensive response. If such exchanges were to occur regularly and without rectification, the INFJ might begin to introvert her feelings and doubt her own intuition, a sure recipe for personal and relational disaster.
—  Dr. Drenth

Morgan/Reid - Criminal Minds Season 11 - Beautiful Disaster 

I know you hate goodbyes, kid. And change… Hey. It isn’t always a bad thing. I just can’t imagine this room without you. So don’t. Don’t think about it. Just know I’m always gonna be by your side. I’m just a phone call away.


Cooking With A Killer Robot - Starring Undyne!

Because absurdly large gifs show as a broken file on my computer, I decided to go back and turn this animation into a video… Complete with CHEESY SOUNDS! :D

Its my first time messing around with Windows Movie Maker to add sound files and junk, so please forgive how crude the sound is and such.. This was originally just a silent gif .. like a comic that moves.. xD So I had no real plans to do anything else with it… But! I hope you enjoy the 3 months of on-and-off-again animation! :D


Zephyr’s Vocals - Ander

Chrono’s Vocals - probably the vocal headcanon of Dr. Disaster.

Cider’s Vocals - The Ghost of Ander’s aunt. (you’ll see.)

okay bai now.

love this song lol


A/N: So I wrote this last night, and I thought I’d give it to you guys, I apologize in advance because it may be a little ridiculous.

Basically what I imagined if all the rumors are true (which I still don’t think they are tbh, I don’t see a source, and it’s ridiculous-see below)

Anyway. I’d like feedback, but if you want a truly amazing version of what could happen in an omelia wedding, you should go read @ears-awake-eyes-opened​ ‘s little piece, because I’ll never come close to her magic.

Also: wish me luck on my stats final tomorrow. 

Owen was propped up on his arm, looking at Amelia, and thinking everything through; what they have been through, what he has been through, and mostly what she has been through. He knew she wasn’t perfect, and at times she made him want to kill her, he knew every flaw, but he still couldn’t help but struggle to fathom how she is not an angel. With her beauty and resilience, she was no ordinary woman.

She stirred next to him, but he still couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Don’t pretend that you staring at me while I sleep isn’t creepy,” she had rolled around to face him, but still hasn’t opened her eyes, she knew that he was staring however because she felt her eyes on her, “this isn’t a twilight movie.”

He only chuckled, still unable to shift his sight away. He watched as she slowly woke up and got herself to open her eyes. He found that charming about her, that she’d be completely conscious, but took her time before actually opening her piercing blue eyes to the world. He thought it could be because she was gathering all the strength in the whole of earth, and continue a new day, determined to make someone’s life better despite everything that has happened. If only she knew how much better she had made his life.

“Marry me,” he shot at her seconds after she set her eyes on his.

“What?” her eyes popped out, “Owen this is crazy!”

“Why,” he asked like he really didn’t know

“We’ve been together for like 5 seconds!” her reaction was a complex mixture between shock and frustration that he’d ask her and ruin a proposal, yet, her face was uncontrollably grinning and beaming.

“That’s not true, we’ve been together for 3 years,” he stayed serene.

“We’ve been on and off for 3 years, we have not been together,” she smirked with the realization of how much time had passed. 3 years - and she still felt the butterflies in her stomach every time his skin touched hers.

“So? I love you,” Amelia opened her mouth to say something, but Owen completed his sentence before she got a chance to make a sound, “and I know you love me. So why wait?”

“I can tell you 100 reasons why we should wait! It’s rushed, it’s unreasonable, there are many things we still don’t know about each other…” she trailed off

“You’ve seen my worst Amelia, and I’ve seen yours. I can’t imagine anything else about you that I won’t love, even if I hated it. We do know each other.”

She was speechless for a moment- she shook her head and recollected her thoughts, “We haven’t discussed anything major, I don’t know anything about your tours of duty, I don’t know if you’re a democrat or a republican, I don’t even know if you want kids-” she was cut off again.

