Popolo May 2014 Translation - JUMP Press

Yabu Kota
On a day when it was snowing, I walked out without an umbrella. After 10 minutes, snow piled up on my head and shoulders and it was interesting. I became like a snowman. (laugh)

Yaotome Hikaru
I am really healthy recently! I didn’t catch any colds too. Though there were about 2-3 times where I thought it seems like I would be catching a cold, but I drank nutrient drinks and propolis and succeeded in stopping the virus (laugh)

Inoo Kei
I ate frozen oranges the other day. I put the oranges which my grandmother sent over into the fridge and soon I got thirsty so I just ate them without thinking. But eating frozen oranges in this season is really delicious (laugh)

Takaki Yuya
Ishiguro Ken-san had been taking good care of me during the drama Dr DMAT and I gave him JUMP’s new CD as a present. He was really glad and the next time we met he hummed our new song for me. I was happy.

Arioka Daiki
On the day when it was snowing heavily, I was in a car with Ino-chan. Ino-chan was laughing while opening the sunroof of the car and the snow on the roof all fell inside the car. We could do nothing but laugh and took a photo of it.

Okamoto Keito
I had a snowball fight with Dai-chan. And it was just the two of us (laugh). Though I started it but when it hit his body he returned it. Though it ended quickly but it was a moment where I could go back to my childhood.

Nakajima Yuto
I feel that the bond with our neighbours has strengthened ever since we started shoveling snow during winter. Because snow shoveling is heavy labour, a sense of solidarity appears when everyone does it together. If anything happens in future I hope we will be able to help each other out.

Chinen Yuri
We had two days of vacation and I told Ino-chan “lets go somewhere to play!” We talked about continuing the mood we had when the four of us together with Kota and Daiki went to an amusement park together about four years ago. In the end, it was just a talk. (laugh)

Yamada Ryosuke
I am weak for barbequed meat now. I went for barbeque alone continuously for three days. Because white rice is fat I don’t eat that but I eat various barbeque meat while walking and check on the quality of the meat. (laugh)

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