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Are Dr. Baldhead and Faust the same character? Also, does Fanny (from GG Petit 2) have any place in the storyline?

Just as many fans suspect that Frederick is Sol Badguy, The Maiden of the Grove is Dizzy, and that Aria has something to do with Valentine (and by extension, Justice)…Faust is suspected to be Baldhead.

While some evidence pointing to this is quite obvious, from fighting stance to story to everything else in between, it’s better to be accepting of the current character “Faust” as he is, based on what everyone else considers him to be in the story, since he himself is implied to be much more mysterious than simply the remnants of a psychotic serial-killing doctor.

Certainly he is not unlike certain other mysterious individuals.


May: “…Excuse me, pops?”

Faust: “What can I do for you, miss?”

May: “D-did you see one of my friends around here?
        Wearing this uniform. P-perhaps with wings?

Faust: “…Yes. Indeed, I did. If you’re looking for her, she’s–”

May: “Ahhhh, I can’t stand it any longer! I’m starting to get the chills, and I’ve got goosebumps popping up all over my body…You, you must be bald! You’re bald, aren’t you?!”

Faust: “…Hello? Are you listening to me?”

May: “I’m sorry, I can’t stand baldies!”

Faust: “No, I mean, don’t you want to find your friend?”

May: “Get away from me!!!”


May: “Kyaaahh!”

Faust: “Miss, are you alright?”

May: “Yeah, I’m fine…”

Faust: “Blood…The red, flowing blood…!”

May: “Um, pops? Are you okay?”

Faust: “Huff, huff…Ah, I seem to have lost control for a moment. I’m fine.”

May: “Alright…Well, I have to go now. Thanks for telling me about my friend.”


Faust: “It looks like my time may be up…I’ve gotten too used to living peacefully as a doctor. Despite the oath I swore upon back then…Zato-One, Leader of the Assassins’ Guild. There is something I wish to ask you.”


Faust: “Then you are in my way. Get out of it.”



Venom: “What does a renegade doctor want with me?”

Faust: “I wish to have a look at the Guild’s assassination records.”

Venom: “Absurd. Do you really think we’d show you that?

Faust: “Well then, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take them.”


Venom: “What do you want to know? No…I think I already know.   It is true that the Guild once murdered a girl under the guise of a medical mishap.”

Faust: “So it was you…!”

Venom: I am not the one that gave the order. The number of lives I have claimed pales in comparison to you, Doctor Ba–” *Smack*

Faust: “The value of life is not measured in numbers. And I would appreciate it if you did not call me by that name. So, who hired you?”

Venom: “I’d love to say that. I can’t tell you because of my loyalty…But the actual assignment came from one of your colleagues. He was merely a puppet, though. Have you heard of the Postwar Administration Bureau?”

Faust: “I’m afraid not.”

Venom: “Search out the head of the United Nations. You’ll find them.”

Faust: “Why are you suddenly being so open with this information?”

Venom: “Well…It would seem that they’ve decided to do away with the Guild.

Faust: “What the…?!” (**Sees an army of Robo-Kys**)

Venom: “If I survive, I’ll tell you everything you want to know. About the truth of that organization.”

Faust: “Now that we’ve come this far, I won’t let you die. Saving lives is what a doctor’s job is all about!”


As for Fanny, she was a character exclusive to Guilty Gear Petit and has barely been seen since then, but it’s a fan notion that she has been loyal to the good Doctor from quite a ways back and is chasing after him to find him.  Her fighting style is also similar to his (even with a crazy craning neck!).

Not much is known about her, except that she uses a giant needle she inherited from her mother who was also a nurse.  Ironically one of I-No’s winquotes against Faust might actually be a reference to Fanny.


I-No: “I’m sorry, would you have preferred me in a nurse’s outfit? Maybe next time…”


So there you have it. Faust’s P.W.A.B. profile suggests he was a participant of one of their experimental projects gone missing, but he still claims to be human, so it’s still a mystery no matter how you look at it.

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Because I can’t get enough of Xrd Faust videos, I searched for new stuff and came up empty handed. But this one is pretty steady and in 1080p! I finally got a good view of what’s written on the back of Faust’s jacket:

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

That’s part of Proverbs 17:22. And I’m not sure, but the writing on his shoulder orb thingies looks like “stimulation”.

That being said, come on CPU! Step it up!


Guilty Gear OST Suspicious Cook (par shinryuu10901)

Music Theme of Dr. Baldhead aka Faust

Cool theme! ;D~♥

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So, the whole reason Dr. Baldhead (whatever his actual real name is) went insane was because he thought it was his fault that a little girl died? I could understand him feeling awful about it, but to go from a kind, genius surgeon, to a pyscho serial killing maniac due to a single child's death just seems farfetched to me.

It’s…a little more than that.

Though psychoanalyzing him isn’t exactly my expertise, understand that in that time and place, a Doctor wasn’t just simply "a doctor".

The Gears posed a threat to a large percentage of the population throughout the world, particularly during the Crusades.

And considering their numbers and the destruction potential they have, it’s not unheard of to think that scores upon scores upon scores of victims were present (assuming any survived).

If you’ve ever seen an Emergency Room set up near a war zone…it’s a lot like that, probably even worse.

I’d say it’s safe to assume he was always thrust in situations where he had a long list of patients who were either on the verge of death, or died before he had a chance to treat them. Civilians, members of the Sacred Order who weren’t lucky, Gear poison patients, former Gear experiments, refugees…it didn’t matter…they were all victims.

It’s possible he developed a psychological disorder from the stress alone in such an intense situation.

To maintain a sense of Medical Professionalism, or rather, the mental detachment from the chaos, gore, and stress of having to save others’ lives probably isn’t easy…

Some people aren’t suited for that kind of stressful work or can’t handle it for extended periods.

Figure, Baiken…a Japanese SURVIVOR…lost her right arm and left eye…and she was just ONE victim…the terror she experienced as a child.

For a surgeon to see victims like her come in by the truckload every day…and his job was to save what was left of their lives and piece them back together somehow with limited resources and God-like skills…it would become maddening. The smell of blood and chemicals probably became an indelible memory to him.

As a Doctor, it was his job and purpose to save as many lives in that chaos as humanly possible…but…

Maybe at some point, he lost his motivation to go on.  Maybe at some point, he needed a reason to save others’ lives.

He probably had some inkling of what the Holy War was about. Humanity had created their own worst enemy…and were now fighting for their lives, as punishment for their greed.

He needed a reason…a purpose…to continue.

That girl’s smiling face…when he read her stories, spoke to her…listened to her…

That was his very precious and fragile reason to save lives.

She was going to die if he didn’t save her life. Everyone was counting on him…or so he thought.

But then…the unthinkable happened.

Her ‘accidental’ death…took his reason away.

He could no longer reason. He could no longer think straight.

All he thought about were the greedy people who competed with him, envied him, scorned his fame. The people who tried to manipulate him and betray him, forcing him to join shady organizations or take bribes, the dark underbelly of society that continued to persist despite the Holy War.

She had died…and they all blamed him and brought him down to their level, something that just seemed impossible.

She tried to tell him not to give up, even as his mind began to crack…but her life inevitably ended in his arms despite his desperate attempts to save her and what was left of his sanity.

Vengeance? Grief? Pity? To him…to Dr. Baldhead…they were all Patients.

Patients with an incurable disease.

And it was his job to cure them, even if he was up past his elbows in blood.