HAHA! A pet project finally done!! >:D

So, If Ya’ll didn’t know, I was in a huge car crash at the end of December. It really did mess me up good. I won’t be back to the old me for at least three more months.

BUT! Being stir crazy and kept inside gave me a lot of time to work on these. Or well, Doodle at them for a while.

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Eat Your Kimchi. They really are amazing people! I really find myself smiling whenever I watch their videos. Martina is a super bubbly ball of energy, and Simon’s super funny. They really seem like very fun people, as do Soo Zee and Leigh. Never mind that their animals make my day, most days.

So, In thanks for lifting my spirits, I decided to doodle these. Thanks Eat Your Kimchi Crew, for being awesome and staying awesome!

Dr. Meemersworth at the Doctor

Hey Guise!

Sorry to bring a dark cloud to your day, but we wanted to let you know that Meemers went in for emergency surgery yesterday afternoon.  Without going into long details he had a pee blockage that was life threatening but he pulled through the surgery and is now in recovery.  We are VERY VERY relieved we caught it in time.  That being said, our video schedule will be a little bit off for next week since the vet said he has to remain in the hospital until at least Tuesday.  We’ll be visiting him tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to post a happier picture.  Thanks for understanding everyone!

-Simon & Martina