“I’ll tell you everything you want to know,” he had reached a point to completely trust her and be comfortable with being vulnerable with her, and he knew that this was the love of his life, “I’m a democrat, I served in the army for a total of 7 years, and I do want kids, I imagine 3, do you want kids?”

“Err, yes, I do, but-” her grin was only growing bigger with every word he said, and his calm confident demeanor made this oddly romantic.

“Great, then!” he said lively,

“Owen - I… - this isn’t-” she had trouble forming words or any other argument, because deep inside she could imagine her whole life with him, in fact, she couldn’t take him out of the picture.

“Amelia,” he started again with a soft loving smile, his tone more attentive, “I love you, and I don’t want to think about even the possibility of us being apart again, I’m in this, for better or for worse. Marry me. Marry me Amelia,” he shifted closer to her in bed, his palms resting naturally on her cheeks, cupping her angelic face.

“We’re getting married,” she whispered as their foreheads touched.

“We’re getting married!” They both fell into a fit of laughter.


“Mer!” Amelia couldn’t stop smiling. She tried really hard, but it just wouldn’t work. She had been paged by her sister in law, and sought this as the perfect opportunity to share the good news.

“Amelia, I was looking for you,” Meredith said monotonously, “I need you to look at this scans.”

“Looks like a mild concussion,” Amelia declared after a few moments of studying the screen.

“So you can clear him for surgery?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“What’s up with you?”


“You’re all bright and shiny today,” Meredith was almost mocking her.

“Oh, yeah, I actually wanted to ask for a favor,” started the brunette

“No, Owen cannot sleep over again,” she quickly assumed and answered.

Amelia chuckled, “That’s not a problem, I’m here to ask you to walk me down the aisle.”

“What?! Down what aisle?!” the blonde knew what this meant, but didn’t want to believe it.

“Owen proposed!” Amelia announced giddily.

“Amelia, that’s crazy!” Meredith exclaimed, a hint of anger in her voice.

“I know!” Amelia was so happy that she was oblivious to the vexation in her sister’s voice, “I just figured since Derek can’t be here to walk me down the aisle maybe you can, and-”

“No, Amelia, I meant: this is crazy,” Mer furrowed her eyebrows, “You can’t do this. I’ve seen Owen get married in a rush, trust me, you don’t want to do this.”

“I’m not Cristina,” Amelia rolled her eyes, “Last I remember, you were the ones who told me we should just be together.”

“I meant like in a relationship, not marriage!”

Amelia didn’t have much to say back, she couldn’t deny it was too soon for her liking, but she just wanted to be happy, “If I had said no, there wouldn’t be a relationship left.”

“I can talk to Owen, but promise me you won’t do this,” Meredith offered.

Amelia pursed her lips- the only thing worse than a proposal like this would be to cancel it after they started planning, “So you don’t want to walk me down the aisle?”

“Amelia, that’s not what I’m sa-”

“Whatever,” she walked away.


“I hear congratulations are in order,” Meredith mused. It was lucky for her that her surgery this afternoon was with Owen; she was hoping to save this couple from a potential disaster.

“So Dr Shepherd spoke to you?” Owen cleared his throat.

“She did,” Meredith sighed.

“You don’t sound pleased,” he stated in a questioning manner.

“Don’t you think it’s happening too fast?”

“It’s been 3 years.”

“Not really,” silence raided the room for a few minutes before either spoke again, “Don’t you remember the last time you got married too quickly? And as far as I remember you were in a more committed stage with Cristina then, than you are to Amelia now.”

“Don’t say that,” Owen was clearly exasperated with Meredith’s comparison. He cleared his throat, noticing the change in his tone, and continued, “It’s not the same, I loved Cristina, but Amelia… Amelia is… she’s different okay?”

“I just don’t want anyone to get hurt,” the general surgeon defended her meddling, “I mean, are you sure? Is Amelia sure?”

“Why? Did she say something to you? Does she not want this?”

“You sound a little relieved, are you already getting cold feet?”

