Married - Alex Karev

Request: An Alex Karev imagine where it is his and the readers wedding and they’re dancing and their friends are saying messages to hem? Please and thank you!

You never thought you’d be here. Here, at a reception hall, with the man you loved more than anything. The toasts were coming to an end. April was sobbing beside you as Arizona, your maid of honor, sat down. You locked eyes with your husband as everyone made their way to the dance floor. Before you were able to join everyone, Bailey pulled you aside. Her smile was unmistakably real and that actually surprised you. You and Dr. Bailey had never actually gotten along but you seemed to be on her good side today. 

“I’m happy for you.” She smiled, putting her hand on your shoulder. You smiled back and you felt that the relationship that you had with Miranda Bailey would be different. It might actually be a relationship. You rejoined your husband on the dance floor. Alex smiled at you, placing his hands on your hips. As the two of you started swaying with the music, you couldn’t help but notice that everyone else was looking at you too. 

“You look beautiful.” Alex commented, the smirk prominent on his face. You went to respond but someone else spoke. 

“Kiss her.” Meredith laughed from somewhere beside the two of you. You giggled as Alex went in for another kiss. 

“I actually hate you.” You whispered, hiding your face in his chest. Everyone in the crowd cheered for the two of you. And then, suddenly, you were the only two on the dance floor. 

“You can do better than that!” Amelia, who was a little tipsy, screamed to the two of you. You laughed openly, swaying to the music again. This time, the only thing that you focused on was your husband. He was the only one on your mind and the same went for him. He knew you were the only one for him. 

“Dr. Y/N Karev. Nice ring to it, huh?” You heard someone else say. You smiled involuntarily. You loved it just as much. Facing your husband again, you noticed his eyes staring directly into yours. Into your soul. 

“What?” You giggled again. Alex smirked and moved to move your hair out of your eyes. 

“Your beautiful.” He smiled again. You scoffed at the cheesiness of his actions but you couldn’t help the blush that formed on your cheek. “And I love you.” He kissed you passionately again in front of all of the guests. They cheered obnoxiously, making you pull away. 

“Here’s to the married couple!” Jackson called, raising his champaigne glass. Everyone did the same as Alex kissed you again. You knew that this was all you ever wanted. 



I really dislike how Meredith is trying to date again and move on but then again I want her to be happy.
I just wish Derek was still alive…