i kinda wanted to capture how both Will and Hannibal were before they met each other and what are the things they’ve done to lead them where they are now.(my alternate ending is they both survive, Hanni carries Will, treats him AND THEY GO FISHING after eating Bedelia ofc).

'Hannibal' inspired fans to turn cannibalistic art into real-world dinner parties
None of these delicious recipes contain people. Probably.

Over the past three years of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, Dr. Lecter has served up everything from flambéd lung to beer that may have been brewed with human body parts. Long before his first explicit onscreen kill, we were invited to luxuriate in a series of exquisite dining scenes garnished with cannibalism puns and decorative animal skulls.

It was an invitation the show’s fans were happy to accept.

In a gleeful rebellion against decency and good taste, Hannibal-themed dinner parties have caught on. And to be fair, it does feel inappropriate to scarf down Cheetos during the commercial breaks of a show like this one—especially for the series finale. Better to prepare an aesthetically appealing meal by candlelight and pour yourself a glass of Chianti. Appreciate the experience of having an old friend for dinner, one last time.