We leave Mindy curled up around Danny in a hospital bed as he reads to her—WITH VOICES—in those red glasses of his with the magnet at the bridge of the nose. I’m into it. This man can roll up in his hospital-issued wheelchair and say “I just came down to borrow your Bridget Jones’s Diary” (because he lost his) and make it some kind of fantasy dream sequence. He even has a little stuffed giraffe named Mr. Neck. The standards he’s setting for other men are too high.

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Beyonce Pad Thai- a Mindy Lahiri fanmix

Grown Woman- Beyonce|How to be a heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds|Don’t stop me now- Queen|Shake it- Metro Station|I Knew You Were Trouble/Heart Attack- Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato|Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen|Casseopeia- Sara Bareilles|Animal- Ke$ha|Diva Medley- Signature A Capella|Royals- Lorde|Love on Top- Beyonce


‘The Mindy Project’ Casts Garret Dillahunt In Major Recurring Role

Meet Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s (temporary) replacement. After two back-to-back drama turns post-Raising Hope, Garret Dillahunt is returning to comedy with a major recurring role on the upcoming fourth season of The Mindy Project at its new home, Hulu.

He will play Jody, a new doctor who replaces Mindy while she goes on maternity leave. Jody is a charming southern gentleman with extremely traditional values who thinks that Mindy is a tacky idiot.

Dillahunt, repped by D2 Management and UTA, co-stars opposite Ron Perlman and Dana Delaney in Amazon’s new drama series, Hand Of God, and he also recently had a big recurring role on the final season of FX drama Justified. He is currently shooting two features, Rounding Third, opposite John C. McGinley, and Come And Find Me, opposite Aaron Paul.

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Tag Me(me)

I was tagged by the talented quiveringbunny

Whoa, this ran longer than expected. quiveringbunny asked great questions, and I guess I just had a lot of feelings about some of them. To spare your dashes a bit, I’ve put the new questions and tags under the cut.

Rule 1: Write down the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions written by the person that tagged you
Rule 3: Make up 11 new questions and tag 11 new people


1. If you could have a cup of coffee with a TV character, whom would you choose? What would you talk about?

Dr. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project. We wouldn’t have coffee though; it’d be wine, and we’d get drunk sitting on the floor in her office. She’d give me the latest news on her relationship with Danny. I’d ask her to be on the lookout for dudes she could set me up with. There’d be a ton of gossip about celebrities and the various TV shows I’m watching. Her work schedule is often busier than mine, so her TV load is lighter, but I recently talked her into making time for UnReal, and now she’s obsessed and lowkey pissed at me for bringing it into her life. We’d also talk about what it’s like to be WOC who were brought up and educated in predominantly white environments. And our shared weakness for smart, slightly neurotic white boys, and my creeping sense that I might never find someone, but might be okay with that because my life is pretty legit as it is and I could maybe keep keeping-on like this forever, but I don’t want to look up 10 years from now and regret that I haven’t had someone to share it with. She’d commiserate because hello: her own dating history, but then tell me to take heart and just keep on doing things that make me happiest, and maybe put myself out there a bit more and keep an open mind about who My Guy could be. I’d ask her to find out if Danny’s contractor is married. He’s cute and handy.

2. If you read fanfiction, which author would you recommend to people getting into your favorite fandom?

Right now I’m obsessed with theshipsfirstmate and fiacresgirl - both Arrow fic writers. Before them, I’d avoided lengthier ‘verses and multi-chapter fics because I feared I was already in too deep with the Arrow Fandom-ing and the Tumblring, and didn’t want to add “Strung out on fics that could go on forever and also mess with my sense of show canon as this is literally the first fan fiction I’ve ever read, and why god why have I done this to myself?!?” Unconnected one shots and drabbles were safer. But then these two dropped That’s All You and A Week Off the Grid on an unsuspecting public (in the same week, no less), and now all bets are off. theshipsfirstmate has not only expanded the That’s All You-niverse but she also tied it to a previous ‘verse, Sight of the Sun. I’ve yelled at her because clearly she’s out to destroy me, but I will obviously dive into Sight as soon as I have time. fiacresgirl is kind enough to tag me in her Grid updates and share her headcanons when I assault her inbox with questions, so I’m along for that ride as long as she’s willing to drive.

Oh! And my beloved sailorslayer3641 has a short Olicity Roadtrip series, Let the Good Times Roll, that is so good. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I swear to you I am right there when reading her words. It’s deliciously, toe-curlingly smutty, but also fun and fluffy and sweet. I think she has one more installment planned. [Note to self: Probably time to re-read Part Deux. Again].

3. Do you have any superstitions? Do they affect your daily life?

I believe that you can speak things into being, so I try to avoid voicing negative scenarios or discussing unpleasant people lest I “conjure” them up.  Same goes for the positive. Whenever I can, I send up a prayer or give voice to something good. I didn’t grow up religious, per se. More like generally spiritual in a non-denominational Christian sorta way, and I tend to place religion, superstition, tradition, magic, ritual, and spiritualism under the same big tent. So, depending on the day I might ascribe the whole conjuring thing I’ve described to  the Lord, my belief that my mom is sorta witchy and psychic and passed that on to me, or the likes of Dumbledore who is totally real.

