Okay, more Newt Geiszler cosplay makeup tests. Now, this time through, I actually photoshopped ONLY my hair, to make it darker. You can see my actual current hair color in this post! So I used the burn tool in photoshop to darken my hair to the color it will be when I actually finish and wear it to Dragon*con. 

I also need to finish the tattoo sleeves and attach them to bracelets to keep them tight. I am going to try and make his bracelets (looks like leather). 

An All-Ladies Fan Cast of Pacific Rim


  • Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori
  • Katee Sackhoff as Raleigh Becket
  • Hettienne Park as Tina Choi
  • Gina Torres as Luna Pentecost
  • Lucy Lawless as Hera Hansen
  • Rachelle Lefevre as Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Hansen
  • Tatiana Maslany as Dr. Newt Geiszler
  • Anna Maxwell Martin as Dr. Hermine Gottlieb

Finally finished my Newt Geiszler cosplay! This time around I went a little TOO heavy on the stubble makeup. I’ll tone it down when I wear it at Otakon. I also managed to find some decent Doc Marten wannabes at Goodwill for his boots. Thought the little studded straps at the top would be a fun touch, and so very Newt. Credt goes to endovelicus for the awesome PPDC science badge template!!! 

Having said that, does anyone know if there’s a Pacific Rim cosplay gathering/photoshoot planned for Otakon next weekend? My Hermann and I would love to go if there is one! :D Any leads?

In which Newt used Kaiju DNA to clone a miniature Knifehead, about the size of a household terrier, which he made docile and friendly and keeps it as a pet.

Pentecost hated it at first and almost discharged Newt, but decided it was harmless enough and could be a good source of research. Hermann acts like he dislikes it, but will pet it when no one’s around and affectionately refers to it as “the little ugly one". Mako is absolutely in love with it, while it makes Raleigh uncomfortable for obvious reasons. (but that doesn’t stop mini-Knifehead from trying to be all cuddly with him)

“Newt Jr” is often found playing with Max, the Hansens’ bulldog.