“No, not at all,” he ended the conversation for the rest of the surgery.


It was a small wedding. Nothing like the one Owen had with Cristina. Amelia was wearing white. Callie, April, Maggie, Meredith, Owen’s mum, John, and Nathan were attending it. Amelia had invited Riggs, it was an effort to help Owen be forgiving, and she knew he wouldn’t pick a fight over it on their wedding day, that is if he notices him.

Owen didn’t have a best man; Derek was dead and he wasn’t ready to forgive Riggs. Amelia didn’t have a maid of honor; Charlotte and Addison couldn’t make it on such a short notice.

Amelia was in a small room in the small church, writing her vows. She had trouble coming up with anything at all. It was true that she talked a lot, but still she was often not the greatest with words. She stood up and paced back and forth trying to brainstorm, and that’s when she noticed the hushed whispers from the corridor.

“Wait, don’t tell her anything yet,” that was Maggie, “It’s still early.”

“It’s his wedding day!” Meredith fumed, “I’ve tried to shut up and be supportive but I already think this is wrong, and now he’s late.”

“It was surprising to me too, one second they don’t want to be a ‘thing’ and the nest they’re getting married,” Maggie agreed.

“They might not be,” the bigger sister huffed in worry, “you know, when I talked to Owen on Tuesday he was already sounding unsure. I just don’t want them to get hurt.”

“Just give him a few minutes; he wouldn’t do this to her… right?”

The conversation ended with Meredith’s phone ringing, indicating a text, “He’s here,” she sighed in relief, “Thank God.”

Amelia couldn’t handle it. Her ability to listen had stopped after Maggie’s question of whether he would do this to her, and all she could hear was the million questions invading her mind and deafening her. She stormed out of the room. She felt trapped, and she just needed to leave and keep running until her lung collapsed. Owen didn’t really want this? Then why did he coax her into saying yes? Was it just a stupid mistake that he later realized? She couldn’t breathe, and she needed to get out of the confinement of the church
Maggie and Meredith exchanged a knowing look, and they knew they had said too much, and the stone walls must have been way thinner than they seemed.
Maggie went to tell Owen, and Meredith went after Amelia to make sure she’s alright.
When Meredith arrived outside, Owen was only a few steps behind. Seattle’s sky was pouring rain, and Amelia was standing in the middle of the street, just staring at the sky.
“Amelia, I’m so sorry, you shouldn’t have heard that,” Meredith apologized as sincerely as she could.
"I should have, I should have known if Owen didn’t really want to marry me,” said without turning around
“Amelia you’ll get pneumonia, let’s get you inside,” but Amelia wouldn’t budge.
“Mia,” his hoarse voice called her, “Mia come on inside.”
“Why? So you’d marry me out of pity?” she spitted bitterly.
“Does out of love work?”
He came closer and wordlessly Meredith knew she should leave them alone.
“You son of a bitch,” she finally turned around when he tried to touch her shoulder, and started punching him on the chest with her relatively small fists. It was easy to tell she was crying, despite the rain drops covering both their faces, “why would you do that to me? Why would you ask me to marry you if you don’t want it? You said you wouldn’t hurt me!”
"I wouldn’t, Mia, I don’t want to hurt you. I do want to marry you, but I don’t think you’re ready yet, I should have listened to you, it’s because I don’t want to hurt you that I’m giving us the chance to reconsider this before it’s too late, I want us to be strong.”
“You made me want to be like these people I make fun of, who argue over washing the dishes and their kids are disgusted by how much they’re in love, and I hate you for that! I hate you for making me be so stupidly, blindly, and destructively fall in love with you like that. And now you ruined everything!” She gave him one more punch as she yelled over the rain
“I told you I’d wind up screwing all of this up,” he came closer despite her punches.
"I hate you!” she punched him one last time before she collapsed into his wet chest
“I love you,” he engulfed her body in his, wanting to give her all the warmth he had.
“I was supposed to have the best day of my life with Addie and Charlotte, and Derek, and Dad,” she sobbed into the embrace
"I know, I know,” He caressed her arms and tucked the wet hair away from her face.
The rain had started turning into drizzles and rays of sunlight had begun to cut through the dark clouds
"We’re going to embarrass ourselves in front of everyone in there,” she quietly said as she sniffed.
"They’ll understand,” he reassured her.
"Do you still love me?” she looked up at his sky blue eyes, still unable to let go of the clutches of fabric she had of his shirt.

