• Sheppard:Time for a military solution.
  • McKay:For which problem?
  • Sheppard:We've got an armory full of drones on board; maybe we could blast through the hangar door.
  • Norina:The hangar door is directly above us. The molten lava would destroy the ship.
  • McKay:Not if I can get the shields operational.
  • Sheppard:Tell me you can do that.
  • McKay:I can do that. And once they're operational they'll be able to provide enough protection to, ah... *moves to a wall and opens panel*
  • Sheppard:To what?
  • McKay:Talk amongst yourselves. *pulls out a drawer*
  • Sheppard:What are you doing?
  • McKay:I have an idea.
  • Sheppard:What kind of idea?
  • McKay:Can't talk, busy. *pulls out crystal*
  • Sheppard:Just give me-
  • McKay:*loudly* Not now, please.
  • Sheppard:*growls in frustration* I hate it when he does this.
  • - SGA S02E19 Inferno
  • At least he said please...
  • Sheppard:The ship in the hanger. Maybe McKay can fix it.
  • McKay:*shouts* Oh, maybe I can fix it! Place the pressure squarely on my shoulders for a change!
  • Sheppard:*shouts* Well I've discovered you're pretty good under the threat of impending death!
  • McKay:*clears throat* I am, actually.
  • - SGA S02E19 Inferno
  • The very first time that's vocalised on the show - if you want Rodney to fix something, put his life on the line and it'll be all systems go in under 10 minutes.

been getting on that stargate thing and think its time to start tumbling, so im up to like mid way through season 3 and rodney mckay is my favourite character i like when he gets mad at someone cause they have an idea and then when he realises it will work he slowly forgets why hes shouting at them does his idea face and runs of to science somewhere


samrodney kisskiss

Youtube finally reinstated my favourite Sam/Rodney video that I made years and years ago. Enjoy! I know there are shippers out there!!!


Stargate Atlantis: Season 1, Episode 9, “Home

McKay: Atlantis can’t afford to lose me. I’m their foremost expert in gate theory and wormhole physics, and a myriad of other sciences too numerous to mention yet too important to ignore.

Ford: So what you’re saying is you’re invaluable everywhere.


Weir: War and Peace. Mmm some heavy reading.

Sheppard: Yeah. Well back on Earth when I was getting ready for this mission I realized there was a good chance I might be here for a while so I figured ‘why not bring along a book that takes a while to read.’

Weir: Page 17.

Sheppard: I’m right on schedule.

Day 04. Favorite Planet.

     This is Talus–the planet that SGA-1 gated to after Ronon told them how his grandfather, who had the equivalent of Atlantis Alzheimer’s, was lucid for enough time to say goodbye to his family before dying peacefully. Obviously because this is SGA and Rodney is one of the main characters, they found a way to save him.

Um, it’s my favorite because it saved Rodney’s life and brain. (From SGA episode “The Shrine”)

Apparently Tesla was close to something like this when Edison trashed his lab! - Dr Rodney McKay

SGA S05E10 First Contact

Oh my gods, I never noticed this before, I was always too busy drooling over Daniel Jackson…  But McKay is one of us, one of the ones who know Edison set the fire that robbed the world of some of the greatest discoveries…


Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay - SGA 

HUMOR (+ Badass Interlude)

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