An Interesting Equation

I wrote in an email to a friend today, and without thinking typed, “Like you, my animals have come to mean so much to me, and like you my heart grows skwishier by the day because of them.  Isn’t it funny?  Exposure to humans made me harder, more untrusting.  Exposure to critters made me happier, softer and skwishier. Warmer”

I just dashed it off, but the more I think of it, the truer it proves to be. People equals heartbreak, kitties equal happiness.

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My cat actually kisses me!

Dr. Meemersworth the Scottish Fold Kitten Kisses


Kitten giving kisses


HAHA! A pet project finally done!! >:D

So, If Ya’ll didn’t know, I was in a huge car crash at the end of December. It really did mess me up good. I won’t be back to the old me for at least three more months.

BUT! Being stir crazy and kept inside gave me a lot of time to work on these. Or well, Doodle at them for a while.

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Eat Your Kimchi. They really are amazing people! I really find myself smiling whenever I watch their videos. Martina is a super bubbly ball of energy, and Simon’s super funny. They really seem like very fun people, as do Soo Zee and Leigh. Never mind that their animals make my day, most days.

So, In thanks for lifting my spirits, I decided to doodle these. Thanks Eat Your Kimchi Crew, for being awesome and staying awesome!



뒤늦게 알고 왕 재밌게 보고 있는 Eatyourkimchi 의 동영상 중에 하나

귀여운 미머? 뭐라고 불러야 하지 이 녀석 이름을..ㅋㅋㅋ

Dr. Meemersworth at the Doctor

Hey Guise!

Sorry to bring a dark cloud to your day, but we wanted to let you know that Meemers went in for emergency surgery yesterday afternoon.  Without going into long details he had a pee blockage that was life threatening but he pulled through the surgery and is now in recovery.  We are VERY VERY relieved we caught it in time.  That being said, our video schedule will be a little bit off for next week since the vet said he has to remain in the hospital until at least Tuesday.  We’ll be visiting him tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to post a happier picture.  Thanks for understanding everyone!

-Simon & Martina

Serious Regrets

I was a huge fan of EYK a couple of years ago, when they posted informational videos about how to survive in Korea, because I’ve planned for a few years now to move there after college. I originally wanted to be a teacher and they were teachers at the time, so I was really excited to find them.

I was kind of sad when they decided to quit their jobs and vlog full-time since that was one of the things that I felt connected myself to them, but their videos were still fantastic and great quality.. until they got a shitload of donations that were supposed to help improve their channel?

I was one of the fans that donated and I feel so ripped off. For 20$, I got my name on the wall of a building that no longer produces anything I care about and now actually serves to tear down the efforts of some of my favorite individuals. But wait! I also got a polaroid photo of them, which they complained for like a month about taking, and it doesn’t even have their pets on it (aka the only reasons I follow them anymore).

I feel really bad for their pets, having to put up with their bullshit, and I feel really bad for their interns for the same reason. Leigh and Soo Zee seem like really cool people and I hope they can stay afloat when EYK goes further south than it already has. I almost feel bad saying this because I want to love Simon and Martina as individuals and as a couple, like I used to, but they’ve changed so intensely and become meme-spitting robots to the point that I don’t even know what their real personalities are anymore.

As a side note, the fandom that I am a part of always tried really, really hard to get our group’s videos into their KMMs in the past, only to be ignored in favor of groups they were more familiar with and could spew already-used jokes about instead of coming up with new ones (or actually complimenting the artists wow what a fucking great idea). We have pretty much collectively decided at this point to no longer vote their videos up in the KMM charts and I don’t know why any fandom would. Are you really that excited about them tearing down your oppa or unnie when he or she is putting full effort into their life’s work, something they’re truly passionate about?