He leaned down, brushing their lips against each other, “Always and forever,” he said when he pulled away.
“I can promise to marry you some other day,” she gave him half a smile.
"Sounds perfect. Promise.” he smirked.

“Dear useless diary, 

I had the daydream again today. The one where Supergirl and my assistant were both in my office. Only this time Supergirl was doing my filing and Kara was eating my M&Ms on the couch. I can no longer afford to drift off like this. It is interfering with my work. I’ll ask Kara to call Dr. Rosenweig to up my Lexapro dosage… again. On second thought, I’ll call her myself.



From my follower pic XD Enjoy the plush!

Bananas Wit: Hey, Berry! Look what Sweet Disaster made me!
Berry Isthmus: A sculpture of you asleep on the job. How accurate.
Bananas Wit: It’s not a sculp—! Why must you belittle my Mini-Wit?
Berry Isthmus: Isn’t your Mini-Wit already little?
Bananas Wit: Okay, this conversation is over!

Ideal Agent Carter Season Finale
  • Angie: *in danger on a rooftop or something*
  • Show: *plays Holding Out For a Hero*
  • Peggy: *stops disaster, staples Dr. Mindcontrol in the face, saves Angie*
  • Angie: Whoa. So you're a superhero, huh?
  • Peggy: Well, not really. I work for the SSR, but I'm just like any other woman. I just have had military training, but anyone else could do it.
  • Show: *music swells*
  • Angie: Shut up, English. You talk too much. *pulls Peggy in for a kiss*
  • Every News Outlet: IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

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What was the thing with the Girl Scout Cookies misha did??

idk if there’s video of his panel, but here’s a breakdown of what happened:

  • before he starts answering questions, misha mentions that there was a lady in his meet and greet who is a girl scout leader and she was stressing out because her troop wasn’t gonna be able to sell all the cookies they needed to sell.
  • misha agreed to help her sell the cookies, and it was only after he agreed that she told him there were 26 cases worth of cookies (there are 12 boxes per case according to google).
  • misha implores the audience to buy girl scout cookies. he does a bit where he makes fun of donald trump and has all of us raise our right hands and pledge that we will buy girl scout cookies. i believe that’s what’s happening in this photo set. (he didn’t even say anything about donald trump tho so anybody who doesn’t know about this incident was probably wildly confused)
  • he told people to come up to the front to buy the cookies, which was the dumbest idea ever because the lines went all the way down the aisles and blocked the view for everyone sitting in the gold, silver and copper seats. misha, upon realizing this, told the people in the front of the line to turn around and give the gold seat people $1,000. 
  • the problem was “solved” by having people crouch down in the aisles as they waited in line for their cookies.
  • misha said, “you know, people call me the white chris rock” (bc chris rock sold girl scout cookies at the oscars)
  • misha tries to carry on with his panel, and every so often he’s like, “no, ignore that this is happening. it’s not happening, guys. we’re ignoring it so we can continue on with questions.”
  • eventually gary comes in and misha’s like “oh no am i in trouble?” (of course he was in trouble lmao) and gary tells him it’s a fire hazard and misha’s like, “well where can we sell them?” and gary responded, “another hotel.”
  • i believe they moved to the back of the room or something, but by that point most of the 26 cases of cookies had been sold. 

as someone who was sitting in general admission and therefore my view was unobstructed by the hundreds of people waiting in line to buy girl scout cookies, the entire incident was fucking hilarious. other folks, like my friends up in copper, did not think it was as funny lmao. 

tl;dr: misha is a disaster of a human being.