4. What is your favorite song to dance to?

The soundtrack to this morning’s bathroom dance party was Mug Shot by MAX.

5. If you could be an extra in a scene of your favorite show, which show would it be and is there an episode/scene you would choose?

I’m gonna go with The Mindy Project again and place myself in the season 1 episode, The Frat Party, where Bill Hader physically fights Pastor Casey. Who is wearing basketball shorts, soccer slides, and his clerical shirt and collar. He’s also drunk and holding onto half a six pack by the plastic rings. At a frat party. I need to be an extra at that party so bad.

6. What is your OTP? Why do you love it?

Olicity. Here’s the deal though: My love of Olicity was borne almost entirely of Tumblr. It didn’t even occur to me to ship them until I joined the fandom in May and my dash started filling up with parallels and gifs and vids and the like. Because when you slow down the small moments Oliver and Felicity shared, and put them on a loop and experience them in heavy rotation, after a few days that shit just becomes epic and necessary. And then it became canon. But before all that - say in late October when the show was all angst, and identity conflict, and dangling maybes - I was pretty zen and okay with the writers going either way with their relationship, because it was believably complex and the obstacles well-earned. I loved both characters individually and wanted them each to find their own happiness - in whatever form they could. It was clear that Oliver needed to work through a lot of things before he could begin a healthy relationship with Felicity. And equally clear that Felicity had her own set of needs that would need to be fulfilled. So I was sort of just along for the ride so long as the writing continued in a fashion that felt consistent and true to each character. My watching nearly all three seasons unfold without the influence of Tumblr or any knowledge of Amell’s no chill captaining of the ship really saved me from a lot viewing stress.

Anyway: I love Olicity because they are partners and friends. They can disagree and make mistakes, and that doesn’t mean they don’t love and support each other. They are strong individuals who can stand on their own, but have chosen to stand together, and give and receive strength in equal measure. Also: so pretty.

7. Is there a crossover you’d like to see on TV on Film?

My heart’s desire is an old-school Law & Order TV Movie that functions in the world of present-day SVU. They did at least one of these in the day when L&O: Original Recipe was still airing. I’d love them to get the band(s) back together and weave a complex case that requires the talents of Lt. Anita Van Buren, ADA Connie Rubirosa, Detective Ed Green, Detective Mike Logan, DA Jack McCoy, Det. Rey Curtis, Captain Donald Cragen, defense attorney Jamie Ross, Det. Bobby Goren, Sgt. Olivia Benson, ADA Mike Cutter, Det. Alexandra Eames, AUSA Abbie Carmichael, and Det. Elliot Stabler. I don’t care if some of them retired or moved to California or whatever. Dig up a cold case and bring those fools back to consult. Give it to me.

Rest in Peace, Det. Lennie Briscoe. I loved you most of all.

8. What would you like to see yourself doing in five years that you aren’t doing now?

I’d like to be in a committed relationship by then. Career is going well [knocks wood for continued career well-going], and I made a commitment this year to prioritize self-care and my personal life. Dating is the absolute worst, but I want to put myself in a place where I can meet a smart, funny, cute, focused guy who will kick it with me on the couch, understand that I probably won’t speak more than two words to him before I’ve had my morning bathroom dance party, wash the dishes on nights that I cook and vice versa, and gamely attend my work events - amusing himself amongst strangers while I’m doing my whole thing. In exchange, I will love and support him fiercely in all the ways that he needs to be loved and supported. We shall pal around and have so much fun.

9. Do your friends outside of the web know about your fandom interests? How much you are interested?

Yes. I’m everybody’s one TV obsessed friend. I talk about what I’m watching with all the people in my life, but not with the kind of consistent intensity that I do with you guys. Because this level of online fandom is very new for me, this experience has become a topic of conversation with friends as well. I’m so interested that I attended the ATX Television Festival in Austin for the first time this June. (Loved it). I’m on here every day chatting and writing about television. I’m going to the Nocking Point Texas Wine Mixer in August, and will likely attend SDCC next year. It’s a lot. And it’s overwhelming at times. But I love it. And honestly, I’m learning to fit it in better with my “real life.” The week after ATX I had dinner with a good friend who was visiting from out of town. He asked about the festival, and at one point in the conversation he just sat back and said, “Wow. I wish I were as passionate about anything in my life right now as you are about this.” And that felt amazing. Because I remember thinking that same thing in the past when I saw friends light up about something they truly loved. So I view fandom as a wonderful point of connection for people from all walks of life to gather, exchange ideas and share their creativity, and celebrate a love for something awesome.

10. If you could have a talent you don’t have or develop one you already have, what would it be? How would you like to use it?

I gotta figure out how to play the ukelele well. Stringed instruments, man. I cannot quite wrap my brain around strumming properly while also changing chords. I’m a tactile and visual learner, so I need to just sit myself down in front of some videos with my uke and focus in on what is happening with the damn strumming. I will use this talent to delight the Nephew Babies and start sing-alongs at family gatherings.

11. Is there a character on TV that you would like to see rewritten or reinvented in order to work better or be more appealing?

I’m really hoping that Peyton on iZombie will be more directly incorporated into the main action in season 2. I suspect it could happen eventually, based on the events of the end of this season. I like the actress, and can see a lot of great interesting things for her character if they move the story in the direction I think they might.

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