We were like two egos short of the full chart so I used a few non-official ones.

Jamie didn’t really fit in anywhere!!

But I knew right away who belonged in the depressed column (and the edgy bitch one of course).

And, at first, I had doubts of putting Jack in the ‘thot’ row but uh… that pole dancing video xD

Tagging people because I feel like it: @chase-brody-protection-squad @egosurveillance @septicart-appreciation (it probably doesn’t count for septicart but meh)

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Pole dancing, the Septic bros XD


“How – how do you two do this so easily?!” Chase demanded as he landed in a heap on the floor, drawing self-important grins from Marvin and Jackieboy and a squawk of pain from Schneep on the other side of the room as he smacked his head on the pole. Jameson, for his part, buried his face in his hands.

Final Words
  • Anti: "What do you think would happen if I go flip off that cop over there?"
  • Chase: "Twenty bucks says I can backflip on the edge of this building."
  • Schneep: "I've had twenty ounces of espresso in the last three hours. I think I'm good for the morning."
  • Marvin: "So I need just a dash more of the liquid in this bottle that says 'Do not ingest' on it to my potion, and it should be done."
  • JBM: [Ignoring Beware of Dog sign] "Look at the cute puppy! Poor thing is behind this fence, I'm going to go pet it!!"
  • JJ: "So how long can you go without sleep before your body shuts down?"

I’ve been feeling really shitty all day but our joking around about these idiots pole dancing and meeting made me feel a little better so I forced myself to doodle it even though I have like,, no energy.

Look at our idiots meeting. xD

Awwww, I love it! I’m sorry you’re not feeling well but this is really good! <3 Best crossover ever!

JSE Ego Analysis

Have you ever stopped to realize that most, if not all, of Jack’s ego characters are failures in some way? Chase’s wife left him (and either took the kids or Anti did something to them, it’s unclear), Schneep is almost constantly losing his patients, Marvin is a mediocre at best magician with big ambitions, JJ is probably a lesser known (if known at all) Charlie Chaplin-esque actor, we have yet to see Jackieboy Man actually save anyone or display powers of any sort, and to top it all off, Anti does succeed in scaring the bejeezus out of us, but he’s the bad guy and the bad guys always lose, so I predict he won’t be successful in taking over Jack’s channel. That said, I think this one thread through all these characters is pretty significant. How? I don’t know yet. Any thoughts, JSE Community?

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How would the septic Egos cuddle with their S/O? I didn't want to get up this morning, so I just imagined Marvin holding me. XD

Anti doesn’t cuddle; he has touch aversion and is disgusted by intimacy.

Jackieboy cuddles on his back with one arm supporting his head and the other arm draped over his partner’s neck or shoulders as they’re pressed up to his right side. Sometimes he’ll pet their hair while they talk. 

Marvin lays on his right side; he’s the big spoon, an arm wrapped around his partner’s stomach or just resting his hand on their arm. He doesn’t press right up against them; he keeps a few millimeters between so he has room to fidget.

Schneep is usually the little spoon, mostly curled into himself, with his partner’s left arm slid under his so he can kiss their hand occasionally or hug it against his chest. When it’s the latter, they can feel his heartbeat.

Chase can be big spoon or little depending on his partner’s size. When he’s big spoon, he’ll basically hug his arms snugly around their middle like they’re a pillow. Small spoon, he’ll curl up in a ball so their knees are under him.

Jameson will burrow underneath one of his partner’s arms and lay his head on the side of their chest, which leaves his lower body almost hanging off the bed, or he’ll throw an arm over their chest and a leg over their waist like a baby koala.

This isn’t just for S/O cuddling, though; they do it with each other all the time!


į̴̰̟͖̐ṱ̴͛̎̓͝`̴̘̭͉̊̈̑́͠s̶̬̹͉̪̈́ͅ ̷̗̜̑̃͠a̵͕̫̗͍̟͗l̵̢̹̗̜̀̅͝l̸̛̻̻̃̽̉͊͜ ̴̪̣̗̤͕̈́y̸̥̝̳̺̓̅̌̀͆ỏ̵̪̩̯͕̊̋͜u̸̧͍̙͉̾̎̉̉r̵̼̽̇̋͝ ̷̩͈̀f̷̳͋̒̄å̷̧͇͌͂̅u̴̬̟̻͌l̶̬͔̈́̓̓͗͆t̸̰̔͊̊ :̴̦̓̿͠͝)̵͉̋̈́́̆͝)̸͕̖̦̥̓͊

The boys are back!

I decided to take some better pictures of Jack, Sam, and his egos! Hope y’all like them! (I also don’t own the backgrounds in these pics!)



Oh look! A turtle!

Ze good doctah,

Walmart brand Spider-Man

Actual cinnamon roll,

Still not sure whether he’s good or not,

Good boi, Best boi…

And finally, our favorite non-canon zombie 💚💚💚

This took me two weeks of procrastination plus a day of having nothing to do and another ten minutes of realizing that I forgot Anti’s glitches. But yeah, I’m super proud at how this turned out!