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Fox News guest complains that feminists aren’t being ‘what God designed them to be’ (For more info, visit The Raw Story; For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/95311436501/god-made-girls-a-nauseating-and-regressive-new)

‘Looters vs. producers’: Fox panel attacks ‘Bernie supporter’ for using food assistance
During a panel discussion over the weekend, Fox News pundits suggested that a father was a “looter” for using a government program to help feed his family.

During a panel discussion over the weekend, Fox News pundits suggested that a father was a “looter” for using a government program to help feed his family.

In a recent viral video, a woman shopping at Walmart can be seen berating a man who was using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — commonly known as food stamps — at the checkout.

“You’re not providing for it, I am,” the woman shopper said. “The government is. They take it out of my check, bullsh*t they don’t.”

“I am not a bleeding heart f*cking liberal,” the woman quips, adding that the man must be a “Bernie supporter.”

Over the weekend, Fox News host Eric Bolling wondered if the father using food stamps was “why voters are so angry in 2016.”

“I’m proud of this woman,” hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig insisted. “This is the producers and the looters. And you know what, she’s absolutely right. You have every right to keep every cent of your money.”

“You know, I hate having my wealth redistributed for special political favors,” he continued. “Is Trump going to be against these types of issues? I hope so.”

Fox’s Juan Williams pointed out that the SNAP program was essential for feeding hungry families.

“A child in America, we don’t want them starving!” Williams said.

“We don’t want a starving child,” Bolling agreed.

But Tea Party talk show host Dr. Gina Loudon accused Democrats of practicing “plantation politics” by supporting food assistance programs.

“This is the kind of program that is outside the purview and the scope that government was ever intended to be,” she opined. “This guy should be getting help from a church or a charity or his family or his friends or his neighbors, not from government.”

“Because government then uses those handouts to enslave people.”

From the 05.07.2016 edition of FNC’s Cashin’ In:

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Teen daughter of Tea Party Loudons dating 50-something actor : Lifestyles

Those zany Loudons are back in the gossip feed, with news to make parents pause.

Lyda Loudon, 18-year-old daughter of former Gumbo Flats (aka Chesterfield) poli-power couple John and Gina Loudon, is dating an older man. Much older.

Celebrity mags report that the young Loudon — who hosts an online radio show “Sarcasm Overdose” and is active in Tea Party Youth affairs — is keeping time with Steven Bauer, 57, best known for his role in “Scarface.” (He also recently played Don Eladio in “Breaking Bad.”)

This is not the first brush with celebrity for the Loudons, who moved away in 2011 and now live in San Diego. Last year, the Tea Party sweethearts — John was a state senator and Gina hosts a conservative talk show — were participants in the reality show “Wife Swap.”

She’s just another deranged Tea Party nutbar.

h/t: Joe Holleman at STLToday.com