Combo Breaker!(afterbirth update #20)

remember that part in my last post where i said today we would announce the release date of afterbirth… well i lied, now on to the post!

a while back we did a poll where we asked fans what features they would like to see upgraded or added to a DLC, there were loads of good suggestions, like being able to view character progress on the pause screen, an optional hud that displays items for streamers, more unlocks for hard mode and many others that we have implemented into afterbirth… but the one suggestion everyone seems to demand is MORE ITEM COMBOS!

so we did just that.

a lot of items in the past didnt combo with rubber cement, well thats changed and it will also combo with some of the more unique new items as well.

20/20 and dr fetus was another one people wanted to see more combos with

i dont wanna spoil all the fun though so...

many of you probably noticed a new enemy in an old gif that appeared out of a black portal.. little did you know that enemy is actually a new cave boss and easily one of the coolest new additions.

Little Horn is a new and much welcome “stubby” demon boss.

i really loved the design of loki and i know there are more than a few loki fans out there who appreciated the 4 armed lil devil. i liked how small he was and in afterbirth i made sure to add in more “small” bosses as well as more “mega huge” ones to boot.

not only does this guy break the mold with his AI, but he also has more attacks than normal bosses… easily one of the most fun boss fights thus far.

i also got to reuse some of his mechanics in other ways… 

youll see what i mean in about t… oh wait i should probably wait to announce the release date next week, via awesome trailer… 

see you then!

My all time favorite Let’s Player, a french-canadian talkative loon by the name of raocow, has started a blind LP of Super Meat Boy! This is basically a dream come true for me. I’m so excited to see how he’ll react to the cutscenes and the later levels aaaa can’t wait!!

In celebration, here’s Dr Fetus accidentally kidnapping Demo instead of Bandage Girl. A Super Meat Thing when?

Demo belongs to raocow aka fastfoward here on tumblr~