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A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. Forever In My Heart"!!

A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. Forever In My Heart”!!

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~~February 29, 2016~~ 


This is so true … no matter where I am … I will always be a very proud Puerto Rican!!

“If your family is Puerto Rican, if your heritage is Puerto Rican, then you will always be Puerto Rican…even if you’re born on the moon.
Thank you to Roy Brown and Fiel a la Vega.”



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~~February 27, 2016~~ 


Two Spirits, One Dance

A Red Face in the Crowd: Identities of A Native American Two-Spirit Writer

“In shape-shifting, through the arts and social circles, I aspire to bring those who aren’t usually heard to the table. I raise these questions: How can we all utilize our artistic practice to challenge the formulas of privilege? How can creative artists and decision makers challenge their infrastructure to build a new nation of theatre?

In my Trans/two-spirit communities, we can use theatre making tools to express, to heal, to celebrate, and to tell our stories on stages. There is a teaching I received when I was given a sacred hoop dance. It was that we are all connected in this great circle of life. The symbol of the hoop is important because it unifies all living things.

In a circle there are no corners in which to hide, and in this circle unifying all living things, we must stand next to and across from each other as equals. Healing, celebrating, telling together, though our stories differ.

A new nation of theatre.”

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Two Spirits, One Dance For Native American Artist

Published on Feb 25, 2016

“Two-spirit” is how some Native Americans describe people whose gender identity doesn’t fit as strictly male or female. Meet Ty DeFoe, who’s using traditional dance to take this gender identity back from the negative connotations established during colonization.

Shot by video journalist Courtney Quirin for AJ+.

To start the day …. “Ty Defoe: Native American Artist …. “!!

~~February 27, 2016~~  TWO SPIRITS Two Spirits, One Dance A Red Face in the Crowd: Identities of A Native American Two-Spirit Writer…

To start the day …. “Ty Defoe: Native American Artist …. “!! ~~February 27, 2016~~  TWO SPIRITS Two Spirits, One Dance A Red Face in the Crowd: Identities of A Native American Two-Spirit Writer…
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~~August 26, 2014~~ 

I subscribe to “Upworthy“. I receive their updates, videos and emails. I received this one recently. In view of the vital information presented and the time in history that we are living, I feel very strongly that it needs to be shared. I take no personal credit for this information. It was all gathered, compiled and presented by their staff. 

The information was posted in:


I’m merely providing another forum for dissemination. All graphics in the slideshow were prepared and presented by Upworthy. All images and information are the intellectual property of the original presenter. 

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John Crawford was holding a toy gun as he stood in the toy section of a Walmart. Before the police shot him to death in that same aisle, John managed to say, “It’s not real.” But it was too late for John.

Sean Bell was going to get married. One night, he was driving away from his bachelor party with his friends, Joseph and Trent. Suddenly, he hit a minivan. Four undercover police officers from the minivan began to shoot at them without warning, firing a total of 50 bullets at the three unarmed men. A wounded Joseph turned to Sean and said, “S, I love you, son.” Sean’s reply: “I love you, too.” Joseph and Trent survived, but their best friend, Sean, didn’t make it.

One of the witnesses in the Trayvon Martin trial, Rachel Jeantel, was on the phone with Trayvon moments before the scuffle with George Zimmerman that ended his life. One of the last things she heard the unarmed Trayvon say to the man who was following him with a gun that fateful night: “Why are you following me for?

Michael Brown died August 2014. Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson shot him at least six times, twice in the head. Michael was not armed. His friend and eyewitness reported that Michael said: “I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.” Minutes later, he was on the ground, bleeding. Dr. Michael M. Baden, the man who did Michael’s autopsy, told the New York Times, “In my capacity as the forensic examiner for the New York State Police, I would say, ‘You’re not supposed to shoot so many times.‘”

Amadou Diallo died right outside his own apartment in the Bronx. He was unarmed. Four police officers shot 41 bullets, hitting Amadou 19 times. Later, they claimed that they had mistaken Amadou for a serial rapist. That same day, some of the last words he said to his mother as he spoke over the phone were, “Mom, I’m going to college.

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Eric Garner died July 2014. He was unarmed. Police officers were trying to arrest him for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. Eric suffered from asthma, and as a police officer put his arm around Eric’s neck during the arrest, he managed to gasp, “I can’t breathe!” The New York City medical examiner’s office ruled Eric’s death a homicide, pointing out that the officer’s chokehold might have been a big factor.

Jonathan Ferrell had been in a traffic accident and was knocking on a homeowner’s door for help. He was unarmed. A video later used at the trial showed that when police officers approached him, Jonathan held his hands out in a non-threatening manner. The police officers never identified themselves. They fired 12 times, and 10 of those bullets hit him. Even as Jonathan lay on the ground, bleeding and dying from 10 gunshot wounds, the officers handcuffed him. Jonathan’s dead body remained handcuffed all the way to the medical examiner’s office.

Oscar Grant was on a subway train in Oakland when a police officer forced him out of the car and onto the subway platform. Oscar was lying down when a second police officer shot a bullet into his back. “You shot me! You shot me!” Oscar yelled before he died. That officer later testified that he meant to use his Taser on Oscar instead of his handgun. A court later ruled that the two had no legal reason to get Oscar — who was unarmed — off the train.

Kimani Gray was standing on a street in Brooklyn when police officers approached him. The officers claimed that when they approached Kimani, he pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at them. But one eyewitness, Tishana King, said Kimani never pointed a gun. She also said the police officers didn’t identify themselves when they approached. Police officers shot Kimani at least seven times, even though Kimani hadn’t shot a single bullet. One witness said some of Kimani’s last words were, “Please don’t let me die.”

Kendrec McDade died after a man called Oscar Carillo made a phony 911 call, telling police officers that he had just been the victim of an armed robbery. He later admitted that he had lied about the guns. The two officers eventually found Kendrec in an alleyway. They began shooting after Kendrec apparently moved his hands to his waistband. But Kendrec didn’t have a gun on him. All he had was a cellphone in his pocket. Court documents show that Kendrec’s last words were, “Why did you shoot me?”

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I have no words. I think these description of events speak for themselves. I do know that there is a load of evidence regarding a total lack of disregard for black human life. 


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We ALL are ONE!! 

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From Upworthy ….. Here Are 10 Images!! ~~August 26, 2014~~  I subscribe to “Upworthy”. I receive their updates, videos and emails. I received this one recently.
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